Gallows and Anderson compare how Impact and WWE treat outside sources of income

Nov 12, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck


How Impact Wrestling embraces their talent’s outside projects:

Doc Gallows: “Anytime we get to speak publicly about any of this, I like to take a moment and just kind of put those guys over. Put over Scott D’Amore and Don Callis and everybody over at Impact because they completely embraced us the same way I think that we completely embraced them and they’ve been nothing but helpful on that end. You’ll see leading up to Talk’N Shop A Mania 2 they’ll be a commercial in there for Talk’N Shop A Mania and they’ll be stuff like that on their television program and I think that speaks volumes to them and how they get behind and support their talent and the outside projects that we’re working on and all kinds of stuff like that.”

Their reaction to Gallows slipping on the ramp during The Good Brothers’ Impact Wrestling debut:

Karl Anderson: “I got the back and I was pumped up thinking we just f***ing changed the whole game baby. I’m just moonwalking back waiting for everybody to put me over and put it all over and Bryan Myers is there, Hawkins, and he just bursts out laughing. I said ‘What?’ he said ‘What do you mean, what? You didn’t see Drew slip?’ and I went ‘Oh, come on!’. I didn’t even realize he did it but Gallows turned it into what it is, it’s the no hand crotch chop. He just did like a little brother bump.”

Doc Gallows:

“So here’s the thing, if these guys didn’t get their oil all over the ramp it never would have happened! If it’s me, it’s ok but if someone is going to do a big dive at the bottom of the ramp with a bunch of oil on, which I am not going to do, you’re going to screw things up for everybody else.”

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