Rocky Romero Promises “Someone Is Actually Going To Die” At Talk N Shop A-Mania 2

Nov 11, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck


Wrestling Inc. – Rocky Romero Interview

Conducted by Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman

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On what role he will have as part of Talk N Shop A-Mania 2:

Yes, I will be a commentator. That’s one of my many jobs, but I’m also an executive producer. [I’m] moving up in the world.

On Chavo Guerrero’s “Deathmatch” against El Chico Luchadore at Talk N Shop A-Mania 2:

He’s going to be fighting Chico Luchador in a Lucha Libre Deathmatch, and when they say death, they actually mean to the death. Not any of this wrestling bulls–t that we’re used to where they say ‘deathmatch’ and nobody dies. Somebody is going to die in this one. I promise you that. Spoiler alert!

On Chavo getting to show a much more ridiculous side of himself as part of the Talk N Shop A-Mania shows:

No, not ‘GLOW’, not professional at all. Written by three idiots but working with Chavo, I always forget how funny Chavo is, how truly funny Chavo is. If you go back and you think about just the early days of WCW, when he started doing the Pepe thing and he was imitating Eddie and all that, that was the first glimpse of how funny Chavo Guerrero Jr. is, and then of course, the iconic stuff that he did with Eddie in the Los Guerreros tag team and how funny those skits are. They’re timeless. They’re hilarious. You still watch them back and you still laugh so much.

So to get to work with him, but dude, he is an amazing improver, and that’s the goal that I realized really getting to work with him. He’s so funny improving. This one, the improv has gone up so many levels. Gallows is always saying that his favorite thing in the first one was Chico vs. Chavo, but this Chico vs. Chavo is so insane.

Basically, my idea when writing this was to break all the rules of professional wrestling, break every single rule, every fourth wall [and] do as much craziness as you could possibly do. What if they said deathmatch, but they really fought to the death? Somebody’s gonna die in this thing. What if? Why not? I wanted to break all those rules. So that’s what Chico and Chavo is, and I think it’s really going to be kind of the crown jewel of this whole Talk N Shop A-Mania 2 PPV.

On Chavo becoming an Emmy award winner for his work on the series GLOW and if he brought any of that knowledge on-set to Talk N Shop A-Mania:

100%, so the Chavo – Chico part–we’re doing two locations this time. So there’s a Los Angeles location and then there’s an Atlanta location on the Gallows property. So LA was very cool because like I said, we did this very cinematic, crazy Lucha Libre deathmatch, and [there were] a couple times where he had to go into producer Chavo mode.

He told cameramen to hold on a second. ‘This is my suggestion. It’s not that I do this for a living or anything, or I do Emmy award-winning TV shows, but I just have a suggestion. Hear me out,’ and he set up the camera this way, had the director this way and the director was like, yeah, I think that’s really going to be the shot that’s going to work. He has so many great ideas, and the guy has been doing it for so long.

I mean look at his legacy, and it’s awesome. Now he’s working on another show. I don’t know how much I can talk about it, but I know that he’s working on another big show, and he’s out in Australia right now. So it’s just cool to be able to work with him and have him there as a complete asset especially for Talk N Shop A-Mania because we’re not professional at all unfortunately.

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