Impact Report 11/10/20

Nov 10, 2020 - by Scott Porter

The show begins with a recap of last weeks show.  Heath still has no contract.  Tommy Dreamer has narrowed his list to 10 persons that may have tried to kill Johnny Bravo.  Deonna Purrazzo will have a rematch at Turning Point.. NO DQ.  EY, Sami Callahan and Ken Shamrock have made an evil alliance.  What’s next?

Kaleb with K starts the show in the ring.  He talks proudly of Tenille Dashwood.  Finally she enters the ring after a annoyingly long introduction.

Match 1.  Tenille Dashwood and Madison Rayne VS Havok and Nevaeh

Tenille and Madison hope this match will get them ready for the upcoming tag tournament.  Madison and Nevaeh start off for their teams.  The two exchange wristlock, takedowns for a few minutes.  Nevaeh takes Madison down with a snap mare sit down clothesline.  Dashwood tags in.  Nevaeh locks on a side headlock and then hits a pump kick.  Havok tags in.  Tenille is visibly scared of her, but jumps on her back and locks on a sleeper.  Havok tosses her over her shoulders and whips her in the corner.  Tenille hits a knee to the midsection and then a crossbody for a count of one.  Tenille runs away and Havok pulls Madison in the ring.  Tenille is just standing outside as Nevaeh and Havok take turns pounding on Madison.  Tenille finally gets back on the ring apron.  Madison hits a kick, but Havok just picks her up after brushing off the kick and hits a Tombstone and pins Rayne.  No help from Dashwood.

Winners.  Havok and Nevaeh

Dashwood just leaves with a look of no loss her.. I’m out.

Gallows and Anderson are interviewed backstage.  They bring up the match at Turning Point, for the Tag Belts against the North.  The Good Brothers proclaim a future championship run.  Anderson begins setting up his match tonight when Ethan Page enters.  They slap each other across the face.  Then we go to break.

Once back, we get a quick update on Talkin’ Shopamania 2 will be back this Friday.

Tommy Dreamer is then interviewing the likes of Larry D.  Cody Deaner is questioned, but all he is bitter about everything.  Deaner denies it, but Dreamer is not convinced.

Match 2.  TJP VS Rohit Raju (Champion)  for the X Division Championship

Stipulation is that this will be TJP’s last chance at the X Division Championship.

Madison Rayne rejoins Josh on the call.  Madison says she is back on the booth and the tag thing just didn’t seem to work out.  TJP and Rohit start the match on the outside.  TJP suplexes Rohit on the ramp.  He then drags Rohit in the rings and begins stomping the back of the thighs.  Rohit connects with a back elbow off the ropes.  He then sells the damage TJP did to him.  Rohit sweeps the legs and boots the midsection as we go to break.

Rohit is laying the boots to TJP as we return.  He then begins dropping knees to the arm of TJP.  He then hits a snap suplex for a count of two.  Rohit is really impressive with his kicks.  They remind me of Daniel Bryan.  Rohit hits a single arm DDT for another two count.  He seems to be in total control.  TJP spends a few minutes trapped in an armbar.  Rohit misses on a suplex, then TJP hits a rolling DDT.  TJP speeds things up with chain moves.  He then locks on a surfboard on Rohit.  Rohit escapes, but now TJP is firmly in command.  The two end up in the ropes and TJP hurls him off the top.  Rohit recovers and hits a back elbow and DDT.  He then locks on a crossface.  TJP escapes.  TJP misses a splash and Rohit locks on another crossface.  TJP rolls out of it and locks on a anklelock.  Rohit hits a lowblow and then a knee to the temple for the win.

Winner and still X Division Champion, Rohit Raju.

Hernandez confronts Fallah about the shooting of Bravo.  Kierra Hogan and Tasha Steelz come to Fallah’s aid.  Hernandez leaves.  Hogan distracts Fallah and Steelz pick pockets the roll of Hernandez money out of Fallah’s pocket.  Fallah realizes it after they leave.  Dejected, he walks into the interrogation with Tommy Dreamer as we go to break.

Up in the treehouse, the Rascalz are learning they are being evicted from the treehouse.  They are told they have to leave in one week.  Apparently they are departing Impact Wrestling.

Match 3. Acey Romero (w/ Larry D) VS Chris Sabin

Romero is all over Sabin to start the match.  He batters Sabin to the floor, where Larry D continues on the attack, while the ref restrains Acey.  Acey whips Sabin violently into the ropes.  Sabin crumbles.  He then takes a splash for a two count.  Acey drapes Sabin over the 2nd rope and sits on him.  Larry D then hits a few cheap shots on the outside.  Acey locks on a chin lock, Sabin bites him.  Sabin gets backed into the corner and his eyes scratched by Acey’s huge paws.

Sabin finally rolls out of the way of a missed elbow drop.  He hits a boot to the face.  He sidesteps a charging Acey, who then falls out of the ring.  Sabin splashes him to the outside and then performs the same move as Acey enters the ring.  Sabin actually gets a 2 count.  Sabin then charges and takes a sidewalk slam from Acey.  Acey then misses a splash.  Sabin hits a step up kick.. Top rope kick and another couple of step up kicks.. He hits 4 in a row.. Then pins Acey.

Winner.  Chris Sabin.

Post match, Larry D attacks Sabin from behind.  Acey joins and they stand tall and yell at the camera.

Sami Callahan approaches Chris Bey to talk about his match with Eddie Edwards tonight… Could they work together?  We go to break.

Tommy is now questioning Father James Mitchell.  He admits he is the perfect subject.. but he didn’t do it.  He wouldn’t of used a gun.  He also says he wouldn’t waste virgin blood.  He tells Tommy he thinks he knows who did.. but it wasn’t him.

Match 4.  Chris Bey VS Eddie Edwards

We are waiting for Sami, EY and Shamrock to make and impact during this match.

Bey takes a hard chop and shoulder blocks to start the match.  Bey is just gifted in the ring.  He spends the first few minutes flying around the ring, not connecting on heavy offense, but driving Eddie crazy.  Eddie is doing a good job trying to keep up.  Bey eventually takes the early lead and hits a reverse senton and several kicks to the head.  Then Bey hits a spinning wheel kick.  Bey is announced to be representing Impact in the NJPW Super J Cup.   That is very cool.  His style will do well in that tournament.  It is a a great sign that Impact is being represented in NJPW.

Bey continues his onslaught of boots to the head of Edwards.  Bey is very cocky.  They also mention Callus on AEW Full Gear this past weekend.  Edwards begins a comeback and hits a dozen chops to the chest of Bey.  This match is so fast it is impossible to call.  He misses a Tiger Driver.  Bey rolled it into a ranna.  Backfist by Bey.   Bey misses a springboard cutter.  Eddie rolls back and pins Bey.

Winner Eddie Edwards.

Bey enters the ring with a chair.  Eddie challenges him.  Sami enters the ring with a bat.  He begins choking him with it until Rich Swann hits the ring.  He takes out Bey and Sami.  Shamrock enters and pummels Swann.  Sami goes back on the attack of Edwards.  Bey uses the chair on Swann and Eddie for good measure.  Callahan sets up a chair.  The Rascalz storm the ring and run off Bey, Shamrock and Sami.

Backstage Kaleb with a K and Tenille are discussing the failed match earlier.  Enter Jordynne Grace, whom Tenille dissed last week after Grace asked to tag with her in the tournament.  Tenille tells Kaleb with a K to ask Jordynne to be her partner.  Jordynne asks her to ask for herself.  Tenille asks.  Jordynne says she will team with her at Turning Point.  She had better earn her trust.

The Rascalz and Rich Swann are celebrating backstage.  Swann thanks them for having their back.  Rich says why don’t they go out with a bang.  Swann and Trey VS his partners.  The match is set for next week.

Flashback.  Beer Money Vs The British Invasion…  Winners The British Invasion.  They retain the tag belts.

Deonna and Kimber Lee are interviewed backstage.  Kimber tells Deonna this is something they can handle.  Deonna says they have a plan for this Saturday.  Just then Deonna turns around.  Kimber mysteriously disappears.  Kimber is then shown sliding down a window on the outside… a bloody message is written on the glass.  It says, “I think ur alone now”

Dreamer is still with Mitchell.  He tells Tommy to trust him.  Tommy says he has to investigate.  Havok appears and stairs down Mitchell.  Tommy backs Havok into questions that make her look guilty.  Havok glares… segment ends.

Match 5.  Reno Scum VS Fallah Bahh and Crazzy Steve

Crazzy Steve and Fallah have had issues the last few weeks.  It is strange they would be partners.  They are at a severe disadvantage.  Luster the Legend takes a splash from Fallah to start the match.  Steve tags in.  Luster flings him into their corner and Scum trade tags and pummel Crazzy Steve.

Luster sets up pity city.  I hate that move.  It is gross.

Thornstone gets dropped on his chin.  Steve tags Fallah and he splashes both members of Scum.  He then Samoan Drops Thornstone.  Adam kicks out at two.  Luster slams Steve into the corner post on the outside.  The hit the Double stomp off the top / crab hold finish and get the 3 count.

Winners.  Reno Scum

Sabin is shown in the back asking Cowboy James Storm to be his tag partner this weekend against XXXL.  Storm agrees.  He makes Sabin drink one of his beers.  Sabin can’t hold it down and chokes on it.  lol. He tells Sabin he better learn to drink.  He makes Sabin chug the beer.  This is funny.

Willie Mack is being checked out backstage.  He is beat up, but can wrestle.  Just then Moose attacks him.  Mack fights him off and tells him he will see him at Turning Point.  Moose is shown laughing.

Match 6.  Josh Alexander (w/ Ethan Page) VS Karl Anderson (w/ Luke Gallows)

The tag belts will be defended this Saturday, but tonight we have this one on one main event.  Josh wrestles Alexander to the ropes.  They separate and circle each other.  After a collar and elbow tie up, Josh and Karl trade some chops and kicks.  Anderson clotheslines Josh from the ring as we go to break.

Back from break, Page is gloating on the outside, while Josh pounds Anderson next to him.  Josh tosses him back in the ring and drapes Karl over the ropes and gouges the eyes.  Boots and knees are keeping Anderson mostly lying on the mat.  Karl is really selling the back.  Josh hits a suplex and float over cover for a count of one.

Josh leans over the back with a headlock.  Anderson stands then elbows his way out, but Josh grabs the waist and hits another suplex.  Anderson rolls out of another knee drop.  Josh takes a nasty fall and that allows Anderson to recover a bit.  He hits a kick to the stomach.  Josh shakes it off and whips Anderson into the turnbuckle.  Anderson fights off an armbar and hits a standing neckbreaker/cutter.  They begin trading punches.

Anderson wins the punch off and hits a clothesline off the ropes and then a back elbow.  He flings Josh again into the ropes and hits another elbow and senton.  After another back elbow, he hits a spinebuster when Josh runs the ropes in desperation.  Alexander puts Josh on the top rope.  He tries for a suplex.  Josh knocks him off.  Josh jumps over him, turns around and hits a big boot to the face.  Anderson took that hard.  Josh tries for a double underhook.  Anderson backdrops him out of it.  He then hits a upper cut and clothesline for a count of two.

Anderson stalks Josh, misses the GunStun… Page interferes and all tag members enter the ring.  The ref calls for the bell.

Double DQ

Officials enter the ring to stop the fight.  They really do a bad job of stopping the fight.

Josh wonders what will happen Saturday with the belts are on the line… as the show ends.








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