Bill Goldberg Discusses His Rise to Fame in WCW

Nov 8, 2020 - by James Walsh

In a recent interview on Talk’n Shop, Goldberg discussed being a big star for WCW during the Monday Night Wars, his favorite moment after his Nitro match with Hulk Hogan, and much more. You can read his comments below.

Goldberg on his run with WCW during the Monday Night Wars: “I was just a piece of it. I fell into place, and I was a guy that they needed to fill a void. The guy who ran the show was Sting, man. It was an honor and a privilege just to be around the guy and learn through osmosis how to be a better person and wrestler. It was a very weird time – it was the coolest time in the business of professional wrestling from what I hear. I’m beyond lucky to have been a part of it during that time period because I don’t know if I would have had nearly the success if I didn’t fit into that part that was needed during WCW’s fierce battle with WWE every Monday.”

On his favorite moment after his memorable Nitro match with Hulk Hogan: “I’m a football player who got lucky enough to have an opportunity in the wrestling world, and when I wrestled Hogan that night at the Dome – for a guy who aspired to do nothing but play pro football and a guy that got a chance, and I was out there and bled with them I sweat with them, I cried with them, I went through ups and downs with them – these guys were my idols and I worked my ass off to be like them. Well, they were my guests that night, and when we went off the air, the nWo beat the shit out of me. And who came to my aid but the Atlanta Falcons. For me to hang out in that corner and watch guys like Jessie Tuggle and Cornelius Bennett and Chuck Smith and Jamal Anderson and guy after guy that I admired and wanted to be like every day and worked my ass off just to be like them – for that one minute or five minutes or 10 minutes, those dudes didn’t care about a damn thing but being me and being in that ring and wrestling. So, that was a little cool vindication. I’d have to say other than marrying my wife and the birth of my boy, it was the coolest thing ever because I could sit back for a second and say ‘You know, my hard work I guess has paid off.’”

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