11/5/20 WWE NXT UK Recap

Nov 5, 2020 - by Michael Riba

The show opens with a recap of last week’s main event, which saw WALTER successfully defend the NXT United Kingdom Championship against Ilja Dragunov. The opening credits then roll, and Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness are on commentary from the BT Sport Studios in London, England.

Match #1 – Six-Man Tag Team Match: Gallus (Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey, and Wolfgang) vs. Pretty Deadly (Lewis Howley and Sam Stoker) and Sam Gradwell
Mark starts the match with Stoker and tosses him to the mat a few times. Stoker comes back with a waist-lock, but Mark counters into a wrist-lock and tags in Wolfgang. Stoker delivers a dropkick to Wolfgang and tags in Howley. Wolfgang applies a headlock and drops Howley to the mat. Wolfgang applies a wrist-lock and then drops Howley with a shoulder tackle. Joe tags in and takes Howley down. Joe applies a wrist-lock and keeps Howley grounded. Howley tries to kick up, but Joe takes him right back down. Joe sends Howley to the corner, and Howley tags in Gradwell. Joe applies a side headlock, but Gradwell counters with a back elbow. Joe comes back with a Pounce that sends Gradwell to the outside. Mark and Wolfgang send Pretty Deadly to the floor with a pair of Pounces as well. Gradwell gets back into the ring and slaps Joe in the face. Howley tags in, but Joe takes him down and applies a wrist-lock. Joe slams Howley into the corner a few times and tags in Wolfgang. Howley comes back and sends Wolfgang to the floor. Stoker kicks Wolfgang in the face and Howley stomps on him in the ring. Howley goes for the cover, but Wolfgang kicks out.
Stoker tags in, but Wolfgang drops him with a shot. Wolfgang does the same to Howley and tags in Mark. Mark drops Stoker with a shoulder tackle and runs the ropes, but Stoker comes back with an arm-drag. Stoker delivers a shot and tags in Howley. Mark takes Howley down with an arm-drag and applies a headlock. Howley backs Mark into the ropes and Stoker makes the tag. Stoker drops Mark with a DDT and goes for the cover, but Mark kicks out. Stoker delivers a few knee shots to Mark’s back and tags in Howley. Howley puts his boot in Mark’s face and drops an elbow. Howley backs Mark into the corner and Gradwell tags in. Gradwell delivers a shot to Mark and drops him with a scoop slam. Gradwell drops Wolfgang to the floor and Joe gets into the ring, but Mark drops Gradwell with a side-Russian leg sweep. Howley tags in, as does Joe. Joe drops Howley with a few shoulder tackles and a back drop. Joe drops Stoker as well and then drops Howley with a belly-to-belly suplex. Joe swings Howley around the ring and drops him with a suplex. Joe goes for the cover, but Gradwell makes the save.
Gradwell gets sent to the floor, as does Stoker. Howley delivers an elbow to Joe and tags in Gradwell. Gradwell drops Joe with a clothesline and goes for the cover, but Joe kicks out. Joe kicks Gradwell’s knee and drops him with All That’s Best for the Bells and gets the pin fall.
Winners: Gallus

A video package for tonight’s main event airs. A-Kid and Noam Dar will meet in the semifinals of the NXT UK Heritage Cup.

Footage of The Hunt’s attack on Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews on last week’s show is shown. It is confirmed that Andrews and Webster are both out and not cleared for competition at this time.

Rampage Brown is shown arriving to the NXT UK Performance Center earlier this week. He watches a few guys in the ring and shakes hands with Dave Mastiff. He leaves with Sam Scala to sign a contract for his first match.

Match #2 – Singles Match: Aleah James vs. Jinny
They lock up and Jinny backs James into the corner. James shoves her away, but Jinny takes her down. Jinny flips James over, but James comes back with an arm-drag. Jinny comes back with a few knee strikes to the midsection, and then slams James into the corner. Jinny stomps on James, but James kicks her away. Jinny takes her down again and stomps on her back. James comes back with a dropkick and goes for a kick to the face, but Jinny blocks it and slams James to the mat. Jinny stomps on James’ midsection and slams her to the mat. Jinny goes for the cover, but James kicks out. Jinny applies a straitjacket hold and then kicks James away. Jinny stomps on James and delivers right hands. Jinny sends James into the corner, but James comes back with a hurricanrana. James goes for a cross-body, but Jinny dodges it and kicks James in the face and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Jinny
-After the match, Jinny says there is a reason why she is the queen of NXT UK. She says she has killer instinct, while the rest of the women don’t. She mentions Piper Niven, who interrupts. Niven tells her to say it to her face, and they argue a bit. The NXT UK Women’s Champion, Kay Lee Ray, interrupts. She says she likes to talk just like they do, but she has something that she can use to back it up, the title. She says they will never have it to back them up and tosses a chair in the ring. Ray says Jinny would stab her own grandmother in the back to get a shot at the title, but she doesn’t think Niven would do the same. She says let’s find out who has the killer instinct. Jinny slaps Niven across the face, who answers the a headbutt. Niven grabs the chair and hits Jinny across the back. James tries to calm Niven down, but Niven plants her with a Driver. Niven does the same to Jinny, except onto the chair. Niven goes after Ray, who makes her way backstage.

A promo from Eddie Dennis airs. He says there is a symbiotic relationship between man and beast, and now he stands alongside a Primate and a Boar. He talks about Andrews and Webster and says they have used he and Wild Boar for too long.

During the ad break, Niven caught up to Ray backstage and beat her down. Niven took the title as referees and Sid Scala tried to separate them. Niven drops the title on the ground and walks away. It is announced that in two weeks, Ray will defend the title against Niven in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

Next week, Rampage Brown will make his in-ring debut. Also next week, Dave Mastiff will take on Trent Seven in an NXT UK Heritage Cup semifinal match.

Match #3 – NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament – British Rounds Semifinal Match: A-Kid vs. Noam Dar
Neither man gains an advantage after some ground work. They lock up and Dar drops Kid to the mat. Kid turns it around into a front face-lock, but Dar comes back and applies a wrist-lock. Kid turns it into a side headlock, but Dar sends him off the ropes. Kid drops Dar with a shoulder tackle, and then takes him down with a side headlock take down. Dar keeps the hold applied, but Dar counters and crotches him on the top rope. Dar kicks Kid to the floor as round one ends.
The score is 0-0 after Round 1
They exchange take downs and Kid delivers a dropkick. Kid goes for the cover, but Dar kicks out. Kid goes to the ropes, but Dar kicks his legs out from under him. Dar goes for a cover, but Kid kicks out. Dar works over Kid’s knee and slams him into the corner. Dar delivers an uppercut, but Kid comes back with a shot to the midsection. Kid delivers a shot, but Dar drops him with a knee strike. Dar gets a back slide, but Kid counters and locks in a submission. Dar doesn’t tap out and the round ends.
The score is 0-0 after Round 2
Dar applies a front face-lock, but Kid gets free and drops Dar with a suplex. Kid goes for the arm-bar, but Dar rolls through and rolls Kid up for two. Kid delivers a back elbow and comes off the ropes, but Dar dodges him. Kid delivers a few kicks, but Dar comes back with an elbow shot. Dar delivers a face-buster and connects with a knee strike. Dar goes for the cover, but Kid kicks out. Dar applies a submission and Kid submits.
Dar leads 1-0 after Round 3
Dar delivers a kick to Kid’s arm. Dar stomps on Kid’s arms and legs, but Kid comes back and gets a quick bridge pin for the pin fall.
The score is 1-1 after Round 4
Dar sends Kid to the corner and then to the floor. Dar follows him out and delivers a kick. Dar tosses Kid back into the ring, but Kid kicks him in the face. Dar gets back into the ring at the nine count, but Kid delivers another shot. Kid goes for the cover, but Dar kicks out. Kid goes up top and connects with a cross-body. Kid goes for the cover, but Dar kicks out. They exchange shots as the round five ends.
The score is 1-1 after Round 5
Kid delivers a kick to Dar’s face, but Dar comes back with a few kicks of his own. They exchange roll-ups for two counts and Dar goes for the arm-bar. Dar gets free and delivers an elbow strike. Kid comes back with an enzuigiri and locks in a submission, and Dar gives up.
Winner: A-Kid

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