Impact Report, 11/3/20

Nov 3, 2020 - by Scott Porter

The show begins with a synopsis of the wedding of Bravo and Rosemary.  It features the the sudden anger and rude behavior exhibited by Bravo and him eventually being shot at the alter.  lol.  This is a story that still has much to be told.

Who shot Bravo?

Tommy and D’Amore discuss the well being of Bravo to start the show.  It is noted Bravo is in stable, but critical condition.  lol.  Dreamer puts on his best Sherlock Holmes outfit and begins his quest to find the gunman.

Match 1.  Deonna Purrazzo (With Kimber Lee) VS Impact Knockouts Champion, Su Yung

Yung will defend her championship in this return match from Bound For Glory.  This is a great match to start the show.

Purrazzo attacks Yung from behind to start the match, but Yung will have none of that.  Yung goes for the Panic Switch, but Deonna breaks free.  Yung flings Deonna several times across the ring by her hair.  Purrazzo reverses a 3rd attempt and takes Yung down and begins working on the arm.  She stomps Yungs elbow to the ground as the hand is bent backwards.  Yung hits a reverse kick and swinging head scissors off the top rope.

The two double close line each other.  The ref begins a 10 count.  They both get to their feet.  Yung locks on the mandible claw.  Purrazzo tosses in a chair.  Yung Smiles and grabs the chair from Purrazzo. Yung hits Kimber and Deonna with the chair and the ref calls for the bell.

The ref disqualifies Su Yung.

Winner by DQ,  Deonna Purrazzo

Rhino and Heath are in the negotiating room ready to sign Heath’s new deal.  D’Amore gives congrats to Rhino on his win at BFG.  D’Amore begins to question if Heath is healthy.  He says the contract will be ready for him to sign when Heath can get back in the ring and compete.  Heath leaves disgusted, because he knows he is hurt.   Heath says he will be back.

Barrister Evans comes in and says Deonna’s title shot was great, but not a total success for his client.  She won the rematch, but it was not fair. D’Amore agrees and says that Deonna will get another title shot at Turning Point.  The match will be a no DQ, Anything Goes Match… with Su Yung.  Barrister Evans begins back peddling and he leaves knowing Deonna will not want this type of rematch.

Eddie Edwards is the back with Rich Swann.  The two will team up against of Sami Callahan and Eric Young.  They start singing and amped for the main event.

Match 2.  Chris Bey VS Trey Miguel

This is an X Division contender match.  These two will put on a fast paced show for sure.

Bey starts with an arm twist.  Trey reverses and takes Bey to the ground.  Trey then stands out and runs up the ropes, still holding the arm and flips off the ropes, twisting Bey.  They then trade drop kicks and arm drags.  The two just go at it so fast it is impossible to call.  The moves are incredible between these two.  The two mix lucha and American High Flying styles so well.  They are so evenly matched.

Bey gouges the eyes of Trey.  This is the first slow down in the match.  Bey begins stomping and gloating.  Miguel reverse flips out of a waist lock, and double kicks Bey in the back.  He then hits a reverse 619 into a Colorful Combination.  (That is one of his move sets)

Trey climbs the ropes.  Bey crotches him on the top.  Bey tries for a suplex, but Trey sunset flips out, but Bey holds on to the ropes.  Trey steps back on the ground and kicks Bey.  Bey then kicks Trey while still on the ropes, but stays perched.  Trey stumbles to his feet and Bey flies off the ropes and hits a cutter for the win.  What a move.

Winner.  Chris Bey

Madison and Swinger are back with Locker Room Talk.  Madison asks if Swinger about the shooting.  He says the Swingman is innocent.  He is flexing and mentioning something about steroids.  He laughs at his jokes as usual.  lol.

Madison sets up her guests, Jordynne Grace and Tenille Dashwood.  Neither have a partner for the tag tournament.  Grace comes out first.  Swinger goes for the hug.  Grace is disgusted.  Kaleb with a K joins the set with Dashwood.  Swinger looks at Kaleb and asks if this is a sausage party.

Madison goes right at Grace about her lack of a partner.  Grace says she will find one.  She looks at both guests and wonders why they couldn’t be partners.  Grace looks at her says lets tag.  Tenille says her partner should be Madison!  Grace just looks annoyed since she just put herself out and asked only to be dissed.  Kaleb asks Grace to move so Madison and Tenille can take pictures together.  Swinger tries to get in the picture.  lol.  Grace smashes a camera and leaves.  Tenille pulls out another camera and Kaleb takes more pictures as the segment ends.

Tommy is shown questioning the ref about the shooting.  Swinger and Deaner both want to be interviewed next.  Dreamer listens to them argue and says go have a match.   He will interview them later.

Defeat Rohit Challenge..  Rohit (X-Division Champion) VS …. 

TJP walks out in street clothes.  TJP grabs the mic and says he is there to be the man for this opportunity.  Rohit says he has beat him already.  TJP says he won a 5 man match, but not him alone.  Rohit says he has earned being a champion and TJP hasn’t.  He then asks TJP who the hell he is?  TJP says he has been wrestling for 22 years.  TJP then goes on to list all his accomplishments from all the different promotions all over the world.  Rohit says you are speaking past tense.  He calls TJP pathetic and a has been.  TJP drops the mic and exits, but returns as Rohit won’t shut up.  TJP throws hot tea in his face.  They begin brawling.

Rohit bails the ring and crawls up the ramp.  The belt is left in the ring.  TJP holds the belt high as Rohit has a tantrum on the outside.

Chris Sabin is interviewed backstage.  He is asked about the injured Alex Shelley.  He says don’t worry about Alex.  He will be back.  He then calls out XXXL about the attack last week.  He wants a one on one match with either one of them.

Rohit and TJP are now arguing with Scott D’Amore backstage.  D’Amore says TJP gets one more match.  One more fair match.  One last match for everything.

Match 3.  Ethan Page (with Josh Alexander) VS Doc Gallows (with Karl Anderson)

Gallows and Anderson head out last carrying everything they sell on their merch page at Impact Wrestling’s website.

Gallows and Page are both in great shape.  Gallows hits the big boot after a few punches by Page.  Page bails and tells Josh they are the Champions.. He is the best ever, and he is ready to fight.

He goes back and in and Gallows just pounds him for 30 seconds.  Page leaves and grabs the belt.  He walks around with it.  Gallows laughs.  Page goes in acting like a karate man.  Gallows tosses him out again.  Page is now enraged and embarrassed.

Page re-enters and finally connects with boots and punches.  Josh gets in a cheap shot on the outside and Page follows up with a DDT for a two count.

Page then hits a drop kick and another two count.  Page stays on the offensive, throwing shoulders into the midsection in the corner.  Gallows then chops his way out of the corner.  Page quickly rakes the eyes.  Talkin Shop A Mania 2 is announced.  Gallows hits an elbow and a multiple clotheslines.  He then hits a huge flying shoulder tackle and big boot after that.  Alexander tries to grab Gallows.  Anderson stops him.  Gallows hits the big boot and gets the pin.

Winner.  Doc Gallows.

Post match, Alexander knocks down Anderson on the outside and attacks Gallows from behind.  Page recovers and they stomp Gallows until Anderson makes the save and the Good Brothers chase off The North.

Swoggle is interviewed backstage.  He says it is great to be back at Impact.  This is his home.  He says Impact the place where he won’t be a joke.  Brian Myers enters and calls him a sideshow joke.  Myers tells him he won’t steal money from Impact.  He then pushes Swoggle to the ground.

Match 4.  Johnny Swinger VS Cody Deaner (with Jake)

Deaner takes down Swinger with a shoulder block.  He then hits a clothesline.  Deaner stops to have a beer.  Swinger pokes his eyes.  Swinger then chokes Deaner over the second rope.  He then climbs the ropes to do the ten punch move to the face.  Deaner picks him up and carries him to the center of the ring and gives him a inverted atomic drop.  Deaner then hits several punches to the face and then another clothesline.

Swinger then bails the ring after another eye poke.  He grabs a chair and his Fannie Pack.  Jake takes the chair from Swinger and tries to hit him with it from the ring apron.  The ref interjects.  Swinger then uses the loaded Fannie Pack to lay out Cody.  The ref turns around and makes the three count.

Winner.  Johnny Swinger

Swinger celebrates the win.  I love this guy.. He is so bad, he is great.

Moose comes to the ring with the TNA Championship in a suit.  He says he has not been taken seriously and neither has his championship.  He says now that should not be a problem.  He says at BFG he went to Hell and back and destroyed EC3.  He says he controlled his narrative and is born again.  He says he is undefeated in PPVs.  He says he beat RVD, Rhino, Ken Shamrock, Tommy Dreamer and at BFG he beat the best TNA Champion ever, EC3.  He then makes a jab at Rich Swann.  He says the Impact Championship is the 2nd most important title in the company.  He shows a video of Willie Mack getting attacked last week.  It is revealed he made the attack.  He asks Rich Swann to find out what real pain feels like.  He says he should ask Mack how it feels.

Mack runs from the back and attacks Moose.  Moose eventually hits Mack with the belt.  Then he pounds Mack on the outside.  He uses the camera cable to choke Willie.  The segment ends with Moose looking strong.

Backstage, Chris Bey walks up to Rich Swann.  Bey asks Swann to tell management to set up the match between the two best dancers in Impact.  Swann tells Bey he can’t finesse him.  (Whatever that means)  Swann says he needs to do more to get a shot at the championship.  Eddie Edwards runs and grabs Swann and tells him it is time for the tag match.

Detective Dreamer says he has narrowed the list of shooters to everyone that was at the wedding.  They are all in the room and they all try to defend themselves.  Dreamer says the investigation will continue.

Match 5.  Eddie Edwards and Rich Swann VS Eric Young and Sami Callahan 

Swann and Sami start off for their teams.  Sami is quick to the punch.  These former friends used to be roommates.  Swann hits a dropkick off the ropes.  EY tags in and so does Eddie.  Both Eddie and Swann leap from the ring onto their foes as we go to break.

Eddie and Swann give Sami the Heart Attack clothesline as we return from break.  Sami eventually blocks a punch by Eddie and begins working over Eddie with kicks and punches.  EY tags in and drops a few elbows to the downed, Edwards.  EY tags back in Sami.  They double team Eddie in the corner for the full 5 count.

The two continue to beat on Eddie for several minutes.  Sami even bites Eddie.  Eddie just can’t gain an advantage.  EY gets a count of two off a back elbow off the ropes.  He then goes back to tag Sami.  Eddie reverses a whip in the corner and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb.  EY runs in and takes out Swann on the apron.  He then tags himself in to the match.  Eddie catches EY with a high kick to the head then hits a superplex off the top rope on EY.

Both teams make a tag.  Rich hits a clothesline and several kicks to the head.  EY takes a kick to the head as he jumps in.  Sami and EY take a double cutter from Rich Swann.  Eddie cheers him on as he tries to recover.  Eddie tags back in but takes an EY cutter.  Swann runs back in and gains a momentary advantage, but Sami fight him off.  EY recovers and both he and Sami set up piledrivers.  Both reverse the hold and lock on Sharpshooters.  Sami and EY fight off the hold using each other for leverage.  Eddie sets up EY for a Monkey Flip to hurl him over the ropes to the outside.  Sami and Eddie are left in the ring.  Sami hits a backslide.  Eddie kicks out.  Eddie hits a backpack stunner.  He then puts Sami in the crab.  Shamrock runs in from the back and takes out Swann.  Eddie releases the hold and goes after Shamrock.  Sami recovers and hits Eddie from behind and nails him with a Piledriver for the win.

Winners.  EY and Sami Callahan.  (with a Shamrock assist)

The three celebrate together post match with an evil grin.







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