Karl Anderson’s wife accuses him of cheating in a serious of Instagram Stories

Nov 1, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

Karl Anderson’s wife Christine has accused her husband of cheating on her in a few Instagram Story posts and then posted an image with “I got my point across” written on it.

Christine first posted a photo of Anderson with “cheater” and “asshole” written on him as he looked passed out on a bed and then elaborated in a further post writing, “Running away doesn’t resolve anything. Kids haven’t seen you in 2 days. Your ego is more important than your family. Hope she was worth it.” She added that alcohol caused all of this and maybe he should go get some real help.

She then posted a screenshot of a message that he sent her where Anderson called her a slut. “Not only after getting caught being unfaithful you call your wife and mother of your 4 kids a slut,” she wrote in another Story, all in caps. “You’re fake as hell. The life I’ve dealt with all these years. My kids are huge sacrifices of my own happiness. Thought I could live thru it but I need to reevaluate my life.”

Anderson, and his tag team partner Doc Gallows, are now signed to Impact Wrestling having chosen that promotion after they were released from WWE in April.

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