Karl Anderson’s Wife Calls Him Out For Cheating

Oct 31, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Two days ago, she posted a photo on Instagram of The Machine Gun sleeping on the couch. He had the word “Cheater” and “a$$hole” written all over him. The caption said: “I don’t play nice.”

It wasn’t 100% clear what was going on, but her recent Instagram story have certainly cleared things up. One new post, which is only a black screen, has text written in the bottom corner of the frame saying:

#Halloween2020 What else can go worse?

Running away doesn’t resolve anything. Kids haven’t seen you in 2 days. Your ego is more important than your family. Hope she was worth it. BTW- Alcohol caused all of this. Maybe you should get some real help. Let’s see what true friends will.”

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