Brodie Lee would like to had two legends to Dark Order

Oct 31, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

During a recent Q & A, Brodie Lee named Terry Funk and Fit Finlay as wrestlers he would love to add to Dark Order.

“Terry Funk, but I think the problem will be that he would eventually either kill me and I would not be the leader of the Dark Order anymore. I don’t know if it’d be beneficial to me as the leader to bring him in, but that would be the number one,” Lee said. “Number two would probably be a Fit Finlay, a guy like that. Just watching him, I’ve learned so much for him personally and I was a huge fan of his. Another guy who I tape traded for. I have multiple Fit Finlay tapes, which is weird when you work with them for so many years. It’s just surreal – still – to me.”

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