Raquel Gonzalez on her breakout year: “It’s been pretty surreal”

Oct 29, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

“It’s been pretty surreal. This entire year has felt so long but at the same time has gone by so fast. It seems far away now that we were in Portland and I had my debut and we were traveling and we were in front of live audiences and things were kind of going somewhere and then all of a sudden with everything going on in the world with the pandemic, everything just stopped. But the one thing that didn’t stop was of course NXT and WWE, we were giving people this outlet from reality but we ourselves were also living this reality. It’s almost been like a surreal, double world type of thing, so it’s been something for me to… I have to sit back and think about it and realize that yeah, this has been a big year for myself and my career and coming out and having my debut and having these moments on Takeovers and how finally getting to have a singles match with Rhea Ripley on Halloween Havoc, the return of Halloween Havoc, it’s mind-blowing, it’s absolutely mind-blowing. Even talking about it and thinking about it right now still gives me a little bit of goosebumps to know that it’s tomorrow and I’m honestly so excited and I can’t wait because there’s just so much that I want to do and I want to show and want to prove and I feel like tomorrow is kind of just the beginning stepping stone for that.”

source: PWinsider

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