NWA owner Billy Corgan clears up Thunder Rosa’s contractual status

Oct 29, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Despite the tease…

There has been a lot of speculation this week about the future of Thunder Rosa in the pro wrestling business.

Dave Meltzer was the first to report that Rosa has an interest from AEW and WWE to sign her. Meltzer stated that WWE is her likely destination.

Then NWA President Billy Corgan was doing a Q&A session on his Instagram account and during it, answered a fan question about Rosa’s status. The NWA later shared a screenshot of his response on their Instagram Stories.

According to Corgan, she is under contract until 2021.

Corgan wrote, “No. You have to love press and media reports that don’t contact the company she is under contract to but instead listen to someone who has my email address but doesn’t write and ask. She’s under contract thru 2021 and there’s a reason for that (it’s called excellence and faith).”

Rosa has been having some fun with it on social media and been posting an goodbye message to Rosa on Twitter teasing which promotion she could sign with by writing AEW? WWE? NWA? on her leg.

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