Impact Report, 10/27/20

Oct 27, 2020 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight starting at 8pm for up to the date results from Impact Wrestling.  Tonight’s show will feature the wedding of Rosemary and Johnny Bravo, as well as the fallout from Bound For Glory.

Tonight’s show starts with a recap of Bound For Glory.  What a crazy night it was.  Su Yung is your new Knockouts Champion and Rich Swann is the new World Champion.

Backstage the show begins with Swann being attacked by Eric Young.  EY drags Swann inside the arena, but Swann turns the tide and the two fight back and forth all over ringside.  Swann is in street clothes.  Josh and Madison make the claim EY is even more insane since he lost his championship.  EY chokes Swann with his shirt.  He then tosses Swann in the ring.  Swann connects with a superkick, but gets crotched on the top rope right after.  As he lays prone, security and Scott D’Amore run in the ring to stop the fight.  D’Amore pleads with EY to calm down.  EY wants his rematch.  D’Amore tells him he isn’t getting his match.  Swann begs D’Amore to give him his championship match right now.  D’Amore asks if he is sure.  Swann confirms and D’Amore calls for the match to happen.

Match 1.  Impact World Champion, Rich Swann VS Eric Young

EY storms the ring and knocks Swann off the top rope.  EY then goes for a splash off the top himself.  Swann rolls out of the way and EY lands badly.  Swann connects with a clothesline, flipping leg drop and a superkick.  Swann then hits a rolling splash.  EY catches a flying Swann and turns it into a Powerbomb.  EY chops Swann, but Swann connects with another kick.  He then hits a handspring cutter.  After a Phoenix Splash, EY is done.

Winner and still your Impact World Champion, Rich Swann

That was a quick match, but hard hitting.  A very nice way to start the show for sure.

Rich celebrates his win, as he holds the belt for all to see, walking up the ramp.

Josh and Madison set up tonights show.

We then go to Havok and Naveah.  Havok walks out of a dark room and says he is back.. (Father James Mitchell)  Naveah says she has a bad feeling about this as we take our first commercial break.

Backstage all the women are pounding on D’Amore’s door about the ladies tag team tournament.  Tasha and Kiera pick a fight with Alisha because nobody wants to be her partner apparently.  Jordynne Grace comes and says she will be her partner.  They challenge Tasha and Kiera to a match tonight!  Alisha is so execited she breaks out in song.

Match 2.  Hardcore Halloween Match.  Brian Myers VS Tommy Dreamer

Myers heads out first.  He is in street clothes.  Myers even has a shirt with he and Dreamer’s face on it.

Dreamer comes out with Road Warrior Animal’s face paint and shirt on.  He is wearing spikes shoulder pads.  He even gave himself a the Animal classic Mohawk.  (Very cool tribute by Tommy.)

Myers and Dreamer look to continue this feud.  The match goes right to the outside.  Dreamer suplexes Myers on the ramp, then goes for a shirt to choke Myers with.  Dreamer tries to rub Myers face on the Spikes on his shoulder pads that are sitting ringside.  Myers escapes, but gets smashed with a metal walker, over the back.  Dreamer puts a loaded garbage can in the ring.  It apparently has something heavy in it.  He then hits Myers with the ring bell.  Myers fights his way back into the match.   He eventually crotches Tommy on the barricade.  Myers then uses a metal garbage can that was on the arena floor on Tommys head.  He then connects with a wet floor sign that completely crushes Tommy as he was jumping off the ring apron.

After a commercial break, Myers is in the ring using a Kendo stick to the throat of Dreamer.  Myers then hits a back suplex for a one count.  Myers then gets an apple and bites it and spits in at Dreamer.  Myers then gets a chair and sets it up in the ring and hits a drop to hold off the ropes, that sends Dreamer’s face to the chair.  Myers lays on Dreamer with a side headlock until Tommy stands out.  Dreamer starts his Dusty series of flip, flop and fly.  Myers is now realing, but cuts off Dreamer just before he finishes the last elbow with a kick, but Tommy fights it off.   Dreamer hits a clothesline and a cutter for a count of two.  Dreamer gets a sign and slams it on the back of Myers.  Dreamer finds a bag and spills it in the center of the ring to find candy corn and thumb tacks.  Dreamer climbs the ropes and Myers tries to fight back.  He looks to Superplex Tommy onto the tacks, but Tommy bites him and pushes him onto the candy corn and tacks!  WOW.  That fall was from the second rope.  That had to hurt.   Dreamer gets a count of two….

Dreamer gets a table and brings it in the ring.  He puts in the corner.  Myers shoulder blocks him while he wasn’t looking and Tommy falls into the tacks.  He yells loudly as Myers amps himself up and grabs the Kendo stick.  He tells Dreamer he is going to end his career.  Just then Swoggle (formerly Hornswoggle from WWE) crawls from in the loaded garbage can Dreamer put in the ring in the beginning of the match.  Swoggle has BBQ tongs and he uses them on Myers crotch.  LOL.  He squeezes.  Dreamer picks Myers up and hits the Death Valley Driver threw the table for the win.

Winner.  Tommy Dreamer (with Swoggle)

Swoggle and Dreamer stand tall in the ring and eat candy corn.

Backstage Heath and Rhino are interviewed.  Rhino is proudly holding his Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match Trophy.  Rhino says after with his win, he is going to call his shot by going for the tag straps with Heath, once he is healthy.  Rhino not only won the match, he one his contract.  He is going to get healthy and sign his contract next week.  He isn’t hurt.  (Heath is clearly hurt.  They are trying to hide his injury a bit.)

Backstage elsewhere, Fallah is attacked by Reno Scum and Hernandez.  Hernandez is looking for a apology.  Fallah admits he gave the money to Bravo.  They punch him and walk away.  Fallah then reaches into his trunks and pulls out the money.  He didn’t give it to Bravo.

Match 3.  XXXL VS The Rascalz

Wentz and Dez go to the air and take out both Larry D and Acey to start the match.  They try again on Acey, but he catches Wentz and gives him a Samoan Drop.  Larry D recovers and tags in.  He uses heavy stomps and forearms to the neck of Wentz until he tags Acey back in.  Wentz hits several kicks, but can’t make the tag.  Acey is just to big and fresh at this point.  Larry tags back in and gets a count of one off more clubbing blows to the back.  He then hits a short arm clothesline.  He gets a count of two this time.

Wentz continues to mount some offense.  Thus far it hasn’t been enough.  The Shining Wizard he connects with this time does the trick.  In comes Dez.  Dez hits several kicks and flips all over Larry.  Crazy fast speed.  Wentz comes in and hits a spring board kick.  Larry hits a clothesline for a count of two on Dez.  Acey is laying on the mat.  Larry D climbs the ropes to the top!  Wentz meets him there.  Dez joins.  They are going to try a suplez.  Acey makes the save and Larry hits a top rope splash for the win.

Winners XXXL

Scott D’Amore is with Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee and their representation.  Their attorney says they need to strip Su Yung of the Knockouts Championship and give it to Deonna.  D’Amore agrees and says he will go to the ring and handle business right now.

The MCMGs are interviewed backstage.  Shelley has a neck injury.  They will be back when they are ready.  XXXL interrupt and say they are ready for the championship.  They pretend to leave, then attack the neck of Shelley, laugh and run off.

D’Amore is back in the ring.  He admits there is controversy with the Knockouts Championship.  He explains Deonna’s gripe with her barrister, RD Evans.  In spite of everything, D’Amore says Su Yung is the champion.  Just then Deonna, RD Evans and Kimber Lee enter the arena.  Evans takes the mic and berates D’Amore.  He says Kylie Rae was supposed to be the person Deonna was facing.  RD Evans says strip Su Yung or it will cost the company massive amount of dollars.  D’Amore threatens RD physically.  He tells him go ahead and sue.  RD is repeatedly told to shut up.  D’Amore says if you are the best, beat Su Yung.  D’Amore says you can have the match next week, or wait years to have this stupid law suit.  RD talks to Deonna and they agree to have the math next week.  Just then, Su Yung enters.  She is carrying the championship with her.  She grabs the throat of Kimber and RD, then spits blood at D’Amore.  She then locks on the mandible claw on Purrazzo.

Rich Swann, Willie Mack and the Rascalz are all having fun backstage.  Just then Moose walks up and says why are the celebrating being number 2.  He is the TNA World Champion.  That makes him number one.  He tells Swann he is only happy because he from a poor family.  The crew pull away Swann.  He walks in another room and Sami Callahan and Shamrock are waiting.  Sami says they don’t talk enough, but they will be hearing a lot from them going forward.  The segment ends.

Up next they air the clip from the Halloween Induction of Ken Shamrock.  Several guys including, Mic Foley, The Rock and Mic Foley all make nice comments about Shamrock.  Nice segment.

New Tag Champs, The North are lecturing security how to be tag wrestling.  Just then Gallows and Anderson walk up and Page slaps Gallows.  The teams have to be pulled apart.

Flashback, Victory Road 2020.  Mack Vs Rohit.  Rohit wins.

Rohit is shown with his belt backstage.  Rohit is wanting to have a party in his own honor.  Jimmy Jacobs walks in, not wanting to be there.  Jimmy says TJP should have won.  Rohit kicks him out.  lol.  He starts playing with noise makers.

Fallah and Bravo are arguing backstage about the stolen money.  Bravo says you are not the best man anymore  You are dead to me, he says.

Match 4.  Tiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz VS Jordynne Grace and Alisha Edwards

Tasha and Jordynne start for their teams.  Tasha tries to match power.  No chance of that happening.  Alisha and Grace are not on the same page, but are winning so far.  Alisha tags in as, does Hogan.  Alisha gets a count of two off some punches and trip.

Back from break, Alisha is now in trouble in the corner of Hogan and Steelz.  Steelz and Hogan tag off quickly, with offense based around keeping Alisha trapped in the corner.  Josh and Madison continue to talk about the lack of communication between Alisha and Grace.  Alisha hits a desperation Flatliner, but doesn’t make a tag.  Hogan fights her back into their corner and Tasha tags in.  Alisha is stopped again before she can make a tag.  Steelz suplexes Alisha hard on her neck.  Hogan tags back in.  Alisha fights them both off and bulldogs Steelz.  Finally Grace is tagged in.  She slams everything in sight.  She then drops two knees in Tasha’s back and hits the Vader bomb.  Hogan breaks up the pin attempt.  Grace and Alisha double team Steelz.  Alisha goes for a splash in the corner and misses.  She hits her partner and goes down hard.  Steelz gets the roll up pin on Alisha.

Winners.  Steelz and Hogan.

Steelz and Hogan dance to the backstage as Alisha and Grace argue and push each other in the ring.

Outside, Moose attacks Willie Mack with his belt in the parking lot.  Quick segment here.

Rosemary and Taya are getting ready for wedding.  Taya tells her she loves Bravo, but he is getting out of control.  Rosemary says she has something much better than leaving him at the alter.

Up next.  The Wedding

The cast of Wrestle House is most of the wedding party.  Everyone is dressed in a unique way.

Out next to officiate the wedding, Father James Mitchell.

Finally Rosemary comes out.  Crazzy Steve is giving her a way.

Mitchell begins this Un Holy Wedding.  He asks if anyone has anything to say.  Nobody answers the call.  Each person has wanted to make there own vows.  Johnny recites a version of the Adams Family Song.

Rosemary mentions he is a virgin.  Then a bunch of creepy lines about what I have no idea… Maybe she wants his soul.

They exchange rings.  Mitchell asks Bravo if he will say I do.. He says I do.  Rosemary ponders the question and says “We do”

Mitch says they are married and they may kiss.  Just then the lights go out and we hear a shot.

Lights go back on and it appears Bravo has be shot in the chest.  Dreamer rushes to his side.   Taya screams as Rosemary just carries on like nothing happened.  Tommy says.. Who shot Bravo??  The show ends….















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