Salina de la Renta

Oct 23, 2020 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real Name: Natalia Guzmán Class
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 141 lbs.
Date of Birth: February 6, 1997
Hometown: Carolina, Puerto Rico
Resides: Florida
Pro Debut: August 24, 2016
Trained By: Santana Garrett, Chasyn Rance, Jesús Rodrīguez & Aaron Epic
Finishing Move: Becky’s Breath


– Class studied film & screenwriting at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida.
– Class has used the ring names Mila Naniki & Salina de la Renta (MLW). She has also been nicknamed the Booty Monster.
– August 30, 2016, Naniki competed in a Battle Royal for the vacant PW2.0 Women’s Title.
– September 16th, Naniki defeated Rex Bacchus at CWE She’s a Warrior.
– October 9th, Naniki challenged Aria Blake for the ACW Women’s Title.
– October 18th, Naniki defeated Kaci Lennox at Girl Fight XII.
– November 4th, Naniki lost to Kaci Lennox at the Wrestling Aid Orlando Redemption.
– November 30th, Naniki defeated Layne Rosario at ACW Wednesday Night Throwdown.
– December 21st, Naniki competed in a 5-Way for the vacant OPW Women’s Title.
– December 28th, Naniki defeated Trish Adora at ACW Throwdown.
– January 13, 2017, Naniki & Amber Nova lost to Raegan Fire & Kaci Lennox at BELIEVE 133.
– February 1st, Naniki defeated Aspyn Rose at the ACW Wednesday Combat Night.
– February 17th, Naniki & Ruff Crossing defeated Amber O’Neal & Kennedy Kendrick at JCW Juggalo Weekend ’17.
– February 22nd, Naniki defeated Avery Mucchio at ACW Proving Ground.
– October 28th, Salina defeated Kamilla Kaine for the vacant ACW Women’s Title.
– November 10th, Salina retained the ACW Women’s Title against Kaci Lennox.
– November 11th, Salina defeated Aria Blake at WrestleMerica.
– December 1st, Salina retained the ACW Women’s in a 3-Way against Sofi Castillo & Aria Blake.
– December 9th, Salina competed in a 4-Way for the vacant Sweetwater Women’s Title.
– January 17, 2018, Salina retained the ACW Women’s Title against Lacey Lane.
– January 19th, Salina lost to Kaci Lennox in the semi-finals of the CWE Rise of a Queen II Tournament.
– February 28th, Salina retained the ACW Women’s Title against Aspyn Rose.
– Salina has managed many wrestlers in MLW & also is recognized as an executive producer/writer for future episodes in the 2020 Restart.

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