Backstage Rumors on What Sparked Investigation Into WWE Venues as COVID-19 Hotspots

Oct 23, 2020 - by James Walsh

As previously reported, the Orange County Department of Health has had its COVID-19 Strike Team launch an investigation into businesses that are currently seen as “hotspots” for the coronavirus. Multiple venues where the WWE has been filming its shows were among the list, including the WWE Performance Center, Full Sail University (listed as “WWE Full Sail”), and the Amway Center. has released a report with additional details on what possibly sparked the investigation.

According to the update, there is an internal belief within WWE that several Performance Center trainees and/or NXT talents issued formal complaints to Orange County on daily operations and protocols for COVID-19 not being properly followed. Two people reportedly spoke out a number of weeks ago at an NXT TV taping on “anti-maskers” not following guidelines outside of NXT and and training classes, potentially spreading the coronavirus and putting others at risk of catching it.

Additionally, it was mentioned that WWE officials want “everyone” to be proactive with regards to following protocols, including attending large events. This included people being aware of posting photos on social media. One such concern is if people post photos talents while not wearing masks in large gatherings, notably indoors, this could lead others into thinking those talents were not taking COVID-19 guidelines seriously and were acting unsafely. WWE officials specifically wanted talent to be aware of these issues when posting photos on social media.

However, it was also reportedly noted that WWE can’t control how the talents live their lives outside of WWE venues. Additionally, if WWE was to face another COVID-19 outbreak, the company would “pause” having fans in attendance at the Capitol Wrestling Center for NXT events. Instead, they would likely use the virtual fans and potential trainees again depending on the situation.

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