Vice Profiles New Jack’s Drag Queen Son, New Jack Responds with Statement

Oct 22, 2020 - by James Walsh

Vice recently profiled the son of ECW Original New Jack, known as drag queen Washington Heights of Baltimore, MD. The article is titled, “My Dad Is a Pro Wrestler, I’m a Drag Queen – We’re Not So Different”

Vice profiled Washington Heights after a tweet he made in late August went viral. The tweet included a screenshot from New Jack’s Wikipedia page, where it says he has five children, one of them being Washington Heights.

“My dad (New Jack from ECW) cut me out of his life 3 years ago because he didn’t want his fans to know I’m a drag queen, and he didn’t want Wikipedia posting anything about me. Clearly he doesn’t know how Wikipedia works. Anywho, I’m now an official editor for Wikipedia. [grimacing face emoji]”

Heights told Vice that he has not spoken with New Jack since he removed her from his Facebook friends list in April 2018.

“His excuse was that, ‘Wikipedia wants to update my page … I don’t want them to put anything about you doing drag on there,’” said Heights.

Heights made the recent tweet after a Facebook memory from 2017 popped up.

“My son, I love you,” New Jack had commented on a photo.

“He said we’d keep in touch, but then why say that and afterwards you haven’t reached out to me?” Heights said to Vice. “It’s been over a year, maybe two years, since we talked.”

Heights believes New Jack removed him from Facebook because of fans questioning his son’s drag career.

“I don’t want to think he was ashamed of me,” Heights said. “I think it was more of, he didn’t know how to damage control with his fans. He didn’t have a proper answer for his fans, so his best way of handling it was to move on from it.”

New Jack responded to a request for comment and issued the following statement to Vice:

“My son was mentioned in my book that just came out last year, so the statement about me disowning him three years ago is simply not true. I’ve heard there was a mention on his Twitter feed that he was upset because he was only mentioned once in a chapter that was half-a-page long. I spoke briefly about him and four of my other children, he was actually one of my kids that was mentioned by name. I also mentioned the fact that I keep any information about all of my kids private, because that has nothing to do with wrestling and is my own personal business, that I prefer to keep private.”

Heights also addressed a September 3 Facebook stream that popped up since she first spoke to Vice. The video includes what appears to be a reference to Heights.

“There’s a lot of shit going on right now… I would just like to say to you, little f***** motherf***er… you know who you are and you’re not my son,” New Jack said in the video.

Heights said “part of me is hurt by his comments, but at the same time, this doesn’t surprise me. … I wanted this to be an opportunity for us to settle things and talk them out, but after what he said I can tell that just won’t happen. As I said earlier, I wanted some kind of response or reaction from him. Was it the best response? No. Do I finally have my answer as to where he stands with our relationship? Yes.”

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