Notes on Deonna Purrazzo, WWE ThunderDome, and Taya Valkyrie

Oct 22, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck


happy birthday to Taya Valkyrie

happy birthday to D-Lo Brown as well!


Deonna Purrazzo Shoots Down Fan who Is Critical of her Weight

In a post on Twitter, a “fan” recently took a shot at Deonna Purrazzo with a backhanded compliment. They stated that she has a nice fan, but if she lost thirty pounds and did more squats, she’d be the hottest woman in wrestling.

Purrazzo fired back with: “TJ would be the greatest fan in women’s wrestling if he would STFU about women’s bodies and how they exercise them. BTW, my heaviest this particular day was 215lb x 4 reps.”

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