Lance Storm Confirms He Has Been Terminated by WWE

Oct 22, 2020 - by James Walsh

The Wrestling Inc. Daily recently interviewed former WWE Superstar and Producer Lance Storm, who discussed his WWE status after being released by the company earlier this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Storm noted that WWE had to “terminate” his contract due to his visa and contract. Below are some highlights from the interview.

Lance Storm on his WWE furlough status: “Well, I was, again, they want to say furloughed, but with my visa and my contract, because I had to have different paperwork to enable me to get the work visa, they had to terminate my contract to not pay me. So I was straight up released. You can’t do it the same way because again, really the only difference between furloughed and fired is they don’t actually file the paperwork to terminate you and then they hope to bring you back, and I was told that basically, you’re furloughed or whatever.

“We hope to bring you back at some point, but I had a different contract. To enable a visa, they have to terminate the contract to not continue to pay me, so they did, which is why I was able to do the cameo on AEW Dynamite for the Jericho 30-year anniversary celebration. I got to send in a video for that. So I’m really in a position where I’ve got a lot of things I could be doing and want to be doing, but to do them, I have to cross to the US, and as of right now, there is still a closed border. There is some legal loopholing you can do if you’re willing to bend the rules and ignore quarantines, but that’s not something I’m willing to do. So until the border situation improves, I sit home and do a weekly podcast on the Wrestling Observer and watch ‘Corner Gas’ animated Monday nights on CTV comedy.”

Storm on if his Storm Wrestling Academy will remain closed: “Well, the school is closed because I closed it. I’m done with it. That was a major undertaking, and it ran its course. And it was a situation–I was looking to shut it down, and I reached out to see what my employment options were because I wanted to shut it down. And WWE made me a pretty quick offer to go, and I jumped at it. And it was going great, until March of this year when everything hit the fan so to speak.”

On being open to taking offers after the border opens up: “I’m interested in working anywhere and will entertain anyone that gives me a decent offer, but again, I’ve gotta wait for the damn border to open up. So I’m waiting to see what happens on November 3rd and then waiting to see what happens moving forward on that and see if the U.S. can get their stuff together and get this border opened up.”

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