Talk N Shop on AXS TV… Full Keg Report

Oct 20, 2020 - by Scott Porter

The show begins with Gallows and Anderson at a bar.. The Turnbuckle Bar and Grill.  This looks like a cool bar.

The Good Brothers are basically having beer, listening to a guy play the guitar.  They talk about winning the belts at BFG.

They mention something is missing..  It is little… Que the entrance and short jokes for Rocky Romero.  They mention he is from NJPW.

They let him sit on the bar since they don’t have a booster seat for him.  lol

David Penzer joins the show.  He gets paid tonight in shots according to LG.

Gallows introduces Talk N Shop Bourbon.  They introduce the distiller that made it happen and do another shot, then dance some more and go to commercial.

Chad Too Bad is in full gear dancing and slapping some overweight guy in the ring.  He claims to know Ju Jitsu and Karate.. He is talking about everyone joining the Chad Too Badd Dojo..

Scott D’Amore enters apparently upset about the lack of format on the show.  LG says don’t be upset, he made him into a animated character on the cartoon they are working on.  The footage airs.

All four of them are animated at the bar.  D’Amore has abs in the cartoon.  He keeps showing them.  @therealgimmicks is the cartoon they are working on.  That must be the twitter handle.

They are now in the ring, but still in a animated format.  They see a tv of Enzo in a bedroom with a girl.  They all watch.  This is adult material for sure.  I’ll leave it up to you to watch it.  The alter egos of Romero, Gallows and Anderson are the characters in the cartoon.  I would youtube this cartoon.  This is special.

Back at the bar, D’Amore puts Romero in charge and tells him to not let Gallows drink the bourbon.  They go to break laughing with D’Amore putting arm ringers on Anderson.

Colt Cabana is featured next as Rocky Romero, rap video.  Chico is shown selling shirts on the street corner for money.  He gets run off by the FBI.

The next guest is Vernon Love.  The Elvis impersonator..  D’Amore enters and wonders who thinks Vernon Love is a star.  Gallows supposedly promised stars.  Meanwhile he is chugging bourbon from the bottle.  D’Amore says the Hot Asian Wife will not get paid without stars.

Just then Laser, George North and some guy in a mask show up.   Some more unknowns come in they decide to put them in the ring and let them kill each other.  D’Amore wants the Good Brothers and Rocky should commentate.  LG says they need him to help with commentating.  Everyone appears to be pretty intoxicated at this point.  We go to break.

An outdoor Sex Ferguson commercial is next.  He is apparently a used car salesman when not wrestling.  He is selling an 80s hearse for 5 grand.  He ties it into a story line and how he will win the championship from Chad Too Badd if someone buys the hearse.  LOL

Next we are in the ring with the jobbers.  Vernon Love, Laser, Lariato Man, Scotty Beach, George North.. (His dance with LG is spectacular) and Francisco.  LG says whoever wins could get a contract at Impact Wrestling.  D’Amore is on commentary.. LG is the ring announcer.. D’Amore says no they won’t. lol.

The match is horrible.  I guess it is a battle royal.  It is funny.  Elvis guy is gone quickly.  So is Scotty Beach and Lariato.  All of a sudden, Brian Myers shows up with a toy wrestling ring and hits Laser with it then leaves.  Scotty Beach is back and hitting Laser with a pool noodle.  Laser connects with a dropkick way too good for this match.  Beach connects the noodle to Laser and he gets eliminated.  The noodle is then used by the two other guys and crotches Beach which gets him eliminated.  Out of nowhere, Swinger enters and eliminates the last two guys.  Heath Presley shows up and eliminates the Swing man.  Heath Presley dances in the ring way too long.  The commentary is amazing.  Heath celebrates like he always wanted to when he was in WWE.

Back from break, D’Amore is still saying the brass are still upset because the show isn’t good.  Just then Heath shows up, still in Elvis gear.  He is dancing, but D’Amore and him start arguing about his contract status in Impact.  Heath refers to Gallows and Anderson as Hall and Nash 2.0.  lol  He exits.

LG starts loosening up D’Amore’s vest so he will calm down.  Gallows promises the biggest star in the history of wrestling.  D’Amore stands with his arms folded.  We see a limo.. We see a feathered robe.. Blond Hair!!!   Then the WOOO…  D’Amore looks at him and says.. Who is that?  LG calls him the real Nature Boy.  This the old guy from the last Talkin Shop.. lol

D’Amore says he has a real guest.  Out comes Scott Steiner.  He beats up the Nature Boy imposter.  D’Amore begs teh beating to end.   LG throws up the two sweet…  Steiner flips him off and says he stole it.. Then leaves.

LG picks up the beat up Nature Boy and they feed him Bourbon.  He passes out again.  They all start singing “He is a Grizzled Young Vet” as they end the show.  Everyone is laughing as the cast joins the set.


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