Impact Report 10/20/20

Oct 20, 2020 - by Scott Porter

Impact Wrestling has been one of wrestling’s best kept secrets for months.  Last week was a fantastic episode.  The show tonight begins with a vignette of last week’s highlights.  Swann is still set to wrestle EY for the Impact World Championship, EC3 and Moose’s rivalry over the TNA Championship got bloody last week.  What will happen this week?  Bound For Glory is coming.

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne are on the call to start the show.

Match 1.  Heath VS Rhino VS Alisha VS Hernandez VS Josh Deaner (Winner gets the 20th draw on the Call your shot Gauntlet Match at BFG.  Loser starts the match)

Everyone knows what’s at stake as we get ready for BFG.  Rhino and Heath have their careers at Impact on the line.  Alisha starts the match letting everyone know she is not scared of them.  Hernandez politely places her on the top rope.  The guys all start brawling.  She eventually jumps on Heath’s back and Josh pushes him in the corner crushing her.  Hernandez and Rhino square off in the center of the ring.  Most of the fight is taking place outside of the ring.  Alisha jumps from the top rope and splashes the crowd.  Josh continues to down her at every chance.

Heath and Josh have been all over each other most of the opening minutes.  Alisha is providing the high spots.  Hernandez and Josh begin working together on Rhino, Heath was knocked from the ring.  Alisha was saved this time by Josh as Hernandez was about to powerbomb her.  Rhino accidentally Gore’s Alisha.  Rhino was upset with what happened and he gets pinned by Hernandez.

Winner.  Hernandez

Josh and Madison set up BFG next.  They also recap the huge advantage Hernandez’s win will give him at BFG.  They set up tonight’s card.  What implications will be set up from tonight?

A vignette for Moose and EC3 airs that recaps the last month or so and the build of their blood feud.

Back from break, Jimmy Jacobs does a sit down with Moose.  Jimmy congrats Moose for getting the TNA belt back last week.  Moose gets annoyed right from the beginning and storms off the set.  He wants no part of the interview.  Just then hooded figures grab Jimmy and drag him off the set.  Their faces are shown pulling him into a van.  I don’t recognize them.

Johnny Bravo is shown backstage having a temper tantrum.  He is upset nothing is set up for the wedding rehearsal.  He is yelling at all the guys in the bridal party.   Kaleb with a K shows up and says he is the photographer for the wedding.  Taya shows up and tells him to calm down.  Taya looks confused as Johnny walks off mumbling to himself.   Hopefully she can lend a hand.

Deonna Purrazzo is shown next talking to the camera backstage.  She is talking about being the most important Women’s Champion in wrestling.  She says she is going to be the greatest Knockouts Champion Ever.  She starts talking about herself in the 3rd person.  She then turns her attention to Smiley Kylie.  She says the normally happy, Kylie is now easily triggered.  She says Kylie has lost her personality and therefore, can not beat her.

Josh plugs the Eddie Edwards vs Sami Callahan showdown tonight.

Match 2.  Havok VS Rosemary (If Rosemary wins, Havok will bring Father James Mitchell back from the dead to officiate the wedding of Rosemary and Bravo)

Havok just wants Rosemary to leave her alone.  She is putting her sanity on the line with this match.  Right from the beginning, Havok overpowers Rosemary.  She hits clotheslines, backbreakers, and back elbows to start the match.  Rosemary finally hits a reverse DDT after eating another reverse elbow.  Havok recovers and locks on a bearhug.  Then she hits a back suplex.  Rosemary climbs the ropes and hits a splash for a two count.  The two then trade punches until Rosemary hits two consecutive spears.  After the second Havok is finished and takes the pinfall.

Winner.   Rosemary

Quick match, but it progresses the wedding story line.  I like where this is going.  Fun stuff.  Rosemary has great facial expressions and tells a great story every time in the ring.

Havok is selling the distress of having to bring back James Mitchell.

The tag team story line is progressed in a short vignette.  The North, MCMG’s, Good Brothers and Ace and Fulton are included in the story.

Next they set up the Talk N Shop show, which will apparently air after Impact tonight.

A Kylie Rae interview is aired next.  This is a much more angry and emotional character than we have heard talk in the past.  The breaking of Susie’s arm admittedly has sent her off to a place she hasn’t been before.  Kylie says Deonna has made this about more than the title.

The hooded characters are shown taking a now hooded, Jimmy Jacobs to a warehouse.  They enter and put him in a dark room in a chair.  EC3 sits down next to him.  He basically says it is time to talk…  The segment ends.

EC3 and Jacobs are back..  Jimmy is scared to ask questions, and asks why and where they are there.  Jimmy says what is making him tic?  Is it the black eye he has?  EC3 speaks cryptically.  He talks loudly, then calmly.  He says he has been everywhere, but now he is here to take out the false idol.  He said he saw Moose beat him up and Saturday he will control the narrative.  Moose will learn who he is, when he returns the fight 10 times harder than Moose can.  EC3 says he wants to destroy everything from his past.. especially the TNA World Championship.  That is his purpose.  Jimmy asks what is this all about.  Burning the Title is just his beginning.  (Weird)

Match 3.  Sami Callahan VS Eddie Edwards

Will Shamrock show up?  We will see.  This feud is just entering a new stage because these to have been going at it for the last few years.  They just brawl all over from the outset.  Sami suplexes Eddie on the ramp.  Chops, kicks and eye rakes are the norm in this match.  Sami hits another suplex in the center of the ring for a two count.  Shamrock is still not here.  Sami locks on a rear chin lock.  Eddie gets then tossed into the corner hard.  He is selling the back.  Callahan connects with more methodical chops.  Eddie clotheslines Sami out of the corner.  He hits a step up kick next, then a ranna.  Sami kicks out at two after a Blue Thunder Power Bomb.  He sets up Sami for a Tiger Driver.  Sami fights it off and hits a pump kick, clothesline, power bomb combo.  Good Stuff.

The two are on their knees just headbutting each other.  They work their way to their feet and trade blows strong style.  Eddie finally wins the exchange and hits the Tiger Driver, but Sami kicks out at two and a half…

Eddie sets up the Boston Knee Party.  Sami gets his phone and glitches the lights out.  Shamrock appears and distracts Eddie.  Sami pins Eddie.

Winner.  Sami Callahan

Shamrock post match locks on the ankle lock and makes Eddie scream for mercy.

A vignette for the X Division Championship title picture is shown next.  This will set up a 6 Man Tag later this evening.

Match 4.  Willie Mack, Trey and TJP VS Rohit (X Division Champion), Chris Bey and Jordynne Grace

In my opinion, Grace is the wild card in this match, between the BFG 6 person scramble foes.  Grace is a face and it seems weird with her tagging with Rohit and Bey.

Mack and Rohit start the match.  Rohit is just stalling and runs and tags in Bey.  TJP tags in and he and Bey start quickly.  Mack tags in and suplexes and arm drags Bey all over the ring.  TJP tags in and he works over Bey in the corner, but Rohit interferes and Bey gains an advantage.  Grace tags in and hits 3 standing clotheslines on TJP who falls to the ground.  Bey and Grace tag several times until they finally tag Rohit.  TJP hits a tornado DDT on Bey after Rohit takes a powder.  Trey tags in and he and Rohit are legal.  This match is so fast.  wow..  Everyone enters.  It becomes a spotfest.  Grace hits a spinebuster on Mack.  Rohit tags himself in after Bey hits a cutter.  Bey becomes enraged.  He hits a cutter on Rohit and puts Trey on his partner and they get the pin.

Winner. TJP, Mack and Trey

Next up is a sit down interview segment with World Champion, Eric Young.  Eric is asked what his plans for BFG?

EY says he gave them a path to stay away from him.  Nobody listened.  He is not the problem.  He had a plan, boundaries….  Everyone broke them.  He had to take control of his life and career.  Rich Swann and Scott D’Amore learned the hard way.  He says it should not be hard to understand.  He has a target.  Rich Swann.  He is going to hurt him.  Just then, Rich Swann attacks him from behind.  They fight to the parking lot as we go to commercial.

EY is doing his best work.

Main Event time…

Match 5.  The North (Ethan Page and Josh Alexander) VS The Good Brothers (Gallows and Anderson)

Page and Anderson start off.  Anderson kicks Page in the groin to start the match.  Page falls from the ring.  Alexander checks on him to make sure he is ok.  We quickly go to break.

LG has Josh in their corner and he is laying in stiff shots as we return.  Anderson hits a spinebuster as he enters for a count of two.  LG is back and drops an elbow for a two count.  He then hits headbutt.  He tags in Karl and he does the Steve Austin boot stomp in the corner.  Josh Alexander finally pushes Anderson back to his corner.  Page helps Josh gain an advantage from the outside.  He tags in and hits Anderson several times.  Josh sneaks in without a tag and they double team Anderson as the ref gets caught, keeping LG in his corner.

Anderson fights out of a full nelson, but Alexander twists him into a back breaker and tags Page.  Page poses for the camera and locks on a side headlock.  Anderson gets to his feet, but Page flings him to their corner and they double team, punch Anderson.  Josh tags back in and locks the headlock back on.

Anderson finally hits a desperation spinebuster.  LG tags in and clears Josh from the ring and hits the big boot to Page.  Anderson tags in and sets up the Magic Killer.  Josh breaks it up.  The ref loses control and calls for the bell.


Ace and Fulton hit the ring..  The MCMGs join as well.  This turns into a four way brawl.  The Guns and GBs are in the rings as the show ends..  They try to shake hands, but Anderson hits a cutter and then they hit the Magic Killer on Chris Sabin as the show ends.
















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