Lawyer Behind WWE CTE Lawsuits Loses Appeal

Oct 17, 2020 - by James Walsh

The lawyer who was behind the various CTE-related lawsuits against WWE lost big in an appeal of the case, requiring him to pay WWE’s legal fees and explain his behavior to his clients. Wrestling Inc reports that Konstantine Kyros’ appeal of his recent court loss to WWE was rejected by the US Second Court of Appeals, meaning that he is responsible for WWE’s legal fees in the lawsuit.

Kyros was involved in a number of lawsuits in which he represented former WWE talents in lawsuits which alleged that WWE hid its knowledge about concussion-related damage from its performers. The lawsuits were dismissed in 2018, and the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals put a definitive stamp on the dismissal in September.

WWE had alleged throughout the lawsuits that Kyros was acting unethically, with WWE council Jerry McDevitt alleging previously that Kyros had plagiarized his lawsuit from one filed against the NFL and that the lawsuit had even failed to properly change some terms in the wording from the NFL suit. The dismissal from the Second Court means that Kyros will owe WWE significant money in legal fees; Wrestling Inc reports that WWE is seeking around $560,000 and that the number will rise to include the costs of the hearing to be held in order for the court to establish how much Kyros owes. A hearing date will be set for that next.

The judge also ordered Kyros to send an opinion explaining his dishonest behavior to all of his existing clients, as well as any that contact him in the future.

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