Tracy Smothers posts an update on his health

Oct 16, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Via Facebook:

Had to get admitted into the hospital due to my rapidly growing Nonhodgins Lymphoma tumor on the left side of my stomach.Also,has grown on the right side on my lung an left lung on my back.Fun stuff believe me,lol.They say Fear is the best for of motivation an I believe that to be true.I wrestled 3 different bears an I was petrified when I was young but cancer is more scary than that by far.Its relentless an is always lurking around.Positive attitude helps an CANCER sucks especially w my heart condition.TY to all of my family,friends,etc.who have supported me in this fight cause its another heavyweight an HERE WE GO.Have a good weekend everybody an never give up on LIFE..

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