Impact Report 10/13/20

Oct 13, 2020 - by staff

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne are on the call again for another episode of Impact Wrestling.  The show opens up with a video recap of last weeks show.   What will happen this week?  Here we go!!!  Everyone is included in the vignette which is why Impact is hitting so well now.  Everyone matters… Every storyline is highlighted.

Match 1.  Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie VS Havok and Naveah VS Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz

This grudge match should be fun.  Rosemary and Nevaeh start off for their respective teams.  They both jockey for position, with neither gaining a clear advantage to begin the match.  Rosemary finally slams Neveah in the corner and Taya tags in and hits a Northern Lights Suplex.  Neveah kicks out and pushes Taya in the corner to Havok and makes a tag.  Havok hits some power moves, including a short arm, knee high clothesline, backbreaker combo for a count of two.  Havok throws Taya off the ropes, but Taya blocks is and hits several palm strikes to the face.  Havok shakes it off and Tasha sneaks a tag off her.  We get quick offense by Steelz, and a tag to Hogan.  Taya is in trouble, but fights her way out of Tiera’s corner with thrust kicks and punches.  Taya hits a back suplex on Hogan.  Rosemary tags in and slams Hogan in corner and connects with her go to, Exploder Suplex.  Nevaeh tags in off Rosemary and stomps Hogan in the corner.  Hogan kicks out at two.  Steelz knees Neveah in the back off a whip and tags in.  Hogan and Steelz double team for a count of two on Neveah.  Neveah fights back and hits a face slam.  She tags Havok.  Hogan fights off both Steelz and Hogan.  Rosemary tags herself in as Havok dives to the outside and sets up Steelz on the top rope and pays for it for a second.  She stumbles back.  Steelz jumps from the top rope, but Rosemary catches her and hits a fall away slam for a two count.  The match starts to break down from here.  Valkyrie clears the ring as everyone enters.  She climbs the ropes and takes a absolutely brutal splash to the outside on to a few of the participants.  (They dropped her)  This was brutal.  Steelz is in the ring standing, Rosemary spears her, then hits her finish for the win.

Winners. Taya and Rosemary.

Taya looks ok as she celebrates with Rosemary in the ring.  Havok and Neveah stare Rosemary and Taya down as the segment ends.  Great opening match.

Josh and Madison go over the Bound for Glory card set so far.

Bravo is back complaining about the money of the wedding.  Fallah and Swinger have  a funny exchange about Buddy Landell in the Mid Atlantic territory.  Crazzy Steve interjects with Fallah, which sets up a match between the two.  Bravo says the entire thing is ridiculous.  He has no time for the fighting.  He exits.  Josh Deaner asks everyone if they want to get prepared for the dance number at the wedding, which everyone refuses to do… music hits, and Josh starts swaying his shoulders, with a smirk.  Everyone stops him as the segment ends.

Havok is shown backstage with Rosemary.  Havok is annoyed as usual.  Rosemary tells Havok James Mitchell is the best man to handle the wedding vows.  Havok agrees that if Rosemary beats her in a match next week she will resurrect him from the dead.  If Rosemary wins, Havok will bring him back.

Match 2. Fallah VS Crazzy Steve

Fallah, the best man for Bravo has the money he stole from Hernandez under his shirt, tied to a necklace, as he enters the ring to fight Steve.  Nobody knows he stole the money, that would help pay for the wedding of Bravo and Rosemary except Steve.  Steve wants the ref to check him, but he doesn’t let on what he knows.  Steve acts like Johnny Swinger.  lol.  Fallah attacks him.  Steve is trying to get the shirt off Fallah to expose the money.  Fallah fights him off for several minutes.  Steve climbs Fallah’s back and gets slammed in the corner.  Fallah gets his shirt ripped off.  Fallah screams and gets pinned by Steve.

Winner. Crazzy Steve

Fallah leaves the ring and backs up the ramp.  He is smirking as he holds his necklace, holding the roll of Hernandez’s cash.

Backstage Rhino is talking to Heath.  He says he pulled some strings and said if he wins the Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match at Bound For Glory, Heath gets his terms on the contract.   However, if he or Heath lose, he will not get a contract at all.  Heath smiles and exits for their tag match that Rhino tells him about.  D’Amore enters and asks if he is going to tell him about the other stipulation of the match at BFG?   Rhino says he doesn’t think he needs to tell him about it.  D’Amore reminds him if they both lose, they both lose their contract with Impact.  (Rhino is putting it all on the line for Heath.)

Match 3.  Tenille Dashwood, (w/ Kaleb w/ a K) Tommy Dreamer, Brian Myers, Cody Deaner, and Johnny Swinger VS Hernandez, Cousin Jake Deaner, Alisha Edwards, Rhino, and Heath (Slater)

This crazy 10 person tag match has BFG implications as friends and family fight against enemies and friends.  This should be a wild one.  We are waiting on the BFG implications as they announce the match.  The winning team will all face each other next week.  Apparently the final winner will get some kind of title or special match at BFG.  UPDATE… The ultimate winner will be able to call their shot at BFG.

Swinger and Heath start off the match.  Heath looks massive next to Swinger… but Swinger does some Hindu Squats and decides Tenille should start the match.  Alisha then is tagged in.  Dashwood locks on a rear chin lock and takes Alisha to the mat.  Tenille releases the hold and hits a clothesline.  Deaner tags in and wants to high five Alisha.  She says she has a new friend and tags in Hernandez.  Hernanez then refuses to fight and tags Rhino.  Deaners starts an ECW chant.  lol.

Deaner takes a shoulder blocks off the ropes.  Rhino tags Jake.  The Cousins laugh and tag in Tommy Dreamer.  They start another ECW chant.  Jake takes down Dreamer with a shoulder block.  He then hits a clothesline.  Jake jumps back in and yells at Jake.  Jake tags in Hernandez.  Hernandez clotheslines Tommy, then locks on a bearhug.  Dreamer bites him.  Hernandez drops him and splashes Tommy.  Tommy lunges for a tag, but Myers refuses to take it.  Hernandez makes him tag and tags in Heath.  Heath hits a cutter and high knee on Myers.  Myers hits a face slam and Swinger tags himself in.  Heath hits the Wake Up Call for the win.

Winners.. Heath, Alisha, Jake, Hernandez and Rhino

Sami Callahan and Eddie Edwards come to blows immediately backstage.  Shamrock clips Eddie from nowhere from behind, and locks on the Ankle Lock.  Sami kicks him in the head.  They leave him down and broken.

Jimmy Jacobs interviews World Champion, Eric Young backstage.  EY isn’t concerned if Rich Swann will be ready for BFG.  He asks Jimmy what he thinks will happen to Rich?  Jacobs looks scared for his life.  EY says nobody has dealt with him before, including Rich Swann. EY says he is going to the ring.

Match 4.  Kimber Lee (w/Deonna Purrazzo) VS Kylie Rae 

Kylie looks unbothered by Deonna’s presence at ringside.  Kimber pushes her in the corner, but Kylie quickly hits a tilt a whirl head lock.  Kimber escapes and leaves the ring. Kimber returns and takes a ranna right away.  Kylie is on fire and kicks Kimber in the side of the head.  Kimber goes to the outside ring apron and Kylie follows.  They trade strikes to the chest.  Kimber slips behind, but fails to suplex Kylie to the floor after laying back with all she has.  However, Kylie goes to the floor on her own to fight and gets power bombed to the apron for good measure.

Once back in the ring, Kimber goes to ground and pound mode.  Once she gets to her feet, she rubs the ropes to Kylie’s eyes.  Kimber spends the next few minutes just tying Kylie up in single leg layout crab holds… Kylie reverses the hold briefly, but Kimber escapes and hits a basement clothesline.  Kylie hits a forearm, then a clothesline and back elbow.  She hits the Kylie Special.  Kimber kicks out at two.

Kylie hits a Senton, but Kimber bridges out at two.  Kylie hits a ranna and short arm clothesline.  Deonna goes on the ropes to break up the momentum.  Kylie locks on the STF.  Kimber taps on the Smile to the Finish.

Winner Kylie Rae.  

Deonna attacks post match, but Kylie has none of it and Deonna bails holding the Knockouts Championship.

Match 5.  Gallows (w/ Karl Anderson) VS Fulton (w/ Ace Austin)

Anderson takes the microphone and says they came to Impact to prove they are the best.  (In everything.. They make a long list.)  Gallows says they need the belts to prove that.  They say they will be the tag champions at BFG.

This match starts quick.  Fulton hits Snake Eyes on LG and throws him from the ring.  Gallows pulls Fulton to the outside and they begin to brawl.  They fight all over the arena and get counted out.


The match is then restarted with a no count out clause.. NO DQ.

We come back from break and Fulton has a trash can on LG and he hits the can with a lead pipe.  Fulton enraged, starts yelling at the camera man.  LG recovers.. lol…  drinks a beer and takes a chair from under the ring.  He hits Fulton with it in the ring several times.  Fulton hits a boot to the face.  He spends a few mins pounding on LG while he is on the ground.  He then finds a crutch and chokes him with it.

After slamming LG’s face to the turnbuckle a few times, Fulton sets up a chair in the corner.  He pins LG’s head between the chair and tries to hit it with another chair.  Gallows blocks it and throws Fulton face first into the chair.  He then sets up two seated chairs in the center of the ring and sidewalk slams Fulton into both of them for the win.

Winner. Luke Gallows.

Madison and Josh spend a few minutes talking about the card at BFG.

EY enters the rings with the microphone.  He says it is 11 days before BFG.  He says this world is his.  He says he wants to stay in the ring until someone says Rich Swann quits and will not be able to fight him at BFG.

D’Amore is shown backstage.  His phone rings.  He is talking on the phone.  He says thank you to the person on the phone.  He says he needs to go to the ring as we go to break.  Maybe it was Rich’s DR.

D’Amore enters the ring as we return.  EY addresses Scott first.  He said he needed to show Rich what he already knew.  He says tell us, I have the night off at BFG, right?  D’Amore says you really are proud of yourself.  He says he talked to the Doctor of Rich Swann.  He says EY did additional and substantial damage to the leg of Rich Swann.  EY cuts him off and says he did it out of kindness.

D’Amore looks away.  EY says you work for me now.  He tells D’Amore to finish his statement.  He says he can say Rich Swann can’t compete at BFG.

D’Amore says what happened to you.  (This is good stuff.)  He talks about EY’s time all the way back from his beginnings in Canada.  (When D’Amore was his manager)  He even mentions the time (vaguely) when he worked for a place that didn’t know what to do with him.  He says he was born to wear this belt, but he is basically lost now.

D’Amore then says Rich Swann will be ready at BFG.  EY didn’t do the job.  At this point EY attacks D’Amore and pummels him uncontrollably.  He locks on a leglock and wants to break the leg of Scott D’Amore.

Out of nowhere, Rich Swann appears and double stomps EY.  EY and Scott tumble from the ring.  EY crawls the ramp in complete shock.  Rich picks up the dropped Impact belt and holds it high.

Outside EC3 is holding the TNA Belt on a bridge.  Moose drives up.  EC3 asks if this is what he wants.  Moose tells him to shut the hell up.  He calls himself a Wrestling God.  EC3 says you are not even a wrestler.  He tells him he just copies everyone he likes.  He calls Moose a joke.  EC3 then says he has wanted to destroy the belt, but puts it down and says, cross the line.  Moose attacks EC3 on the bridge.  The two brawl for a few moments until Moose picks up the belt.  Just then EC3 hits him from behind.  Moose goes down.  EC3 asks him who he is.  He says is this the best you got?  He says you’re a father and a husband.  He says it would be funny if it weren’t so sad.  EC3 then steps over Moose, walking away from him.  EC3 is howling like Ric Flair.  Just then, Moose stands and knocks EC3 from his feet.  He pummels EC3 bloody.  He takes the belt and limps off.  EC3 lays a bloody mess laughing as the show ends.

This was a fantastic show.  Do yourself a favor and give Impact a chance.  It is worth it.













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