MLW’s Erick Stevens Retires from the Ring

Oct 12, 2020 - by James Walsh

Erick Stevens is calling it a day on his professional wrestling career. Stevens posted a series of tweets on Sunday making his wrestling retirement official. The ROH alumnus previously retired in 2010 but came back for a final year; his retirement match was originally supposed to take place in April but the pandemic delayed that.

Stevens’ statement can be read in full below:

Tonight is my last night as a professional wrestler. Before I elaborate, please understand that this isn’t an impulsive decision. Nor is it a cliche temporary thing. I always said I’d know when it was time to go. And now is that time. Certainly not the storybook ending I imagined, but this ain’t a storybook.

In spite of the circumstances, I’m happy. I’m grateful. I quit on myself a decade ago and I was lucky enough to get a second chance to live my dream. Most people never get that chance and spend the rest of their lives wondering “what if?”. But I don’t have to.

Because of the support of my incredible family and some generous promoters, I got to drag my old carcass into the ring and go to war with the best and brightest. Even got to tangle with some old friends like [Alex Shelley and Eddie Kingston]. I wasted ten years by quitting on myself. My window to do anything big in this business closed a long time ago. But I’m grateful that I got to once again travel around the US and do what I love. With my family and business obligations, my plate is just too full. I missed my daughter’s first soccer practice this weekend. I don’t want to miss another one.

I can’t dedicate the time I need to perform at my personal standard. My spot on the card, my payday, my airfare – They need to go to somebody else. My time is over. I had my fun. It’s time for me to go. I have loved pro wrestling with every fiber of my being since I was 13 years old. I’ve sacrificed my body, my relationships, my money, my time, and my mind for this. Because that’s what you do for something you love.

That’s what you do for something that makes you feel alive. I’ll miss the shitty venues, the early mornings, the late nights, the airports, the cheers. But more than anything else, I’ll miss my friends.I’m not leaving the way I did in 2010. I’m not bitter. I’m not mad. I’m happy. I’m grateful. And I’ll still be staying in touch with my friends, old and new alike.

Thank you to my wife. Without her, this would not have been possible. Thank you to Absolute Intense Wrestling, Black Label Pro Wrestling, and Beyond Wrestling for believing in me. Thank you to all of my opponents. Thank you to the fans.

He added when a fan said it was likely “another angle” that he tore his ACL on Monday, which pushed his decision when he missed his daughter’s first day of soccer on Saturday:

Tonight is my last night as a professional wrestler.

— Erick Stevens

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