James Storm on His NXT Experience, Says He Likes How They Hold People To Their Characters

Oct 12, 2020 - by James Walsh

James Storm discussed his experience in his brief time NXT and what he saw down while he was there in a new interview with Lucha Libre Online. Storm had a brief run in NXT in 2015, appearing in a couple of appearances late that year before he ultimately opted to return to TNA. You can check out highlights of his thoughts below:

On his NXT experience: “It was really cool to go down there. Because everyone treated with me with respect, from the very top to the guy that hasn’t even made the NXT roster yet, the guys who are still training at the Performance Center. I mean, they have a really good system there and the guys there are really respective of the guys who came before them. It was a lot of fun. And also, to see how they do things there. I mean, it was unreal to see the kind of things they do at the Performance Center.”

On Triple H keeping people to their characters there: “It’s one of those things were Triple H held everyone accountable. And I think that was what was kind of missing at Impact. Guys would just go and do whatever, do their own thing. And with NXT, it wasn’t like that. They were like, ‘This is the character we want you to be. Don’t get off course.’ And I try to tell everybody, ‘When you become a wrestler, you become a character that someone else has written.’ Like, ‘You become part of a movie. You’re the actor; you’re not the director, you’re not the writer. If you want to be that, then sign up for that. But you’re the actor in the play, so go and you have to play this part that they have written for you.’ WWE, they hold their guys accountable, and that’s what needs to be done in professional wrestling.”

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