Update on WWE’s Erik, and a Review of Keith Elliott Greenberg’s Too Sweet book

Oct 6, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

On September 14, his tag team partner Ivar underwent successful surgery to repair a neck injury.

Alan Wojcik Reviews Too Sweet by Keith Elliott Greenberg

In the ashes of WCW/ECW dying came many vibrant promotions. Some from people who worked for WWE/WCW (NWA-TNA co-founded by hall of famer Jeff Jarrett), some who worked for ECW (Ring of Honor co-founded by Rob Feinstein & Gabe Sapolsky) while others came from the mind of wrestling talent (Pro Wrestling Guerilla, Chikara, Shimmer.) Mr. Greenberg takes the reader through all those promotions plus the rise of a group that over took New Japan Pro Wrestling by storm: The Bullet Club (look at the art work for the book if you don’t think they were influential.)

Also outlined is the effect social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) has on wrestling, how the current superstars market themselves online, how the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars Shad Khan and his wrestling crazy son Tony helped the Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes build off the success of their All In pay per view event which drew over 10,000 fans without a TV show to help build the hype, how wrestling was reborn in England and Germany and how All In forced WWE to step up their developmental program (NXT) and make it a third television brand (along with Raw and Smackdown) when All Elite Wrestling was created and their TV show called Wednesday Night Dynamite was announced to be on….that’s right Turner Network Television.

I applaud Mr. Greenberg for making this world wide journey possible for the reader. This is a good book for the wrestling fan that is going stir crazy during the pandemic that has crippled live events across America. Hopefully we will all attend a show in the near future. Thanks go out to Susannah Ames of ECW Press for the opportunity to review this book, which is on sale now through your favorite retailers and online stores.

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