Paige and Zelina Vega Tweet About Unions In the Wake of WWE’s Third Party Ban

Oct 6, 2020 - by James Walsh

Paige made an interesting post about unionism on Monday as news about WWE reportedly taking over Twitch accounts continues to settle in, and Zelina Vega responded. As reported late last week, WWE told talent that they would be taking ownership of all Twitch accounts in four weeks, which has led to a lot of apparent frustration among the roster. Paige and Vega both have Twitch accounts that they’ve used to cultivate their fan bases, and the former posted to Twitter on Monday to say she “Learned a lot about unionism today.”

That prompted a reaction from Vega, who simply posted the thinking emoji and “hmm…” You can see the posts below.

There’s been a lot of talk online about how talent should finally organize in response to recent developments by WWE in regard to third-party platforms. Wrestlers have talked about the need to unionize for years, but only certain individuals and there has never been a concerted effort to do so. Paige and Vega both commented on the new policy in an indirect manner, with Paige saying, “Twitch is MY place what I built with my wonderful fans. A place where people can go and feel some positivity and little bit of normalcy. Fun. Interactive. Non judgemental. Charitable place. I’m proud of what I built with my fan base.”

Vega, in response to that post, had said, “AND helped people (including me) get introduced to what is now my favorite platform filled w/ positive, like minded & amazing people just looking to have fun during hard times in the world. It’s where people support each other and grow together. A family. Always grateful to you. And host charities for people and animals in need. Yesterday we raised enough money to help someone get their cat the surgery they needed to survive. We love what we built and worked hard for.”


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