Impact Report 10/6/20

Oct 6, 2020 - by Scott Porter

A recap of last week’s show airs.  The vignette showcases the stacked tag team scene and Eddie Edwards failed attempt to dethrone Eric Young, the Impact World Champion.  Lastly it shows Rich Swann make the save of a post match attack on Eddie by EY.

Match 1.  Brian Myers VS Tommy Dreamer

The first two times these two met, Myers came out on top.  This will be a respect match for Dreamer.  Dreamer starts off quickly and slams Myers and clotheslines him from the ring.  Dreamer follows him out and slams his head on the apron several times.  Myers then takes a back elbow to the head.  Dreamer misses a chop, and hits the ring post.  Myers uses that moment to suplex Dreamer on the ramp.  Myers gets back in the ring, hoping Dreamer will be counted out.  Tommy beats the 10 count.  Myers jumps on Dreamer and punches him.  He then hits a back suplex for a count of two.  Myers locks on a sleeper next, but Dreamer quickly stands out of the hold and elbows Myers in the midsection.  Dreamer gets tripped coming off the ropes.  Myers then starts pounding on the legs and the back of the neck.  Dreamer stands out and monkey flips Myers.  Myers will have none of that and rolls out and lays the boots on as well as two elbows.  He then goes to a rear chin lock.  Tommy then slams Myers after reversing an Irish Whip into the corner.  Dreamer hits the Dusty elbow and a cutter for a two count.  Myers kicks out and stands up and hits a spin kick to the head of Tommy.  He gets a two count.  Frustrated Myers kicks Dreamer and tries an elbow off the top rope, but misses.  Tommy hits a DDT for a two count.  Tommy misses an elbow off the top.  Myers hits a DDT, but Tommy kicks out of that too!  Myers gets a Kendo Stick.  Dreamer steals it and uses it for a leg sweep.   Myers pleads for mercy, then pokes Dreamer in the eyes and steels the stick.  He hits Dreamer repeatedly and gets DQ’d.

Winner by DQ.  Tommy Dreamer.

Myers continues to pummel Dreamer post match.  Even Scott D’Amore comes out to stop the assault.   Myers walks off in disgust.

A brief rundown of Bound for Glory is set up.  All Championships will be defended on Impact’s biggest card of the year.

Moose is once again shown in the back.  He is looking everywhere for presumably the TNA belt, but we don’t know for sure.

Bravo is shown complaining to the Wrestle House cast the cost of the wedding.  He says he has some bad news.  He needs help.  Fallah say he, as the best man will find the money.  Swinger starts to make fun of Fallah after Fallah leaves.  The Deaners defend Fallah.  Swinger says he and the young boy, (Crazzy Steve) will take them on.  Steve looks at Swinger and says, “Young Boy?  I’m 107.”

Rohit is next shown in the ring.  He wants a new challenger.  Willie Mack is turned down, eventhough Mack won by count out.  Jordynne Grace answers the call.

Match 2.  Jordynne Grace VS Rohit Raju (X Division Champion)

Rohit begins to stall.  Mack stays at ringside and distracts Rohit.  Grace quickly rolls up Rohit and wins the X Division Championship.

Winner Jordynne Grace

… or did she.  Rohit talks to the ref and tells him the Defeat Rohit Challenge was not for the championship this week.  Rohit is still the champion.  This segment was confusing.

D’Amore greets Rohit as he exits the stage.  D’Amore congratulates Rohit for being so giving.  D’Amore then suckers Rohit into a 6 way scramble.  (Bey, Mack, TJP, Trey and Jordynne Grace)  This match will take place at Bound For Glory.

Hernandez is shown with his cash.  Fallah walks up challenges Hernandez to a arm wrestling match.  He then dumps water on Hernandez.  Hernandez was pissed but walked off.  (Did Fallah steel Hernandez money during the exchange to help pay for Bravo’s wedding?)

Match 3.  XXXL VS The Rascalz

The Rascalz are going for consecutive wins after beating XXXL on Saturday at Victory Road.  However, XXXL have bad intensions and absolutely start the match on a tear.  We go to a quick break with both members of the Rascalz out of their backs.

Back from the break, XXXL still is in complete control.  Josh mentions they have had the Rascalz number the entire commercial break.  Acey has Dez draped over the ropes choking him.  He then gives Dez a brutal back suplex.  Larry D tags in slams Dez, stomps his chest and locks on a rear chin lock.  Dez stands out and begins connecting with some punches, but Larry catches Dez off the ropes and tosses him in the air and simply punts him as he fell.  Larry D then throws Dez from the ring, where a waiting Acey tries to help, but Wentz interjects to save his partner.  Dez tries to trade blows with Larry, and that is just enough time to get him to his corner and make a tag.  Wentz hits rapid kicks to the head.  He takes Larry D off his feet and hits a Shooting Star for a two count.  Eventually Larry gets double teamed by the Rascalz.  Acey tries to help, but he hits his partner.  After a Fire Flame, the Rascalz get the pin.

Winners.  The Rascalz

Fallah is shown sneaking in the bathroom.  Hernandez is in the shower.  He then steals the money as well as Hernandez gold chain.

Jimmy Jacobs is with Rich Swann and his doctor.  The doctor says he is ready to go now for Bound For Glory.  Out of nowhere, EY attacks him at the rehab facility.  EY was wearing scrubs.  He throws weights on the injured ankle and tell Rich to stay out of his way.

The Motor City Machine Guns are interviewed.  They talk about their match with Fulton and Ace tonight.  The Good Brothers come out and say they have already beat them.  Then they say they are going to watch their back tonight, but they are going to beat them at Bound For Glory.

Match 4.  Rosemary and Taya VS Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan

This feud has been building for weeks and it will finally be settled.  Taya plants Kiera Hogan to start the match.  Taya looks like a giant next to Kiera and she may as well be.  Kiera is destroyed with splashes in the corner and running knees.  Rosemary tags in and hits a double splash with Taya in the corner to Hogan.  Then she hits a Exploder Suplex on Kiera.  Kiera runs for Steelz who comes in and takes a Rosemary Sidewalk Slam.  Then she hits a Exploder Suplex on Tasha.  Tasha kicks out at two.

Rosemary locks on the Octopus on the outside to Tasha.  Kiera makes the save.  Steelz drags over Rosemary to their corner and makes the tag.  Hogan uses her foot to choke Rosemary, than faceplants her to the bottom turnbuckle.  Kiera then hits a running knee to the face of Rosemary.  Taya yells encouragement.  Steelz tags in and they double team suplex Rosemary.  Rosemary sits up Undertaker style and Steelz runs.  Kiera saves her partner with a kick and Steelz locks on a headlock.  Rosemary back suplexes her out of the hold.  Taya and Kiera tag in.  Taya clears the ring of Steelz and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb on Hogan.  Steelz stops a crab submission on Hogan.  Rosemary takes a superkick by Hogan.  Taya slams her foes together.  Rosemary tags and hits a German on Hogan.  Codebreaker by Steelz on Rosemary is next.  Rosemary then hits a sit out slam and gets the pin on Steelz.

Winners.  Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie

Match 5.  The Deaners VS Johnny Swinger and Crazzy Steve

Steve and Cousin Josh share a beer in the center of the ring.  Steve then gives some beer to his (toy) monkey.  Swinger tags himself in and trades arm twists with Josh.  Cody tags in after they each punch Swinger.  Swinger throws Cody in the corner and mounts him for some punches.  He and Steve argue over a foreign object.  Cody lifts Swinger and gives him an inverted Atomic Drop.  Swinger tries to hits Cody with the fake monkey.  Steve stops him and Cody hits a DDT on Swinger for the win.

Winners.  The Deaners.

A video is shown of Deonna Purrazzo breaking the arm of Susie.  Kylie is interviewed in the back about her friend.  Kylie is totally upset.  Kimber Lee confronts and tells her Susie is bad.. not good and Deonna is going to do the same to her at Bound For Glory.  Kylie attacks Kimber and lays her out.  Kylie stands up and looks shocked at her actions as we go to break.

Scott D’Amore is sitting at the desk Heath to talk about his future with Impact Wrestling.  Heath thanks him for the opportunity.  D’Amore seems excited to talk about his future.  Heath hands Scott a proposal he drafted with his family and his attorney.  Scott says negotiations are always give and take.  Scott says his numbers are way to high.  Scott pushes the offer back at Heath.  Heath says he is bringing eyes to the company.  Scott says you’re good, but he didn’t win an Olympic Gold Medal.  Heath says he wasn’t a jobber on Sunday morning. Scott says he was a jobber every other day.  Scott throws the papers in the air and leaves.  Rhino is waiting outside.  Heath tells him off for making him believe he was wanted at Impact.

EC3 throws the TNA belt off a bridge.  It was a quick vignette.  He tells Moose he has to start over new.

Ken Shamrock is feeling bad in the back about what he did to Eddie Edwards.  Sami makes him feel better about what he did telling him he important again.  Shamrock then attacks someone in the back and beats him to a pulp.

Match 6.  Ace Austin and Madman Fulton VS MCMGs (Impact World Tag Team Champions)

Ace convinces Futon to let him start the match.  Sabin starts for his team.  The two trade arm twists and reverses until Ace hits a beautiful dropkick.  Sabin does the same off the rope and then lands a arm drag.  Sabin tags and they double team Ace with kicks.  Shelley holds the arm for Sabin and they leapfrog onto the waiting arm out stretched arm of Ace.  The tags are quick at this point with the Guns doing vintage move sets to Ace.  Fulton is losing it on the outside, but Shelley is in complete control.  The arm continues to be the the main focus.  Fulton finally tags in and hits Snake Eyes on to his partners knees, with Shelley’s face.  The match momentum changes quickly from here.  Fulton just pummels Shelley repeatedly.  He repeatedly slams Shelley’s head in the corner.  Ace tags and takes over where Fulton left off.  Feed was lost for about 3 mins at this point.

Sabin finally tags in and the match goes back and forth.  Fulton tries for Snake eyes but Shelley save him.  They double kick Fulton, as he was on his knees, then Double Choke Slam him.  That was a cool series of moves.  Ace makes the save, but the champs double team Ace.   I love the reverse facelock, basement dropkick off the ropes set they do.   Fulton gets back to his feat and suplexes both the Guns.  The North then enter the arena with a chair.  The Good Brothers enter and brawl with The North on the floor.  Fulton gets double superkicked by the Guns and then Double Crossbodied for the win.

Winners. The Motor City Machine Guns.

All teams glare at each other as the show ends.








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