The Blade Didn’t Want to be Paired with His Wife “The Bunny” Allie

Oct 5, 2020 - by James Walsh

On a recent episode of AEW Unrestricted, The Blade (from The Butcher and the Blade) explained that he didn’t originally want to be paired with his wife, Allie (the Bunny) in wrestling just because they were a couple. He was afraid she would be forced to be his valet just because its tradition for couples to work together. He says that, after being paired with her anyway, he realized they just clicked.

“That was the first time all three of us have worked together,” Guilmette revealed. “We knew each other for about four years, and then when we initially got together, I was like, ‘hey, I don’t want to be one of those couples who like, ‘oh, now because we’re dating, now you’re my valet for no reason at all.’ But then someone, I think it was actually Squared Circle, ended up booking us together, and it went so well… It was me, Laura (Allie), and referee Jimmy Korderas. They put us together as a single faction and it went so well. It was just like, ‘oh, we’d actually be kind of stupid if we didn’t go with this.”

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