Being The Elite has its own title, Ben Carter on working in AEW for free

Oct 5, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

– In a recent interview Ben Carter said he recently worked several AEW matches for free, because he couldn’t be paid due to his visa status.

On working AEW for free: “It was originally Christopher Daniels that reached out to me on Twitter and e-mail asking, “Would you be interested in coming and working a match or two? Just for us to have a look at you.” I was like, “Yes. Totally. 1000%.” I’m not like a [sits-in]. I talked on the phone with a representative about, “We won’t be able to pay you because it’s illegal. Would you be interested in coming to do it for free?” I’m like, “I don’t care about the money. I’ll do it for free any day.” From there I was like, ‘Sweet, let’s do this.’”

– Being The Elite has its own title.

On the latest episode of Being The Elite, Brandon Cutler arrived at The Young Bucks’ office and introduced the BTE Title, which Cutler says can be defended in any form of competition, not just in wrestling matches. There’s no word on who will be the first titleholder or if the title will only be seen on BTE and not on AEW programming, but Cutler did leave The Young Bucks the belt to decide what to do with the first match for it.

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