Marty Jannetty says he lied to the police

Oct 4, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Former WWE Superstar Marty Jannetty spoke with Devon Nicholson this week for an interview on the Hannibal TV channel.

During the interview, Jannetty talked about the claims (that he later retracted) regarding the murder of a man in the 1970s. During the interview, Jannetty said he was joking and he was trying to set up a storyline but he contradicted that statement by saying that he had to tell the police that he was joking and he actually burned the man after killing him.

Jannetty said, “You know once the police got involved — I don’t wanna say police. Once the GBI which is the Georgia Bureau Of Investigation got involved it got serious and I was just trying to set up a storyline. I have to say that right now because you know it was 40 years ago, and you know what kills me? They don’t care about that 13-year-old getting raped it’s like ‘oh you killed somebody.’ What do you think he was gonna do to me after he raped me?! Because so many rape victims get murdered afterward.

“I was 13-years-old, 13. You know as a grown up or any kids listening to this you say what you think, but when it actually happens, I didn’t expect that reaction. I hit him in the brick, I said it was a brick, it was a piece of concrete thing and you know if you hit someone in the temple — very vulnerable. Evidently, I hit him too hard and he died right there.”

Jannetty said that in hindsight he would have called the police and told them what happened but at that moment, his thought was to get rid of the body.

Jannetty went on to say that he takes issue with people coming down on him when he was the one who was about to get raped. He said that he lied and the person was not dumped into a river.

He said, “me and my nephew poured gasoline on the body and we burned the body up” and “there were so many bone things that we dug a hole and put the bones in there.”

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