Victory Road

Oct 3, 2020 - by Scott Porter

Main Event.  Eddie Edwards challenges Eric Young for the Impact World Heavyweight Championship.

Deonna Purrazzo will defend the Knockouts Championship against Susie.

Tenille Dashwood will settle her best of three series with Jordynne Grace.

Brian Myers will face Hardcore Legend, Tommy Dreamer.

Heath (Slater) and Rhino will face Reno Scum in an Unsanctioned match.

There is no telling what surprises are in store for tonight.  There will be more matches too!   Check back for frequent updates.

Match 1.  XXXL VS the Rascalz

Larry D and Dez start off for their teams.  Larry almost ends the match immediately with a powerbomb.  I apologize for starting a few minutes late.  The stream is having issues already.  Acey tags in and Dez continues to take heavy punishment in the corner.    Larry tags back in and Dez needs to make a tag.  Dez finally makes a comeback with a few good punches to the midsection.  Larry then tries to slam him, but Dez Pele kicks him.  Both get to their feet and Dez makes the tag.  Wentz goes straight to Larry and hits a standing moonsault.  Acey comes in and takes a superkick.  Dez comes back in and this backfires.  Wentz gets knocked down, Larry hits a sidewalk slam and gets a two count.  Dez kicks Larry on the top of the head and hits the Final Flash off the top rope for the win.

Winners.  The Rascalz

The technical difficulties seem to be getting better.  We have lost feed several times, but hopefully it will settle in now and go smoothly.  Fingers crossed.

Josh and Madison are on the call and take a few minutes to go over the card.

Match 2.  Brian Myers VS Tommy Dreamer

It will be teacher vs student in this match.  Myers and Dreamer circle each other and Tommy locks on a headlock, but Myers slips out and hip tosses Dreamer.  Myers mocks Dreamer and then he and Dreamer exchange headlock takedowns and leg scissors.  Dreamer seems determined to beat Myers at scientific wrestling.  He is doing very well, so well that Myers becomes frustrated and breaks the scientific exchange with a stiff kick to the back of the neck.  Immediately Myers move set becomes much more violent.  He gets a few pin attempts, but Dreamer kicks out.  Myers stays in control for several minutes.  Myers begins stomping Dreamer as he just lays on the ground taking it.  Myers goes back to the rear chin lock.  Dreamer begins standing out and lays in a few elbows that knock Myers from the ring.  Dreamer basement Dropkicks Myers who was still on the outside.  Dreamer hits the Dusty Elbow.  Dreamer hits a Sky High, D’Lo Brown’s old move.  Dreamer hits a cutter and gets a two count.  Dreamer can’t believe it.

Myers regains control and goes to the top rope, but Dreamer catches him and throws him off.  Dreamer gets a two count off a DDT, but Myers got his foot on the bottom rope.  Dreamer gets crotched while attempting to perform a move off the top rope.  Myers hits a bigtime clothesline and gets the win.

Winner Brian Myers

Moose is shown asking Scott D’Amore why he is having a match.  D’Amore tells he is facing Trey Miguel.  D’Amore tells him to basically quit being ridiculous and get back to wrestling.

3.  Rohit Raju (X Division Champion) in a Beat Rohit Challenge Match VS Willie Mack

Willie is the surprise opposition for Rohit.  Josh thinks this open challenge will backfire tonight.  Willie hits hurricanrannas and arm drags to start the match.  Rohit bails to the outside.  Rohit hits a leg sweep, but takes a spin kick from Mack off the ropes.  Rohit bails again, but Mack chases him and hits Rohit with a couple palm strikes.  Rohit gets back in the ring and uses the ref’s positioning to gain an advantage.  He is a pretty clever wrestler.  Rohit kicks Mack with several different variations of kicks for a two count.

Rohit locks on a side headlock, that looks much more like a choke.  Rohit then hits a running cutter for a two count.  The champion looks good.  He is talking to himself a lot in the ring, which is funny.  Mack looks out on his feet.  Rohit drags him around the ring in an armbar.  Willie breaks the hold and hits a atomic drop, slam, and leg drop.  Then he hits a Samoan drop and and a standing moonsault for a two count.  This is a really good match.  They are both exhausted.  Mack tries for a Stunner, but Rohit reverses it to an armbar that turns into a crossface.  Mack gets to the ropes, but couldn’t grab them.  Rohit spins him so the ropes are out of reach.  Mack then stands out of the hold.  Rohit hits a running knee and a summersault splash to the corner for a two count.  Rohit climbs the ropes, he misses and Willie hits a pop up elbow for a two count!  Wow.  Good stuff.  The two whip each other around, but eventually knock heads.  Rohit falls out of the ring.  Willie falls in the ring, Rohit fakes injury and gets counted out.

Winner Willie Mack, but still X Division Champion, Rohit

Rohit smiles as we go to an interview in the back.

Sami Callahan and Ken Shamrock are interviewed.  Sami explains why Ken Shamrock attacked Eddie Edwards.  Sami says Ken needs to get back to being the Worlds Most Dangerous Man.  He talks for Shamrock now.  He also mentions everything was Ken’s fault when they were a tag team months ago.  That is over now and Ken is his best friend now.   lol.  This is weird, but interesting.

Kaleb with a K is in the ring.. promoting the next match and Tenille Dashwood.

Match 4.  Tenille Dashwood VS Jordynne Grace

Kaleb introduces Tenille and takes dozens of pictures of her as they wait for Grace to enter the ring.  Grace tied the series 1 to 1 on Tuesday.  This is the rubber match.  Grace locks on a headlock to start.  Grace takes her over and locks on a head scissors.  It should be noted, Grace married ROH wrestler Johnathan Grisham just a day or so ago.  Back to the match, Grace misses a Vader Bomb, after dominating Dashwood with a series of kicks and splashes to the corner.

Grace hits a neck breaker into the ropes on Dashwood.  Funny spot, one of Grace’s hair extensions fell out, and Kaleb took it.  Grace yelled at him.

Grace throws Dashwood into the guard rail.  Grace tries to splash her, but Dashwood moves and Grace is in trouble.  Dashwood slams Grace’s head on the apron and the steel steps.  Kaleb starts taking pictures of Grace.  Grace rolls in the ring and Tenille follows her and hits a elbow to the back of the head a few times.  Tenille then locks on a surfboard submission.  Tenille lays on a few kicks after not submitting Grace.  She tries to set up Grace for a suplex on the top rope.  She then decides to lock her in the Tree of Woe.  Tenille does some major damage to Grace.  She tries to climb the ropes and do a stomp on her, but Grace sits up and flings Dashwood to the ground.

Both get to their feet and Grace hits two slams and a spinebuster for a two count.  Josh wonders when we will see the Grace Driver.  Dashwood connects with a double underhook suplex.  She goes for another suplex that fails.  Grace hits a back elbow and throws her into the post.  Grace hits a Vader Bomb, then locks on a sleeper.  The ref was out of position.  Dashwood gets up and hits her finisher.  It looks like a disaster kick for the win.

Winner.. Tenille Dashwood.

The Motor City Machine Guns are interviewed backstage.  They talk about the Match at Bound for Glory, but they also talk about Alex Shelley’s 4 way match tonight.  He says he is ready to go.

Match 5.  Reno Scum VS Heath and Rhino in an unsanctioned match since Heath is not under contract.

Rhino and Luster start off for their respective teams.  Rhino hits a shoulder block off the ropes.  Luster uses his fists to Rhino to gain a brief advantage.  Rhino gets an armbar and tags Heath.  Heath comes off the top on to the arm.  Luster makes a tag and Heath continues his offense on Adam Thornstone.  Rhino tags back just manhandles Adam.

Thornstone gains an advantage with a thumb to the eye.  Luster tags in and drops a knee to the throat of Heath.  Luster then goes back to the eyes and digs at both of them this time.  Heath can’t quite get to Rhino, but he keeps trying.  Adam hits a beautiful dropkick.  Luster tags in and knocks Rhino off the ring apron.  Heath is just getting butchered.  Reno Scum is making quick tags and pounding the former WWE Tag Champs.

Heath continues to try and make a comeback, but every time Scum stops him.  Heath has been in for over 5 mins.  Heath gets thrown into the ropes and connects with a high knee.  Rhino finally tags in and hits a Gore and suplex on Luster.  Adam breaks up the pin.  Heath tags himself back in and goes to work on Adam.  Luster enters and all 4 are now in the ring.  Heath hits a Wake Up Call and gets the 3 count.

Winner. Heath and Rhino.

Josh wonders if this will be enough to get Heath a contract.

D’Amore greets them in the back.  He invites Heath to meet with him on Tuesday so they can work out a deal.  #Heath4Impact worked.

Match 6. Moose VS Trey Miguel

Josh and Madison both talk about Moose not being ready for this match.  Trey heads out last.  He is all smiles.  Moose is looks very focused despite his confusion.   Trey begins the match running around making Moose miss him.  Trey hits a few kicks, but Moose finally chops Trey and that completely takes Trey off his feet.  Trey eventually stands up and chops Moose.  He then climbs the ropes, but Moose throws him off the top backwards.  The match slows down from here and Moose begins asserting his size difference with heavy kicks and forearm blows.

Moose talks to the camera and tells EC3, Trey is going to get hurt because of him.  He should start a Go Fund Me for him.  For the next several minutes Moose just punishes Trey, while yelling at EC3.

Madison is even wondering if the match should be stopped.  Moose is just destroying Miguel.  Trey keeps getting up, only to be crushed again.  Moose hits a wicked Rock Bottom.  He picks up Trey, but suddenly Trey spins out and hits a Superkick and a basement dropkick.  He then hits a Shinning Wizard.  He launches himself three times on Moose on the outside.  On the 3rd time Moose caught him and he just flings Trey to the barricade.  Just then EC3’s logo is shown on the tron.  Trey then rolls up Moose for the win, while he is confused.

Winner.  Trey

Moose stands up and Says EC3 is in the truck.  He runs outside and goes in the sound truck.  He gets spooked by the being locked in and seeing EC3’s logo everywhere.  He runs out to see the TNA belt surrounded by lit candles.  Just then EC3 takes Moose out and takes the belt as that segment ends.

7.  Ace Austin VS Josh Alexander VS Karl Anderson VS Alex Shelley

All tag members are on the outside.  This match is set up like a 4 way, but only two can be in the ring at once.  You get in by tagging.  Anderson and Shelley start off.  They trade hip tosses and and arm drags and Ace gets tagged in for Anderson.  Shelley gets his legs cut out by Ace as they cross the ropes.  Shelley knees Ace.  Ace takes a backdrop off the ropes.  Shelley tags in Josh.  Josh takes down Ace off and elbow and boots him from the ring.  Fulton protects him on the outside, so he can recover.

Ace re enters and Anderson loudly chopes Ace to tag himself in the match.  Gallows and the North start shoving each other on the outside.  Josh manhandles Karl Anderson once back in.  Josh climbs the ropes and connects with a knee to the back.  Anderson stands up and punches Josh.  Josh tags Ace.  Anderson hits a back elbow and tags Shelley.  Shelley goes bezerk and has an incredible exchange with Ace.  Josh enters and takes a Dragon Leg Screw.

Shelley locks both Ace and Josh in a single leg crab.  Anderson breaks it up, but takes a punch to the face for doing it.  Shelley hits a neck breaker off the apron on Ace.  Fulton pummels Shelley and tosses him back in.  Ace uses his playing cards on the fingers of Shelley.  He then slams Shelley and climbs the ropes.. misses and Shelley hits a snap suplex.  Great series of moves.

Anderson and Josh enter.  Karl hits a Spinebuster for a two count.  Alexander knocks out the ref and all the partners enter the ring.  The ref wakes up and kicks all of the partners out of the ring area.  Security has to come out to make them leave.

All four are in the ring.  Shelley superkicks Anderson, then takes Josh and Ace out who were fighting on the top rope.  He hits a frog splash off the top, but Anderson breaks up the pin on Josh at two.  Anderson hits the Gun Stun on Ace.  Shelley takes a piledriver from Josh Alexander.   Alexander gets the pin.

Winner Josh Alexander.

Backstage Tommy Dreamer attempts to shake Brian Myers hand in the back.  Myers says no thanks.  Dreamer says he will see him Tuesday.

Match 8.  Susie with Kylie Rae VS Deonna Purrazzo (Champion) with Kimber Lee 

Susie has been having a hard time keeping herself together the last few weeks.  Purrazzo backs Susie in the corner.  Madison says she doesn’t wast to see Su Yung.  Purrazzo and Susie exchange armbars to start the match.  Kylie is very supportive on the outside.  Deonna is starting to get the better of the arm holds.  This is no surprise.  Purrazzo is a very good wrestler.  Susie then hits a rollup for a two count.

Susie hits a single leg, drop kick.  Kimber nurses the champion on the outside, but Susie takes both out as she threw herself threw the ropes onto them.  Kylie tells her to go to the top rope.  Purrazzo stops Susie and tosses her off.  Deonna goes back to the work on the arm.  (Kylie has gave some advice that hasn’t worked..  hmmm)

Purrazzo chops Susie in the corner.  Susie sunset flips her way out and follows it up with a a take down.  Purrazzo then comes back with a back elbow.  Purrazzo is getting frustrated.  Kimber Lee hit Susie on the outside.  Purrazzo hits a short arm clothesline.  Purrazzo misses a shoulder block in the corner.  This gives Susie a chance to recover.  She monkey flips Deonna out of a corner.  She then hits the anaracnoranna.  She flashes into Su Yung.  Deonna regains control as Kimber distracts the ref.  The match goes back and forth.  Susie tries for the Panic Switch, but Deonna reverses it.  She then locks on the double arm bar.  Susie gives up.

Winner and still Champion, Deonna Purrazzo.  

Kimber Lee and Purrazzo attack Kylie Rae after the match.  Deonna gets a chair.  Deonna stomps Susie’s arm in the chair and locks her back in the armbar.  Susie is crying on the mat.  Kylie is lying flat.

Match 9.  Impact World Champion, Eric Young VS Eddie Edwards

EY comes out last.  He is wearing his trademark hockey mask.   Eddie has on his leather jacket and baseball hat.

This is going to be a very personal match.  Eddie is not only defending his friend, Rich Swann, but his wife and himself.  Eddie chases EY from the ring.  The two begin brawling on the outside.  EY throws Eddie back in the ring, but Eddie just throws him back out and jumps on him.  EY literally ran in and got clotheslined out of the ring a second later.  This time they landed on the ramp and EY is already cut under the eye.

EY backdrops Eddie on the ramp, as the blood rolls down his face.  Eddie gets slammed into the barricade then the post.

Finally they get in the ring.  Eddie is really taking a lot of punishment in the corner.  EY is doing an amazing job as this lunatic character.  Eddie gets to his feet and pushes EY back and lays in a few chops, but gets backdropped to the ring apron.  The two try to suplex each other, but EY decides to lay Eddie out with a neck breaker off the apron.  Eddie refuses to give up to the ref.

EY knee lifts Eddie back in the ring.  EY works over Eddie in the corner, but Eddie fights out with a running clothesline.  He then hits a step up kick into a backpack stunner.  Cool stuff.

Eddie went to the top, but EY recovered and tied Eddie up in the Tree of Woe.  He butchers Edwards in the corner.  He is really stomping the legs.  Eddie fights back with head butts.  EY drops Eddie on his knee on the apron.  He sprawls to the arena floor.  EY just goes out and goes back to stomping Eddie.  EY ties Eddie’s foot in the barricade and just beats him.  This is great stuff.  Eddie is in pain, but just laughing out of spite.

Back in ring, EY continues to work the bad leg.  EY is using the ropes to his advantage.  Eddie then hits a Russian Leg Sweep and then a ankle lock, but Eddie fights it off.  Eddie then hits a suplex.  He is really selling the leg injury.

Eddie can’t strike quick enough so he and EY trade chops in the center of the ring.  Just when Eddie was gaining momentum, EY hits a stinging forearm that drops Eddie.   Out of know where Eddie stands up and hits the Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count.  Then he hits another for another two count.

Eddie tried for a Tiger Driver, but EY hits a TKO off the reverse.  EY hits a Wheel Barrell into a neck breaker.  He then hits a top rope elbow.  Incredibly Eddie kicks out.

EY goes for a piledriver, Eddie backdrops EY.  He then hits the Tiger Driver.. but EY kicks out at two!

Eddie fails at a Boston Knee Party.  Eddie hits a Blue Thunder Bomb off the top rope for another two count!  WOW

This is the best match I’ve seen by Eddie Edwards.  EY is fantastic.  EY and Eddie fell from the top rope.. Eddie landed knee first.  EY locks on a leg lock.. Eddie escapes and hits the Boston Knee Party.  EY gets his leg on the ropes.  EY hits a piledriver and rolls into a leg lock.  Eddie taps out.

Winner and still Impact World Champion, Eric Young via submission.

Post match, EY grabs a chair to use on Eddie.  A limping Rich Swann makes the save and holds the belt up.  EY stands on the ramp furious as the show ends.


This PPV was a fast paced 10.  Great job again Impact Wrestling.


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