Andrew Yang Not Pleased with the News of WWE’s Taking Over Talents’ Twitch Accounts

Oct 2, 2020 - by James Walsh

Andrew Yang has weighed in on the report that WWE is set to take over ownership of talent’s Twitch streams in four weeks. As previously noted, it was reported earlier this evening that WWE told talent that they would be taking ownership of the Twitch streams owned and operated by talent and that the talent would be getting a financial cut, but it would count against their downside guarantees. Yang, the former Presidential candidate and wrestling fan who has been vocal in calling out WWE for trying to control its roster’s third-party platform use, posted to his Twitter account to react to the news.

Yang wrote:

“This would be infuriating to me if I had spent time building up my social media channels only to have WWE take them over from their ‘independent contractors.’ People are angry and rightfully so.”

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