News and notes from Triple H’s media conference call

Sep 30, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

– The Performance Center is functional again. They want to keep their staff safe, and do a lot of contract tracing. They’re hoping they can isolate things to make it safe for everyone that walks into the building.

– Kushida is ‘turning the corner on why he’s here’ in the words of Triple H.

– Triple H says he’s very confident that Sunday’s card will go ahead unaffected by recent Covid-19 outbreak and the PC is back to being functional. He concedes things could change quickly, of course. But he says they do very extensive contract traces on positive tests.

– HHH asked if there is punishment for those NXT talents that aren’t following protocol and what the message is to them. He doesn’t answer specifically about punishment, but says they discuss the same situational realities that any other industry does.

– Asked about pulling off a UK-based TakeOver before June, Triple H says as soon as they can have talent travel safely and depending on the situation, he would love to do it.

– The plan had been for Kyle O’Reilly to be pushed into the main event, but Triple H says it was expedited a bit due to circumstances.

– HHH says he has no idea what role NXT will play in the upcoming draft and, “like you, I’ll sit back and see the excitement unfold.

– Asked about when they could do some fans in attendance, HHH says they won’t execute something that we don’t feel is safe for their crew, performers, and fans. They are paying attention to what’s opening.

– HHH says he was a big fan of Wade Barrett before he left and was impressed when he first filled in on commentary. He was interested in having him back on different times, but things finally aligned and it worked out. “Remarkable talent in general”

– Triple H says Tegan Nox has already had the required surgery on her ACL.

– Dave Meltzer asks if there has been any talk of NXT moving to Tuesday for more viewers & better demos. HHH is happy where they are, but there are always conversations being had. Says he doesn’t hear about any other company moving from Wednesdays since NXT was there 1st.

(thanks to Sean Ross Sapp, Jon Alba, Alex McCarthy & Wrestling Observer)

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