9/29/20 Impact Report

Sep 29, 2020 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute coverage on this week’s episode of Impact.  This episode promises to be news worthy since it is the go home show before the Victory Road PPV this weekend!  Eddie Edwards is sure to have retribution on his mind as he prepares to face the new Impact World Champion, Eric Young at Victory Road.  Keep up to date on all the happenings right here!

Tonight’s show begins with a vignette recap of last weeks show.  Rohit took advantage of Trey Miguel.  EY’s madness and rage last week is highlighted, and the return of Eddie Edwards.

Match 1.  Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary VS Havok and Nevaeh

The strange friendship of Rosemary and Taya will be put to test again against the heavy hitting team of Havok and Nevaeh.  Rosemary and Havok have no love loss and they want to go at it, but Taya and Nevaeh put them in the corner and start the match.  They jockey for position and trade moves with neither getting an advantage.  They look at each other and decide to both tag in their teammates.  Havok and Rosemary tear into each other.  Rosemary hits a superman punch off the top rope, but takes a stiff kick to the chest.  Havok then goes for a chokeslam, but Rosemary blocks it and tag in Taya.  They take turns splashing Havok in the corner.  Taya gets a two count.  Taya has never been better to Rosemary as a friend then she has been in the last few weeks.  She seems to have turned her attitude around completely.  Meanwhile Havok slams Taya’s back on her knee and picks her up by the hair.  She tags in Nevaeh.  They then double team Taya repeatedly.  Nevaeh locks on a front face lock.  Taya fights to her feat, but Nevaeh gets a two count after a chop to the throat.  Taya reaches for the tag, but to no avail.  Havok tags and hits another backbreaker into a Nevaeh clothesline.  Taya kicks out at two and starts a comeback on Havok.  Taya misses a splash and Havok regains control, but just when Taya was most vulnerable, she slips between Havok’s legs and crawls to Rosemary and makes the tag.  Rosemary hits multiple Slingblades on Havok.  Rosemary locks on the Upsidedown on Havok, then hits a crossbody off the top rope.  All four enter the ring.  Taya hits the Road to Valhalla on Nevaeh and gets the pin.

Winners Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie

Post match the two embrace and raise each others hands in victory.  From behind Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan jump Taya and Rosemary.  Havok and Nevaeh make the save.

The Good Brothers are back telling road stories when the Motor City Machine Guns walk up making fun of the GB for just basically being joke tellers.   The two teams trade verbal jabs as we go to break.

Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee are backstage being interviewed about Kylie Rae.  The interviewer then tells Deonna she will face Susie this Saturday at Victory Road!  Deonna storms off disgusted.

Match 2.  Jordynne Grace VS Tenille Dashwood

Kaleb with a K introduces Tenille, who comes out first in this rematch of last week’s main event.  Kaleb takes photos of Tenille every second of her entrance.  Grace enters flexing for the camera.

Grace trips Dashwood off the ropes and slams Dashwood.  Then Grace repeatedly slams her head into multiple corners.  After laying a few boots to the head, Grace whips Dashwood to the opposite corner.  Kaleb tries to slow the onslaught.  Dashwood ties up Grace on the ropes and drops her body, clotheslining Grace on the rope and flipping her back to the center of the ring.  We go to break.

Dashwood had control the entire break.  She appears to be using a kick based attack.  Kaleb takes a lot of pictures as Dashwood posing, while pulling Grace’s hair.  Tenille connects with a spinning kick and mocks Grace.  After several chops, Tenille gets a two count off a snap mare.  Grace hits a quick jab and kick to the midsection.  She then hits a Vader Bomb for a two count.  Grace seems re-energized!  She hits a nice short arm clothesline.  She misses a Grace Driver then misses a leap off the top rope.  Dashwood ties her up in the ropes and hits a low cross body for a two count.  Kaleb has a tantrum on the outside.  Grace hits a backelbow.  She then locks on a sleeper and Dashwood taps out.

Winner. Jordynne Grace

Moose is shown looking for EC3 in the back.  He enters EC3’s locker room, but he isn’t there… or is he.  Another video is show on the wall with a message.  EC3 says he is going to burn the TNA World Title next week on Impact.  He tells Moose to pay his respects.  Moose looses it.  lol

Back from break, we get a work out video for Rich Swann.  He is doing everything he can to get ready for Bound For Glory on 10/24/20.  His Dr. says he will be ready to go.  They show his scars, but says they are healing amazingly.

Flashback Match.  Madison Rayne VS Gail Kim.  Winner Gail Kim.

Heath (Slater) and Rhino are shown celebrating all the success of #Heath4Impact.  Heath and Rhino get jumped by Reno Scum and they take the money Heath stole from Hernandez last week.  Scum then give it immediately back to Hernandez.

Rhino confronts Scott D’Amore and tells him they were jumped by Reno Scum.  They need a match to even the fight.  D’Amore says Heath doesn’t work at Impact, but they can have a match on Saturday…

Match 3.  Dez and Wentz (The Rascalz) VS The Good Brothers

This is a respect match.  The GB’s basically are telling the Rascalz they are young boys.  (A term used in Japan for young training wrestlers.)  Karl takes on Dez to start the match.  Anderson basically shoves Dez from one end of the ring to the other until Dez had enough.  He tags Wentz, but Anderson just pushes him to Gallows, who tags in and just beats Wentz senseless.  Anderson tags back in and Wentz makes a tag.  Dez comes in with fire and makes some stiff kicks to gain an advantage.  LG tags back in and clotheslines Dez completely into next week.  LG yells he needs a beer.  LG tags Anderson, who stomps Dez in the corner.  Anderson takes Dez to the ground, then goes back tag LG.  Gallows just hammers Dez with elbows.  This is brutal.  Dez barely responds to the refs call to end the match.  He then begins to fight back.  He hits a Bulldog on LG.  Dez makes a tag to Wentz.  clears LG and Penalty Kicks Anderson.  Dez tags back in and they double team Anderson.  Dez gets a two count off a Wentz top rope double stomp to the mid section.  Dez hits a running elbow.  He then tries to leap on LG on the outside.  That was a mistake.  LG catches him and throws him at Wentz.  He then tosses Dez back to Anderson who connects with a awesome Spinebuster.  LG tags back in and they hit the Magic Killer for the win.

Winners.  Gallows and Anderson

The Good Brothers then immediately challenge the MCMG’s for the Tag Team Championships.  Gallows says they will shoot the target they have placed on the MCMG’s backs at Bound For Glory.  They celebrate with a beer post match.

Brian Myers is shown backstage.  He looks down the hallway and sees Tommy Dreamer.  He told Tommy last week that he better not see him.  Well now he sees him.  Dreamer looks at him and they walk towards each other.  Myers tries to hit him, but Dreamer blocks it and Myers begs for Tommy to be a professional. (basically not beat him up.)  Tommy lets go of Myers neck and backs up and says he will see him at Bound For Glory.

Backstage Jordynne Grace confronts Kaleb with a K and Tenille Dashwood.  Dashwood has her back to Grace and is holding her neck in pain.  Kaleb challenges Grace, much to the dismay of Dashwood, based on her facial expression.  LOL.  Grace accepts.  Dashwood says fix it.. meaning her neck, not a match.  They will face each other again this Saturday at Victory Road.

Match 4.  Johnny Swinger VS Fallah Bahh.  Winner gets to be the Best Man for Bravo in his wedding to Rosemary.

The Swing Man Starts early, pushing Fallah in the corner with kicks and punches. Swinger starts to retreat, when Fallah wakes up and has had enough. Bahh hits several thrusts to the chest of Swinger. Fallah then slams him and drops the leg. He only gets a count of two. It should be noted, most of the Wrestle House cast is on the outside. Johnny notices Krazzy Steve’s monkey on the outside and hits Fallah on the head. He then pins Fallah. Bravo, with new found assertion yells at the ref for not seeing the blatant cheating and tells him to restart the match. The bell rings and Fallah knocks Swinger down and then sits on him for the win.

Winner Fallah Bahh

Rohit is interviewed backstage. He claims he is not just the best worker in the ring, he is the smartest. He proved that last week. TJP says he wants the opportunity to face him. Rohit says he, Bey and Trey are not getting a shot.

Swinger complains to Bravo and Bahh that he should be the Best Man. Bravo shuts him down as Fallah smiles with glee. Swinger has a temper tantrum that is brilliant. LOL How this guy never has been on WWE or AEW is just a shame. He deserves the shine he is getting on Impact.

Eddie Edwards makes his way to the ring, still limping. He will face EY for the championship at Victory Road, but for now he wants to know who attacked him last week. Clearly he believes it was EY and tells him to come to the ring so he can beat him. Flashes of light go off, and Sami Callahan is sitting on the stage. Eddie says he is a scumbag. Sami says he is a good guy and he didn’t do it. Sami says he knows who did it and he will show him. Just then Shamrock lays out Eddie in the center of the ring. He unloads on Edwards. Sami stands next to the ring smiling as Shamrock locks on the Anklelock. Eddie screams in pain as the segment ends.

EY has apparently been watch backstage on the monitor. He obviously loves what he just saw. He tells him he either doesn’t have too many friends, or too many enemies. He then turns his attention to Rich Swann. He tells him he will never be the champion.

Susie is backstage staring at the mirror. Kylie walks up and Susie tells her she feels bad she is fighting for the championship on Saturday. Kylie assures her she hopes she wins and would love to have a match with her if she wins the belt. In fact Kylie bought her kick pads for her shins for her title match. Kylie exits and Susie stares at the mirror and crossly, saying your time has come…

Match 5. The North VS Ace Austin and Madman Fulton

The longest reigning champs head out first. They are determined to regain their past glory and want to use this match to gain momentum. Ace and Madman head out next. This new team have been a force and they are hunger to prove their place.

Fulton and Page start off. Page is tossed to the ground with ease. Page leaps on the back of Fulton with a headlock. Fulton backs him into the corner, then runs to the other side with Snake Eyes on Page. Page runs for his life, until Alexander work together to beat on Fulton. Josh then goes back in with Fulton, but Fulton’s strength is too much. He tilt a whirls Josh and tags Ace. Ace is an uber talented heel if you have never seen him. He handles Josh with chain wrestling moves and backs him back to the corner and tags Fulton back in. Fulton slams Josh’s head to the turnbuckle several times. Josh goes to his knees, Fulton just slams him to the lower cornerbuckle until he crumbles. Ace tags in, and Page gets Ace from behind giving Josh the time to recover. They double team Ace from there. Page stomps on Ace. Ace is now trapped in The North’s corner. For several minutes they stomp Ace with quick tags. Page takes Ace off his feet with a headlock. Ace struggles to his feet, from there they trade knees until Ace hits a dropkick. Ace and Page make a tag. Fulton takes a few forearms to the face, but Fulton hits a slam. Then Josh hits a back suplex. Ace and Page tag back in. Ace hits a spin kick. Then Ace hits a spinning leg drop off the top rope. Ace climbs Fulton and splashes Alexander off the big man. Page knocks down Fulton and the two double throw Ace off the top rope. The North then Double Clothesline Fulton out of the ring. Ace struggles to his feet, and somehow Fulton starts to climb back into the ring. Page whips Josh into Fulton, both exit the ring. Page turns to Ace as Josh climbs back in the ring. Ace misses a spin kick off the top rope and The North hit repeated kicks to the face of Ace. This is really good stuff. They hit the finish and Ace is pinned.

Winners.. The North

The Good Brothers head to the ring… They enter to confront The North.   Just then Ace and Fulton jump the GB from behind. The MCMGs enter and all 4 teams brawl all over the arena as the show ends.

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