Clash of Champions

Sep 27, 2020 - by Staff

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– The 2020 WWE Clash of Champions Kickoff pre-show opens up from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida as Charly Caruso welcomes us. She’s joined by WWE Hall of Famers JBL and Booker T, and Peter Rosenberg. Charly confirms that Nikki Cross vs. SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley will not happen tonight, and The Riott Squad vs. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax has also been scrapped. She says Cross, Jax and Baszler are not medically cleared to compete. Bayley will address her match on tonight’s pay-per-view, but the tag team match will be addressed during tomorrow’s RAW. Charly also announces that the Triple Threat Ladder Match for the WWE Intercontinental Title will open tonight’s pay-per-view. The panel looks at a video package for Jey Uso vs. WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. The panel discusses the match next. Booker picks Jey to win but JBL and Rosenberg go with Reigns. Rosenberg says he’s pulling for Jey though.

Kayla Braxton is backstage in the Champion’s Lounge with SmackDown Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura. They’re already celebrating their win over The Lucha House Party tonight, with champagne and everything. She asks if the celebration is a little premature but they’re not trying to hear it. Nakamura ends up telling Kayla to show herself the door. Back from a break and the panel discusses tonight’s WWE United States Title match. MVP joins the panel from backstage now. He talks about how business is good for The Hurt Business and Apollo Crews isn’t getting in their way. Regarding the future for the group, he talks about expanding, possibly going into other countries, and winning more gold. WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth comes out with a play off the “Gold Rush” name, and JBL calls it the dumbest thing he’s ever seen. Charly warns Truth that his title could be on the line tonight. He says they will have to find him first. Truth puts his disguise back on and leaves. Alyse Ashton is backstage with Angel Garza and Andrade, asking how they will make it tonight without Zelina Vega in their corner. Garza talks about being weighed down and others causing their problems. Andrade talks about how they have each other’s backs. They end up leaving but not before Garza flirts some with Alyse.

Charly sends us to a video package on tonight’s opener, the Intercontinental Title Ladder Match. We go back to the panel for a discussion on the match but here comes Sami Zayn, ranting at Charly about why she referred to Jeff Hardy as the champion. He says he attended the production meeting this morning and made sure everyone got the memo to refer to him as champion. Charly says Jeff is the real champion right now. Sami continues ranting about how he’s the rightful champion. Sami has words with everyone on the panel and says he’s leaving to get ready but they threw him off his game and if he loses, it’s their fault and he’s coming for payback. He storms off and Charly sends us to the ring.

SmackDown Tag Team Titles Match: Lucha House Party vs. Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura

We go to ringside as Michael Cole welcomes us. He’s joined by Corey Graves. Out first comes Lucha House Party – Kalisto and Lince Dorado with Gran Metalik. Greg Hamilton does the introductions. Out next are SmackDown Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura. Cesaro starts off with Dorado and they go into the corner, then back out. Cesaro overpowers and slams Dorado, then kicks him in the back.

Cesaro continues to overpower. Dorado sends Cesaro flying and then dropkicks. Kalisto tags in and they double team Cesaro for a 2 count. Cesaro and Kalisto go at it now. Kalisto counters and gets a Sleeper hold applied. Cesaro rams Kalisto back into the corner to break it. Kalisto keeps fighting and hits a big hurricanrana out of the corner. Dorado tags in and nails a missile dropkick from the top. Nakamura tags in and unloads on Dorado but he fights back. Nakamura runs into a boot in the corner. Dorado goes to the top but Nakamura kicks him off, sending him out to the floor.

Nakamura follows and brings Dorado back to the apron, nailing a high knee to the face. Nakamura brings it back in and takes Dorado to the corner. Cesaro tags in and unloads on Dorado in the corner. The champs dominate Dorado with quick tags near their corner now. Nakamura unloads with kicks and drops Dorado for another 2 count. Nakamura with a boot to the throat in the corner now. Nakamura with boots to the head while Dorado is down in the corner. Cesaro keeps control and grounds Dorado now.

Dorado fights back and hits a big Sunset Bomb for a close 2 count. Cesaro comes right back with a huge kick for a close 2 count. More back and forth now. Dorado looks to make a comeback and a tag but Cesaro knocks Kalisto off the apron with a big boot. Cesaro and Nakamura end up hitting another big double team on Dorado for a 2 count. Nakamura drives knees into Dorado while he’s down now. Dorado kicks out at 2.

Cesaro tags back in and rocks Dorado in the corner with an uppercut. Dorado keeps fighting but Cesaro stops the tag. Dorado finally makes the tag. Kalisto flies with a crossbody to Cesaro. They tangle and Kalisto nails a big DDT off the counter. Cesaro kicks out at 2 as Nakamura rushes in with a kick. Nakamura catches Dorado’s springboard Stunner. Dorado ends up sending Nakamura out after a Backstabber. Kalisto fights Cesaro off and sends him out. Kalisto flies out with a DDT attempt but Cesaro catches him. Dorado follows up and turns it into a tornado DDT. Kalisto and Dorado are working together now as Metalik directs them at ringside.

Kalisto brings Cesaro in and hits a moonsault from the middle rope. Dorado tags in with a middle rope moonsault of his own. Kalisto tags right back in and hits a top rope moonsault now. Cesaro kicks out at 2. Kalisto and Cesaro tangle some more. Nakamura pulls Dorado off the apron and launches him into the barrier, then dumps him over the barrier into the virtual crowd with an Exploder. Kalisto tries to roll Cesaro in the ring but Cesaro overpowers. Kalisto keeps fighting and rolls him for a close 2 count. Cesaro blocks Salida del Sol as Nakamura tags in. Cesaro with an uppercut. Cesaro with the Cesaro Swing to launch Kalisto into Nakamura’s Kinshasa. Nakamura covers for the pin to retain.

Winners: Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura

– After the match, Cesaro and Nakamura stand tall as their music hits. We go to replays. The champs head to the back as there appears to be some tension among Lucha House Party at ringside.

– Back from a break and the panel discusses tonight’s Ambulance Match for the WWE Title. JBL and Booker believe Randy Orton will capture the title from Drew McIntyre. Rosenberg agrees. We see crew members setting up several ladders around the ringside area. We also see WWE Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy backstage warming up. That’s it for the Kickoff.

– The 2020 WWE “Clash of Champions: Gold Rush” pay-per-view opens up with a video package, narrated by John Cena.

– We’re live from WWE ThunderDome in the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida as the pyro explodes in the arena. Michael Cole welcomes us as fans chant in the virtual crowd. Cole is joined at ringside by Corey Graves.

Winner Takes All Ladder Match for the WWE Intercontinental Title: Sami Zayn vs. AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy

We go right to the ring and Greg Hamilton has the mic, explaining that the winner of tonight’s opener must retrieve both Intercontinental Title belts hanging above the ring. Out first comes AJ Styles to mostly boos. AJ looks up at both belts hanging above the ring. Out next comes Sami Zayn, who claims to be the real champion after being stripped of the title earlier this year due to his hiatus. Current WWE Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy is out last.

The bell rings and they all argue while looking up at the titles. AJ attacks Sami to start. Hardy gets involved and works on both, whipping Sami into AJ in the corner to drop them both. Hardy keeps control and rolls to the floor for a ladder. Hardy brings the ladder to the apron but AJ baseball slides it into his ribs. AJ launches himself over the top to the floor, dropping Hardy with a big right hand. AJ grabs the ladder but Sami kicks him in the face from the apron. Sami with a big springboard moonsault to AJ on the floor. They’re all down on the floor now and Sami clutches his knee.

Sami drops AJ and Hardy with ladder shots at ringside. Sam brings in a ladder but Hardy stops him from standing it up. The ladder is leaning against the ropes now. Hardy ends up back-dropping Sami onto the ladder for a pop. AJ ends up sending Hardy onto an upside down ladder, breaking the steel supports. AJ launches Sami into a ladder leaning in the corner now. Sami hits hard and bounces to the mat. AJ goes to the floor for a ladder and slides it in. AJ comes back in and stomps Hardy while he’s down. AJ stands a ladder up under the titles. AJ starts climbing but Sami grabs his leg, pulling him off. AJ ducks a shot and drops Sami with a pele kick.

AJ re-positions the ladder and starts climbing. Hardy rolls in and meets AJ on the other side of the ladder. They trade shots high up in the air. AJ tosses Hardy to the floor on his shoulder, he lands hard. AJ is close to the belts now but Hardy comes right back up and grabs his legs. Hardy drags AJ down the ladder but AJ unloads with strikes. Hardy with the inverted Atomic Drop. The WWE Network is skipping around but it looks like Hardy has dropped AJ with strikes. Fans clap as Hardy struggles to get back up, as does AJ. Sami runs over and tosses Hardy to the floor, then decks AJ. Sami starts climbing the ladder but AJ grabs him from behind and pulls him down. Sami counters AJ and nails a big Exploder suplex into the leaning ladder in the corner. AJ lands hard and sells the pain, rolling to the floor for a breather next to Hardy, who is also down on the outside.

Sami is left alone in the ring now. Sami climbs and reaches the titles but Hardy pulls him down. Hardy sends Sami to the floor but Sami pulls him out, sending him into the barrier and a ladder. AJ drops Sami with a right hand at ringside. AJ rocks Hardy, sending him into a standing ladder at ringside now. AJ goes back over and kicks Sami while he’s down. AJ runs and leaps off the steel steps at Hardy but Hardy moves and AJ hits the barrier ribs-first. Hardy now runs and leaps off the steps, hitting Poetry In Motion to AJ at ringside. Sami follows up with a Helluva Kick, sending Hardy over the barrier in the crowd. Fans boo.

Sami comes back in and climbs the ladder for the titles but AJ, from the floor, launches a smaller ladder like a spear, into Sami on the standing ladder. Sami may have injured some fingers there, trying to block the ladder javelin, but he falls to the mat. AJ comes in and climbs for the titles now. Hardy starts climbing the other side of the ladder. They trade shots at the top of the ladder. The ladder tips and falls over. AJ falls to the floor, Hardy also lands bad. The ladder looked like it was going to hit Sami in the corner but he’s safe after getting his knees up. Sami climbs up for the titles now. Hardy grabs his leg but Sami kicks at him. Sami keeps going for the title but AJ springboards in from the apron. Hardy shoves the ladder over and that also knocks AJ out of the air. Sami escaped once again without getting hit. Sami stands the ladder back up and starts climbing.

Hardy kicks Sami off the ladder and drops him with a Twist of Fate. Hardy climbs the ladder for the titles now. He kicks AJ away. Hardy touches the titles but Sami starts tipping the ladder over. Hardy slides down the other side of the ladder but Sami pushes it over into the corner and Hardy lands hard on the outside of the ring. The referee checks on Hardy. The ladder is mangled, says Graves. Sami grabs a ladder from in front of the announce table but AJ rocks him. AJ slams Sami’s face into the announce table. The replay shows how bad the fall was for Hardy again as he was sandwiched in between the ladder and the apron. Sami decks AJ and sends him face-first into the ring post.

Sami bridges a ladder from the apron to the announce table now. He grabs AJ but AJ fights back, slamming him face-first into the table again. AJ gets on top pf the announce table and nails the moonsault into the reverse DDT, dropping Sami hard on the floor. AJ grabs Sami again and lays him on top of the ladder bridge but it slides off. AJ slams Sami on top of the announce table instead. AJ re-positions the ladder bridge from the announce table to the apron, then puts Sami back on top of it. Hardy runs over with a ladder shot to AJ’s face. Sami is still laying out on the ladder bridge. Hardy stands up a ladder at ringside, next to the ladder bridge with Sami on it. Hardy climbs the tall ladder as the crowd cheers him on. Hardy leaps from the tall ladder, hitting a huge Swanton Bomb through Sami and the ladder bridge. Sami, Hardy and ladder pieces are all laid out together in front of the announce table after the huge spot. Sami and Hardy yell out in pain as referees check on them.

Hardy quickly gets up and keeps at it on AJ. AJ runs over and rams a ladder into Hardy’s chest as he was trying to bring a ladder in the ring. AJ returns to the ring and stands a ladder up under the titles. Hardy and Sami are both down on the floor still. Hardy runs in and shoves the ladder over, sending AJ to the mat in the corner. Fans chant “this is awesome!” now. Sami is slowly getting to his feet at ringside. The Network buffers some more and we’re missing the action. After a Network reset, we see Sami clamping a handcuff to Hardy’s piercing at ringside. He handcuffs Hardy to the legs of a ladder, by his ear. Sami brings another ladder into the ring where AJ is. Hardy is trying to get the handcuff off his ear.

Sami tries to handcuff AJ to the rope now but AJ resists. Sami stands a ladder up under the belts and goes back to AJ to try and cuff him. AJ fights back as Sami taunts him. AJ sends Sami face-first into the ladder. AJ with a suplex. AJ stands up but sees that Sami has handcuffed himself to AJ now. AJ stomps away on Sami as Sami smiles and laughs at the cuffing. AJ tries to climb the ladder but Sami is just dead weight, anchoring him down. Hardy is back to his feet at ringside, and his ear lobe is still cuffed to the ladder, but he’s trying to bring the ladder in the ring.

AJ climbs the ladder with Sami on his shoulders now. Hardy brings the ladder in the ring now, the one cuffed to his ear lobe. Sami pulls the cuff key out and starts unhooking himself while AJ fights with Hardy. Sami unlocks the cuff and slides free, then cuffs AJ to the ladder. Sami climbs up the other side of the ladder now. Sami grabs the titles and retrieves them for the win, just as Hardy made his way over to stop him but it was too late.

Winner and New Undisputed WWE Intercontinental Champion: Sami Zayn

– After the match, Zayn starts celebrating with the titles as Hardy tries to get his ear lobe free. The music hits and we go to replays. Kayla Braxton interviews Sami on the stage but he cuts her off and declares himself “And Still!” the WWE Intercontinental Champion. We see AJ and Hardy trying to recover in the ring. Sami raises both titles in the air and heads to the back.

– We see the Kickoff appearance by WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth. We see Truth backstage now, being careful. He enters the referee’s room but gets called out by referees. Drew Gulak ends up rolling Truth up for the pin to become the new WWE 24/7 Champion. Gulak runs off with the title.

– We get a look at the new WWE Chronicle episode on Jey Uso.

RAW Women’s Title Match: Zelina Vega vs. Asuka

We go back to the ring as Tom Phillips, Samoa Joe and Byron Saxton welcome us. Zelina Vega is out first, followed by RAW Women’s Champion Asuka. Asuka gets pyro as she poses in the ring.

The bell rings and Asuka strikes first, then taunts Vega. They go at it and Asuka tries for quick pin attempts. Vega with a shot to the arm that surprises Asuka. They trade holds now. Asuka goes for an arm bar but it’s not enough as Vega fights off. More back and forth now. Asuka sends Vega to the apron and then knocks her to the floor with a Hip Attack.

Asuka follows but Vega sends her arm-first into the steel ring steps. Vega brings it back in and unloads in the corner as the referee warns her. Asuka fights Vega off. Vega with a kick to the face. Vega goes on and covers Asuka but she kicks out at 2. Vega keeps Asuka grounded now. Vega with another submission attempt and a 2 count. Asuka counters and goes for the Asuka Lock but Vega fights her off. They go back to the floor and trade counters. Asuka brings them back to their feet, still going for the Asuka Lock. It’s broken and Vega fights in from the apron now. Asuka goes for a Hip Attack but gets stuck in the ropes as Vega moves. Vega goes right into a submission on the ropes now. Vega goes for the hurricanrana from the top but Asuka blocks it, Vega counters and sends her flying. Vega keeps fighting and gets another close 2 count.

Vega can’t believe Asuka kicked out. The Backstabber is blocked. Vega ends up landing a big kick but Asuka still kicks out at 2. Vega is angry. Asuka catches another kick attempt and they tangle some more. Vega with two close pin attempts in a row. Asuka goes right into the Asuka Lock on the mat, forcing Vega to quickly tap out.

Winner: Asuka

– After the match, Asuka stands tall with the title as her music hits. We go to replays. Charly Caruso interviews Asuka in the ring, and asks about Vega putting up a fight. Asuka says Vega is like a firecracker – small but dangerous, but she was not ready for Asuka tonight. Vega is on her feet now. Asuka extends her hand for a shake but Vega shakes her head no. Vega does a bow to Asuka as a show of respect instead. Asuka bows back but Vega kicks her. Vega exits the ring as Asuka recovers and starts yelling at her from the ring. Asuka yells in Japanese for a minute or two, then raises the title as her music hits. Vega yells back from the stage, saying this is not over.

WWE United States Title Match: Apollo Crews vs. Bobby Lashley

Back from a break and out first comes Apollo Crews with Ricochet for the next match. WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley is out next, representing The Hurt Business. MVP is with him. Shelton Benjamin also came out but left to the back.

The bell rings and they go at it. Lashley quickly takes Crews down for a quick pin attempt and taunts him. They go back and forth now. They end up on the floor and Crews rocks Lashley. Lashley tries to bring Crews in from the apron but Crews nails a kick to the head. Crews with a crossbody from the top but Lashley easily kicks out at 2. Ricochet cheers Crews on as h e fights Lashley in the corner. Lashley blocks a shot from the corner and drops Crews with a Flatliner for a close 2 count.

MVP taunts Crews while he’s leaning against the ropes as Lashley keeps control. Lashley unloads on Crews with right hands in the corner now. Lashley with a suplex for another 2 count. They end up on the floor again with Lashley in control. Lashley tries to drive Crews into the ring post but Crews slides out and shoves Lashley face-first into the post. MVP comes over to cheer Lashley on as the referee counts. Crews makes it in first at the 7 count, then Lashley. Crews starts mounting offense as Lashley gets to his feet.

Crews with a splash and more offense in the corner. Lashley with a back kick but Crews knocks him out of the ring with an elbow. Crews flies and takes Lashley down on the floor again. Crews rolls Lashley back in the ring and goes to the top. Crews leaps but rolls through as Lashley charges. Crews with a big kick to the head but Lashley is still standing. Crews barely presses Lashley and drops him, then hits the standing moonsault for a close 2 count.

Crews goes back to the top but Lashley rocks him and punches him a few times. Lashley climbs up for the superplex and hits it. Lashley crawls over for the pin but Crews kicks out just in time. Crews blocks a slam and hits a standing Shooting Star Press. Crews goes back to the top and hits the big Frogsplash but Lashley kicks out. Ricochet can’t believe it and MVP is relieved. Lashley and Crews both get back to their feet now. Lashley catches Crews and drives him hard into the mat. Lashley follows up with The Hurt Lock and Crews quickly taps for the finish.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

– After the match, the music hits as Lashley and MVP stand tall in the ring. We go to replays. Ricochet helps Crews up the ramp as Lashley taunts from the ring.

– We get a promo for next Sunday’s WWE NXT “Takeover: 31” event.

RAW Tag Team Titles Match: Andrade and Angel Garza vs. The Street Profits

Back from another break and out first comes Andrade and Angel Garza. RAW Tag Team Champions The Street Profits are out next – Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins.

Dawkins and Andrade start things off, going at it back & forth. They trade holds and Andrade sends Dawkins into the corner with knee strikes. Garza tags in and grounds Dawkins. Andrade is back in but Dawkins levels him with a big shoulder. Dawkins runs and leaps over Andrade, then nails a big dropkick. Ford tags in for a big dropkick of his own. Garza comes in but Ford also dropkicks him. Andrade nails Ford from the side and he goes down.

Garza ends up yanking his pants off after a big kick as they take control of the match. Garza grounds Ford while Andrade tags in and hits a big dropkick from the top. Andrade ends up holding Ford from the floor while Garza runs and delivers a big knee to the face. Ford kicks out at 2. Garza grounds Ford now. Garza with knees to the ribs now before grounding Ford again. They keep control until Ford gets an opening. Dawkins and Andrade tag in at the same tie. Dawkins runs wild on Andrade. Garza runs in but Dawkins plants him face-first. Dawkins slams Andrade on his back again, then celebrates some

Dawkins with a big spinning splash in the corner to Andrade. Andrade comes right back with a dropkick to the face as Dawkins started to run the ropes. Andrade misses the double knees in the corner as Dawkins moves. Dawkins with a Spinebuster to Andrade. Garza is legal as he nails Dawkins from behind, sending him to the floor. Ford is also legal as Garza has him on the top and they trade shots. They tangle but Garza nails a big Spanish Fly from the top. Ford still kicks out at 2. More back and forth between the two teams now. Garza drops Ford with a big knee to the face.

Andrade comes in and hits the running double knees to Ford in the corner. Ford kicks out at 2. Ford ends up blocking the Hammerlock DDT and dropping Andrade. Dawkins tags in and hits the big Spinebuster on Andrade. Dawkins holds it for the pin but there’s some confusion. Andrade kicks out but it’s hard to tell what the referee called. The bell rings and The Profits retain.

Winners: The Street Profits

– After the match, everyone seems confused but the music hits and The Street Profits start celebrating. We get a replay that shows there was definitely some controversy with the finish, and Cole agrees. We see trainers and Garza checking on Andrade at ringside. The Profits head to the back with their titles in the air.

– We get a promo for the WWE Draft, which begins on the October 9 SmackDown and ends on the October 12 RAW.

– Kayla is backstage with WWE 24/7 Champion Drew Gulak now. He says he wasn’t scheduled for tonight’s show but has a coach, he always has to be ready, so he was backstage warming up when he saw R-Truth and got the pin to win the title. He jokes about dedicating the win to Akira Tozawa, who was eaten by a shark last week. R-Truth sneaks up from behind and decks Gulak, then rolls him up for the pin to win the title back.

– Cole and Graves talk about Connor’s Cure and Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month.

– We go back to the ring and out comes SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley. She’s carrying a steel chair, and stops to raise it on the ramp as the pyro goes off.

Bayley places her title in the chair and takes the mic. She says it sucks that Nikki Cross is unable to compete tonight. She was looking forward to Cross proving the world wrong and beating her because she doesn’t have Sasha Banks in her corner. Bayley goes on mocking Cross and says she even got new gear for her tonight. Bayley says she’s our role model and will not let us down tonight. She’s extending an offer for anyone on SmackDown to come challenge for her title. No one comes in the few seconds since she made the offer, so Bayley calls for the referee to come in and declare her the winner. The music finally hits and out comes RAW Women’s Champion Asuka to a big pop.

SmackDown Women’s Title Match: RAW Women’s Champion Asuka vs. Bayley

Asuka rushes the ring and ducks Bayley as the bell rings. Asuka keeps going and hits a Hip Attack in the corner. Bayley fights off a German suplex. Asuka ends up hitting the German after tangling. Bayley goes to the floor to regroup after the quick start. Cole confirms that Bayley’s title is on the line.

Bayley comes back in but Asuka immediately dropkicks her, then nails a Hip Attack for 2. Asuka with the arm bar now in the middle of the ring. counters some more and finally gets some offense of her own in. Bayley with a back suplex for a 2 count. Bayley kicks Asuka around now, working her over against the ropes as the referee counts. Bayley charges with another shot in the corner but Asuka still kicks out.

Bayley talks trash and continues focusing on the arm. Bayley drops Asuka by her arm. Bayley goes to the second rope and comes off but because she was distracted by trash talking Cole, Asuka catches her with knees to the face. Bayley goes to the floor for a breather, then dodges a kick from the apron and pulls Asuka to the floor by her leg. Bayley slides out but misses and Asuka drops her on the floor. Asuka with a German suplex on the floor. Bayley ends up hitting Asuka with a steel chair on the outside and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner by DQ: Asuka

– After the bell, Bayley delivers another chair shot over the back. Bayley is announced as the champion. Sasha Banks suddenly appears, still wearing a neck brace, but she nails Bayley over the back with a steel chair to drop her. The crowd pops for Banks. Banks kicks Bayley in the face and starts beating on her at ringside. Banks stops to clutch her own neck as she’s in pain. Bayley grabs Banks and brings her in the ring, stopping to yell at Cole. Bayley slides a steel chair in and then brings a kendo stick in. Bayley stands the chair up and grabs another chair from the corner. Bayley stalks Banks but Banks kicks her leg out and she goes down. Banks grabs the kendo stick and unloads on Bayley with it, beating her around the ring. Bayley crawls for a chair but Banks steps on it to stop her. Banks grabs the chair and backs Bayley into the ropes. She swings the chair but Bayley retreats to the floor to avoid it. Banks sells the neck injury as her music hits. She looks on from the ring as Bayley takes her title and heads up the ramp. We go to replays. Banks stands tall in the ring, holding her neck. Bayley stares back from the stage, clutching her title.

– We get a promo for tonight’s Ambulance Match.

Ambulance Match for the WWE Title: Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre

We go back to the ring and out first comes Randy Orton. He stops and checks out the ambulance next to the stage area. Out next comes WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Drew hits the ring and stares out at Orton, raising the WWE Title as pyro goes off. We get formal ring introductions from Mike Rome.

The bell rings and they go at it. McIntyre unloads on Orton, taking control early on. Orton fights back out of the corner. Drew with big chops after Orton nails him. Drew drops Orton and yells at him to get back up. Orton ducks a shot and goes for an early RKO but it’s blocked. Drew gets sent to the apron and Orton turns it around. This causes a low blow to Drew before Orton hits the draping DDT.

Orton is about to charge at Drew but we see a hand grabbing Orton’s boot from the floor. It’s Big Show. He pulls a surprised Orton out and chokeslams him through the announce table. Show hops back over the barrier and makes his exit as the referee checks on Orton. Drew comes over to Orton now, kneeling down and smirking at him. Drew starts beating Orton around the ringside area now, towards the ramp. Drew keeps the fight coming and now they’re near the back of the ambulance.

Drew pulls crutches out, and a red steel chair. Orton takes chair shots to the back and yells out in pain. Drew grabs the chair again and waits for Orton to get up. Orton grabs a crutch and swings first, nailing Drew in the gut with it. Orton then takes Drew’s legs out with a crutch shot. Orton grabs the chair and drives it down into Drew’s damaged jaw. The crowd boos Orton.

Orton opens the ambulance door but Drew resists. Orton keeps at it and they both end up inside the ambulance now. They keep fighting and brawl right back to the floor. Orton takes control and drops Drew with another shot to the jaw. Orton sends Drew face-first into the side of the ambulance now. They continue brawling around the ambulance. Drew takes another big shot to the jaw. The driver’s side door has been opened now. Drew ends up going for a Claymore but Orton dodges it by jumping into the front seat. Drew’s Claymore connects with the driver’s door and knocks it off the hinges. Drew may have hurt his knee some more with the door.

Orton fights Drew over near the stage now, rocking hi with uppercuts. Drew slams Orton’s face into the hood of the ambulance now. They brawl into the backstage area now. Drew is furious as he keeps control and delivers another big chop. Orton launches Drew into a wall near catering now. Christian suddenly appears and attacks Orton. Christian sends Orton flying over the catering tables. A referee pulls Christian off Orton and orders him away.

Drew brings it back to the ambulance and now they’re standing on top of the hood. Orton with a rake to the eye to turn it around. Orton slams Drew into the windshield and he shatters it. They end up fighting on top of the ambulance now. Orton delivers a big knee to the jaw. Drew’s back is all cut up and bleeding from the windshield. Drew is barely hanging on top of the ambulance now but Orton keeps punching him. Orton stomps at Drew’s fingers now. He’s hanging by one arm now. Orton steps on that hand and Drew falls to the floor at the back of the ambulance. Orton smiles.

Orton slowly recovers on top of the ambulance, and turns around to make his way back down. WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels suddenly appears on top of the truck with him, and rocks Orton with Sweet Chin Music. Orton is barely standing but Michaels shoves him, sending him flying off the top of the ambulance to the floor. Michaels gets a pop and throws a DX crotch chop down to Orton. Drew recovers now and Orton is right there at him, still down from the attack by HBK.

Drew scoops Orton on his back and carries him over to the back of the ambulance. Orton fights free and drops Drew at the back of the ambulance with a RKO on the floor. Orton slowly puts Drew in the back of the ambulance. He closes one door but is struggling to close the second door. Drew gets his hands out and stops the second door from being shut. Drew claws at Orton’s eye to fight free from the back of the ambulance as the crowd cheers him on. Drew rocks Orton with a big Claymore Kick. Drew manages to get Orton in the back of the ambulance. He goes to close the first door but stops. He pulls the top part of Orton’s body back out of the ambulance, so it’s hanging out against the back of the truck. Drew backs up and then runs, nailing a punt kick to the head against the steel of the truck. Drew then slams the ambulance doors and wins the match.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

– After the match, Drew stands tall as his music hits. The referee hands him the WWE Title and raises his arm in victory. Drew beats on the back of the ambulance, giving the signal for it to be driven away. Drew goes up to the stage and watches, raising the WWE Title in the air as the crowd cheers him on. The referee then slaps the truck but it’s not moving. The referee goes up to the front seat to see what the hold up is. We see WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair at the wheel of the ambulance. Flair delivers a line and a “Woooo!” before driving the ambulance away, sirens blaring. We go to replays. Drew stands tall on the stage now, raising the WWE Title in the air.

– We get a promo for WWE Hell In a Cell on October 25.

– Cole and Graves show us the debris at ringside from the WWE Title match. They lead us to a video package for tonight’s main event.

WWE Universal Title Match: Jey Uso vs. Roman Reigns

We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event as Jey Uso makes way out first with a unique entrance. WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns makes his way out next. Paul Heyman is right next to him. A shirtless Reigns poses on the stage as the pyro goes off. Reigns gets more pyro after entering the ring. We get formal ring introductions from Hamilton.

They size each other up after the bell. Uso barks at his cousin. They lock up and Reigns overpowers Jey into the corner. The referee counts and they break with a tense staredown. More back and forth as they get a feel for each other. Reigns grabs Jey but he gets free and goes to the floor, continuing the mind games. They talk some trash to each other with Reigns in the ring and Jey on the floor. Jey comes to the apron and Reigns rocks him. Jey fights in the ring and rocks Reigns with two right hands. They run the ropes and Reigns nails a big clothesline for a 2 count.

Reigns uses the middle rope on his cousin while taunting him. The referee counts and Reigns breaks it. Reigns jokes that he should just let Heyman handle this one. Reigns sends Jey into the top turnbuckle. Reigns drops Jey with a big right hand. Reigns continues the trash talking while Jey is down. Reigns pulls Jey’s neck over the top rope as the referee counts again. Reigns with a huge right hand to knock Jey off the apron to the floor. The referee counts while Reigns smirks. Reigns takes his time to follow Jey to the outside. Jey is leaning on the barrier when Reigns grabs him and slams him into the edge of the apron. Jey fights back with a big right hand. Reigns with a right of his own. Reigns continues taking his time and breaks the count.

Reigns slams Jey face-first into the announce table. Reigns brings Jey back into the ring and covers for a 2 count. Reigns with a headbutt and more offense while taking his time. Jey fights back and delivers a kick to the gut, then a right to the face. Jey catches Reigns out of nowhere with a Samoan Drop but Reigns kicks out at 2. Reigns takes his time getting back up and is seen talking to Heyman. Jey waits in the corner and gets hyped up. Jey charges for the Rikishi Splash but Reigns leaps up and meets him with a big Superman punch out of the corner.

Jey is slowly getting to his feet on the outside as the referee counts. Reigns follows but Jey rocks him in the face. Reigns with a right of his own. Jey fires right back. Reigns also fires back and Jey goes down. Reigns brings Jey back in and barely covers him for a 2 count. Reigns continues the trash talking, telling Jey this is the ass whooping he was talking about. Reigns headbutts Jey back into the corner. Reigns with big right hands in the corner now as the referee warns him again.

Jey delivers a big chop but Reigns drops him with a right hand. Reigns continues taking his time and talking trash to his cousin. Reigns with a big clothesline in the corner. Jey fights out of the corner now. Jey shoves Reigns into the ring post for a pop. Jey powers up and clotheslines Reigns to the floor over the top. Jey runs and nails a suicide dive to send Reigns into the barrier. Jey brings it back in and blocks a shot, then nails the enziguri. Jey sends Reigns back out and flies back out, taking him down on the floor again.

Jey brings Reigns back in and goes to the top. Jey flies with the crossbody but Reigns kicks out just before the 3 count. Jey immediately follows up with a superkick but Reigns still kicks out. Heyman looks concerned at ringside now as fans cheer Jey on. He goes back to the top but Reigns charges. Jey leaps and rolls through to dodge it. Reigns comes right back and levels Jey with a leaping leg drop but Jey still kicks out at 2. Reigns is still taking his time with following up. Reigns stares down at Jey as the referee checks on him. Reigns waits in the corner now as Jey gets up across the ring.

Reigns charges with the Spear but Jey blocks it and rolls him for a 2 count. Jey follows right up with a superkick. Jey goes to the top and hits the big Uso Splash but Reigns kicks out right before the 3 count. Jey is apparently selling a low blow now. The referee checks on him. A replay shows that Reigns may have hit a low blow when kicking out. Fans chant “this is awesome!” now. Reigns smiles.

Reigns gets up first and connects with a Spear. Reigns just looks down at his cousin and talks more trash. Reigns says he’s not ready to end this yet. The Network cuts out at the perfect time. We come back online to Reigns forcing Jey to look into the camera and tell the world that he is the head of the table, the boss, the Tribal Chief, who runs it all. Jey says not today. Reigns gets back to his feet and he’s not happy. We see Heyman praising Reigns from ringside now, calling him the Tribal Chief. Reigns says he doesn’t need Heyman to tell him, he needs Jey to acknowledge this. Reigns mounts Jey with big lefts and rights now as the referee tries to get him off. Reigns gets up and shoves the referee a bit, talking trash to him now. Reigns threatens to knock Charles Robinson into next week and out of a job.

Jey is down on the mat, struggling to breathe. Reigns mounts him again, yelling at Jey to acknowledge him. Reigns unloads with more strikes while on top of Jey. The referee checks on Jey again but this angers Reigns. Reigns says he’s been whooping Jey’s ass like this his whole life. Reigns turns Jey over and continues to destroy him on the mat. An injured Jimmy Uso comes limping down the ramp now. Jimmy grabs Jey’s arm and tells him he’s going to throw the white towel in. Jey tells him no, forget this fool. Reigns tells Jimmy to come in the ring and acknowledge him as being the head of the table. Jey tells Jimmy don’t do it. Jimmy wants to throw the towel in. Jey tells him no. Reigns continues taunting them both. Reigns mounts Jey again and continues beating him with lefts and rights. Jimmy finally throws the towel in the ring and ends the match. Reigns keeps beating on Jey as Jimmy yells at officials to ring the bell.

Winner: Roman Reigns

– After the bell, Reigns finally backs off Jey. Jimmy hits the ring to check on Jey, yelling at Reigns and telling him that they’re family. Jimmy tells Reigns he’s the chief, if that’s what he wants to hear, just leave Jey alone. Jimmy goes on about how they’re family and Reigns needs to chill. Reigns takes his title and looks down at The Usos. Heyman brings in the Samoan lei that Jey wore to the ring, and places it around Reigns’ neck. Reigns’ music hits as he raises the title in the air and is announced the winner. Still in the ring, Reigns stands tall and stares down at The Usos as WWE’s “Clash of Champions: Gold Rush” pay-per-view goes off the air.

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