Liv Morgan Comments On A Possible Riott Squad Revamp, Not Getting A Push, More

Sep 27, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

During a recent interview with, Liv Morgan commented on her greatest challenge in WWE so far, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On what winning the Tag Team Titles would mean to her: “It’s everything, honestly, and I know everyone says that but I feel like that’s what Ruby and I have always worked for since day one, even with Sarah that was always our goal to represent the misfits, the people that don’t feel like they belong, just the people that just felt different and we wanted to represent that, and that’s so true to Ruby and I today. Holding the tag team titles is just the cultivation of everything that we wanted from day one, so we’re taking it very seriously and we know it’s going to be a huge challenge, but we’ve never been more ready.”

On her greatest challenge in WWE so far: “The [Riott Squad] breakup. We had broken up very unexpectedly and there was no more Riott Squad. You know? We were flying off on all cylinders. We felt our strongest in the ring as we’ve ever felt, then we had the draft, and Ruby and Sarah stayed on SmackDown. I’m at Raw and I went too SmackDown, and that was the end of The Riott Squad. And then, I went on this journey of finding myself and becoming my own woman. I have these two girls that I could always rely on and now it was just myself, then Ruby turned on me.”

On not blaming the breakup for her not getting a push: “I think true version I feel like I’m always evolving. I feel different on every day. I’m always evolving. I’m always trying to be better. I think what’s held me back, I don’t think it was The Riott Squad, I think it was myself. You know? The way you talk to yourself is very detrimental to the way you think and the way you act, and it’s just been me and my own way a lot of maybe not fully believing in myself even if that’s what I show to the world. You know? But now, it’s like I’m just so ready to be a champion. I feel like my true form will come when I hold those titles, which will be on Sunday. When I am able to hold a championship and know that what I’ve worked for my entire life and what I’ve been fighting for my entire life, that I wasn’t wrong, I wasn’t crazy. Once I hold it in my hands that’s when I’ll feel like I will have my true form.”

On a possible new third member: “Well, The Riott Squad will always and only be Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott, and Sarah Logan. Every day that Ruby and I go out we have a wolf patch on our entrance jacket, and that is for Sarah. We wear it over our hearts. She’s out there with us all the time. So to be honest, we’re not looking for a third member unless that is Sarah Logan, but Ruby and I are working on a little revamp if you will. So keep watching.”

On who she would want to face in their first title defense: “Honestly, anyone who wants it can come and get it at that point. You know? Whether it’s Natalya and Lana, whether it’s any tag team from NXT, whether that’s Rhea and Dakota, just anyone. Anyone who is up for the challenge. Ruby and I want to be defending champions always. We want to bring the tag team championships into the future of WWE, so totally anyone that wants an opportunity can get one whether that’s the girls from Retribution or anyone else.”

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