Mayor Glenn Jacobs (Kane) criticized for divisive video

Sep 26, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Former WWE star Kane (Glenn Jacobs) has drawn fire (no wrestling pun intended) for a video attacking the Knox County Board of Health. The video from Freedom Forward describes them as “Unelected bureaucrats who cast down edicts which carry the force of law with no accountability and no recourse.” Jacobs has since apologized and said that the video was meant for a private event and not public discourse, but Dr. Maria Hunt has said they are already receiving threats because of it. “Each of us took solemn oaths to protect our patients when we entered health care. We did not create the pandemic. Pinning us against people creates the imagery that we are not on the side of the people we are trying to protect. My grown children begged me to start using an alarm system.”

“I do apologize if anyone felt threatened. I can’t apologize for my sentiments because that’s how I feel. There has to be some sort of balance and check to that, and it should be county commission.”


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