Matt Hardy Says Injury at AEW All Out Changed Him

Sep 23, 2020 - by James Walsh

Matt Hardy has uploaded a new video to Youtube in which he updated his fans on how he’s doing after his scary fall at AEW All Out. Tony Khan later revealed that Hardy did not have a concussion, but he hasn’t been on TV since the following Dynamite. Some on social media questioned the fact that he drove home instead of catch a flight, because it’s generally not advisable for those who have had a concussion to fly. Here are highlights:

Matt Hardy on his decision to drive instead of fly: “I have been driving since day one when I started in AEW in March. A lot of people, after I got banged up and suffered my injury at All Out, a lot of people were wondering ‘oh my God, he was driven home, is it a conspiracy?’ It’s not, I’ve driven ever since day one here, every time I’ve been to Jacksonville, every time I’ve been on AEW TV, I’ve driven there. The whole reason I drive, it’s like a seven-hour drive, was so I don’t have to go through airports. It’s not too far and I can drive it, so I drive and it gives peace of mind to myself and helps me protect my wife, children, and very old father and my immediate family and it’s very important. Because whether you believe in coronavirus or not, it’s very real.”

On how he’s changed after All Out: “The incident that happened to me at All Out, it changed me. It really has, it’s changed me in many ways. It’s made me think differently, feel differently, and in some ways, the saying is ‘what doesn’t kill you makes your stronger,’ I feel like it’s made me a better person and a better man. The people closest too me have been able to tell it’s a new me.”

He also noted that he will find out who attacked him last week during tonight’s episode of Dynamite.

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