Animal’s wife: “This is NOT FAIR”

Sep 23, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Kim Turman Laurinaitis, the wife of WWE hall of famer Road Warrior, via Facebook:

My life, my heart, my everything are completely shattered …still in shock after spending a wonderful day & evening celebrating our anniversary. Please respect my families privacy to digest the worst news of our life ..just please pray ALOT(because I sure have questions for God after this one) nd a lot of strength getting through this time … This is NOT FAIR …this was NOT THE PLAN…. these chairs were for US babe where we watched the lake last night! Please come back to me😥😥 … please tell me this is a nightmare ..we were supposed to be having coffee out here and this morn getting ready for our boat ride! I haven’t moved yet from your spot … I just can’t. God help me.

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