9/22/20 UWN Primetime Results

Sep 23, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

The show opened with a series of inset promos from Thunder Rosa, Priscilla Kelly, Karl Fredricks, Eli Drake and others. This was a very old school opening and I loved the throwback feel. 

Kevin Martenson defeated Danny Rivera

Both men locked up, but Martenson slammed Rivera right away and went to the top rope but Riva rolled away before he could do anything. Rivera went for a DDT, but Martenson countered. Rivera hit a hurricanrana and a northern lights suplex, followed by a dive to the floor. The dive looked a bit dangerous as he almost got caught on the top rope, but he managed to clear it.

Martenson kicked the legs out from under Rivera and then hit a double stomp to his head. Martenson hit a spear by sliding in between the corner post and under the bottom rope to the floor. That looked quite dangerous. Back in the ring, Martenson went for a pop-up powerbomb, but Rivera countered into a hurricanrana.

Martenson hit a kick while Rivera was on the apron to send him to the floor, but missed a dive. Martenson went for a charge, Rivera backdropped him into the ropes and then Martenson went crashing to the floor which looked brutal. Rivera walked the ropes and hit a springboard clothesline for a two count. The move looked a little botched as he jumped a bit too high for Martenson.

Rivera went for the symbiote DDT, but Martenson countered and gave him a splash mountain bomb over the top rope onto the entrance ramp. Martenson went for a splash from the corner on to the ramp, but Rivera got his knees up. Martenson then hit a brainbuster on the ramp and rolled Rivera into the ring for the pin.

Oh my goodness, these two killed each other in this match. There were a bunch of bumps on the concrete floor and ramp. Both men put in a fantastic performance, but I think they would be better off not taking the crazy bumps they did. Regardless, this was a great match.

– David Marquez interviewed Aron Stevens who is facing Trevor Murdoch next week. In a very good promo, he promised that he was going to remain the 3rd Degree NWA National Champion.

Eli Drake defeated Watts

Watts and Drake started the match by saying they could hear the fans at home chanting their name. I couldn’t. They started slow, trying to one up one another. They did shake hands at the start of the match, but on a second handshake attempt, Drake pulled him in for a go behind. It was kind of a heelish move, which is perplexing as Drake is a babyface.

Watts hit a big sidewalk slam, a fallaway slam, and then several shoulders in the corner. Watts caught Drake and hit another fallaway slam. He Irish whipped Drake into the corner hard before kicking him in the corner. Watts went for a third Irish whip, but Drake countered with a clothesline. Drake went for a dive off the top rope, but Watts countered with an overhead belly-to-belly for a two count.

Drake went for a headscissors takedown, but Watts botched the forward roll and ended up planting himself on his head into the mat. Drake went up the ramp, ran down, and jumped over the top rope with a clothesline. Drake hit a Russian leg sweep and then a powerslam for two.

Watts went for a chokeslam, but Drake fought out and hit the ropes, but Watts hit a pump kick. Watts hit a choke bomb for two. Drake couldn’t get up, so Watts called for his music and went for a power bomb, but Drake countered and hit the Gravy Train for the pinfall.

While the work was fine, this was way too slow for a show with no crowd as what they did largely depended upon getting reactions from the audience.

– Priscilla Kelly cut a promo about how everything is on the line for her tonight as she spent months wondering if her career was going to continue because of the pandemic. This was a very good promo as it felt real. I don’t doubt for a second that she had hard days during the past six months.

Real Money Brothers (RNB Suge & Big Money Clutch) defeated Friendship Farm (Gentleman Jervis & Sweet Robin Shaw)

Jervis locked up with Suge and tried to tickle him, but ended up attacking with a drop toe hold and then hit a big uppercut before tagging out to Shaw. Shaw is a larger man and was wearing flesh colored tights. That was a bad idea — a very bad idea. Shaw hit a legdrop on Suge who then tagged out to Clutch. Clutch hit a pounce on Shaw and then they proceeded to get the heat on him.

Shaw eventually hit what looked like a spear and then tagged out to Jervis, who tried to hit the Rock-A-Bye suplex on Suge and Suge almost fell asleep, but Clutch saved him. They hit their finish (which I missed the name of) for the win.

Karl Fredricks defeated Slice Boogie

Fredricks, coming fresh from NJPW Strong, started by chopping the crap out of Boogie. He went for an armbar, but Boogie tried to block it. Both men tried to exchange holds here, but were unable to top each other. Boogie hit a shoulder tackle and yelled, “I’m not a young lion, I’m a grown man!” He hit the ropes and Fredricks hit a crossbody.

Fredricks hit some hard forearms and a jumping elbow for two. Fredricks hit the ropes and Boogie hit a pump kick, followed by a legdrop for two. Boogie Shit a snap german suplex for two. Slice hit a chop in the corner and Fredricks gave a Shibata like no-sell. Boogie hit a few more chops and a forearm, but Fredricks no sold it again. Boogie hit a uranage for two.

They exchanged some forearms, but Fredericks hit a Pele kick and a series of hard forearms in the corner before hitting the Shibata style corner dropkick for a two. He countered an inverted suplex with some knees, but Boogie hit the 21st Street Special for two.

Fredricks countered the Statute of Misery with a spinebuster and then hit an implant DDT for the pinfall victory.

This match was awesome. Fredricks looks so much like Shibata in the ring that it’s kind of scary. You can tell that Shibata has trained him, and my goodness, he has trained him well.

– Joe Galli was with some of Thunder Rosa’s fans at an indie show including Rosa’s number 1 fan, a young girl. The fans talked about how Rosa was one of the best in the world and that Kelly would have a hard time against her tonight.

NWA Women’s World Champion Thunder Rosa defeated Priscilla Kelly

Instead of the standard lockup, Kelly and Rosa went to the mat right away and exchanged submission attempts. Both women rolled on the mat, ending with Rosa locking on a half crab. Kelly countered and locked on a Boston crab. Rosa fought out and hit some hard strikes before going for an ankle lock.

Rosa hit a series for armdrags and then a dropkick before missing a corner charge. Kelly hit an uppercut and then a PK for two. Kelly then hit a flying kick to Rosa to drop her. She hit some hard kicks and tied Rosa up in the ropes before hitting a knee to the back. Kelly sent Rosa to the floor and wrapped her arms around the ring post. Rosa slammed Kelly’s head into the steps and started to choke her on the floor.

Rosa hit a chop to Kelly’s back as the ref tried to get both women back into the ring. They started to exchange strikes on the floor. Rosa sent Kelly back into the ring, but was out of position for a dive so Kelly adjusted and jumped from the apron with a flying kick. This was a smart adjustment while moving, and it didn’t look like a mistake.

Rosa hit a neckbreaker in the ring for a two. She choked Kelly on the ropes before hitting a kick to Kelly’s head. She hit a snapmare and then a dragon sleeper. When she couldn’t get the tapout, she landed some elbows to Kelly’s face instead. Kelly countered a headscissors into a jackknife pin for two.

Kelly hit an armdrag and then locked on an armbar but Rosa escaped and went for a heel hook. Kelly responded with kicks to the face, and then they exchanged a series of pinfall attempts before Rosa locked on a pendulum.  Kelly managed to fight back to her feet and hit a hard superkick. Rosa got a drop toehold that sent Kelly into the corner which she followed with flying knees and then a dropkick for two.

Kelly went for a half nelson suplex, but Rosa countered and hit a neckbreaker. Both women fought out on to the ramp and started hitting each other hard. Kelly managed to lock on the octopus stretch on the entrance ramp, but Rosa fought out and hit a death valley driver on the entrance ramp. Kelly managed to kick out when Rosa went for the pinfall.

Rosa went for the Thunder Driver, but Kelly countered into a back suplex for two. Both women exchanged some hard forearms and then Rosa hit a flying knee, but Kelly hit the ropes and hit a pump kick. Kelly then hit Crippling Depression for a very close two.

Kelly locked on a submission, but Rosa countered out into a Samoan drop for two. They started to exchange chops and Kelly floored Rosa with a kick. Rosa ducked a second kick and hit a flying knee and then hit the Thunder Driver for the pin and win to close a fantastic match.

Both gave it their all. It went for nearly 25 minutes, and I didn’t notice once that there was no crowd. They worked a very fast paced match and just kept going, hitting each other with harder and harder moves. Both women put in a performance that might have been the best of their careers. I cannot recommend this match enough.

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