Impact 9/22/20

Sep 22, 2020 - by Scott Porter

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne are on the call.  The show begins with a recap of last weeks episode.  The vignette shows Moose’s paranoid behavior, the return of Rich Swann and his upcoming match with Impact World Champion, Eric Young.

Match 1.  Chris Bey VS TJP VS Trey Miguel (The winner will immediately get a title shot with the X Division champion, Rohit)

Everything is on the line tonight in this three way dance.  Rohit joins all three competitors at ringside to watch the match.  Bey begins the match pulling TJP down by the hair on back of his head.  Trey gets tossed hard to the outside, while the others go at it.  Trey re-enters and hits a snap mare on Bey into a reverse moonsault.  TJP locks Trey in a octopus.  Bey recovers and breaks up a rollup, two count by TJP on Trey.  Bey boots Trey to the head and tosses him back outside the ring.  Then he hits a flying back elbow to TJP.  Bey whips TJP, who slides threw Bey’s legs off the ropes.  He locks Bey in a camel clutch while putting Trey in a crab.  Unreal.  After they break up, Trey takes out Bey, who took a powder on the outside.  TJP hits 3 amigos on Bey, then climbs the ropes, but Miguel chases him down.  Bey recovers and they all trade kicks and high knees.  Trey hits a cutter on TJP and a count of two.  Trey does a splash off the top rope that Bey catches into a cutter of his own.  That was amazing.  TJP locks on a single leglock.   Trey recovers and climbs the ropes and splashes TJP.  Trey covers TJP for the win.

Winner Trey Miguel

Match 2.  Rohit (X Division Champion) VS Trey Miguel for the championship

Rohit immediately enters and demands the ref ring the bell to start the match.  Rohit circles behind Trey and grabs him from the waist.  He rolls him up for a pin!

Winner Rohit Raju 

EY is shown backstage taking about the last 7 days.  He says he has no regrets about what is going to happen next.  He blames Rich Swann and Scott D’Amore.

Kaleb with a K and Tenille are shown backstage and asked what she is doing for her return tonight.  She ignores the question and returns to her dressing room to rest.

Match 3.  Kimber Lee (w/ Deonna Purrazzo) VS Susie (w/ Kylie Rae)

Josh wonders if Su Yung will show up for this fight or Susie.  The flashbacks are happening more and more.  Kimber gets a two count off an inside cradle.  Susie locks on a headlock and hits 3 side headlock takeovers.  The last was off the top rope.  She then hits a bulldog.  Kimber takes a side kick, but then connects with a tilt a whirl back breaker.  She then boots Susie in the back of the head, dropping her throat first on the bottom rope.  Kimber lets Susie stand up, but drop kicks her from the top rope as we go to break.

We are back and Kimber is stomping Susie in the corner.   Susie stands, but cannot stop Kimber from dropping her with a side kick to the head.  Kimber stomps the back of the knee, slamming the knee of Susie to the floor.  Kimber goes to the top, but Susie locks on the Aracnaranna.  Kimber reverses the hold into a double leg crab.  Susie gets to the bottom rope.  Kimber connects with YES kicks to the chest of Susie.  After a failed splash to the corner, Kimber is monkey flipped.  Susie then hits a Thezs press.  Susie jumps on Kimber and throws hard rights to the face.  Susie slams Kimber into the turnbuckle.  Kimber fights back with a powerbomb, but Susie kicks out.  Kimber drags Susie by the hair to the corner.  Susie stands up and Deonna tries to help Kimber, but hits Kimber instead by accident.  Susie then  hits a Panic Switch for the win.

Winner Susie

Susie starts to become Su Yung again, but Kylie calms her down.  Deonna attacks Kylie from behind.  Deonna then locks on an armbar on Susie.  Kylie quickly recovers and basement superkicks Deonna in the head.  She then throws Deonna from the ring.  Su Yung then starts to emerge as Kylie cuts a promo on Deonna.  We go to break seeing Su Yung/Susie going in out of each character over Kylie’s shoulder.

Heath is cutting another commercial about needing a job.  He says he needs a job bad.  He even shows his kids asking for a slide for their pool.  Rhino says he is becoming extinct.  He can be saved by supporting #heathforimpact.  Several B level celebs are shown endorsing Heath and his quest for Impact.  (Even Chuck Norris.  lol)  Heath ends the segment saying his truck was reposesed last night.  This segment was awesome.

The Motor City Machine Guns are shown backstage next.  The Good Brothers walk up and then the Rascalz.  The Rascalz cut off the Good Brothers, and challenge them to a match before they can challenge the champs.  They accept for next week.

Flashback match.  AJ VS Bully Ray.  AJ wins.

EC3 is back again cutting a promo.  He is messing with Moose again.  He says he can control the narrative with technology.  407 457 8494 is Moose’s cell phone number.  He tells everyone to call him.

Taya questions Rosemary where she was last week in her match.  Rosemary says she was dealing with issues backstage.  Rosemary says she will help her, but she needs to help with her issues too.  Taya says she will help her first, which completely surprises Rosemary.

Bravo puts together his wedding party.  Most of the cast of Wrestle House are the part.  They all seem annoyed they have to be there, but they agree to help out.  Swinger says he should be Best Man.  Bravo continues asking questions as we go to break.

Brian Myers is interviewed backstage and loses his cool over being accused of cheating.  He flips a table.  Tommy Dreamer comes in and tells him to clean up the mess and not disrespect him.  Dreamer tells him to not act like a kid.  Myers tells him he will clean the mess, but he better never see him in the halls again.

Match 4.  Cody Deaner (w/ Cousin Jake)  VS

EY attacks the Deaners as they head to the ring.  He beats Cody to a pulp on the outside.  Madison wonders why Cody is the one to send a message with.  EY screams the world belongs to him!  Cody begins a comeback in the ring, but EY stops that quickly and hits a piledriver.  He then locks on a leg lock.  Cousin Jake breaks it up.  EY bails to the outside, but blames everyone for his actions.  He then attacks Jake when he turned his back on him.  He then piledrives Jake for good measure.  Next EY lays boots to both Deaners, as he continues to say everything is on D’Amore and Rich Swann fault for his actions.  He then locks a leg lock on Cousin Jake.  Officials try to stop it, but EY fights them off and stalks Jake before locking the leglock back on.  D’Amore comes from the back and pleads for him to break the hold.  D’Amore breaks the hold.  EY stands up to D’Amore and pushes him in the corner.  Eddie Edwards jumps EY from behind.  EY looks like he has seen a ghost as he bails.  He then stands tall with the belt at the top of the ramp.

Backstage Eddie blames D’Amore for letting EY go crazy.  He says he wants his rematch.  He is given his rematch at Victory Road.  (Oct 3)

Match 4.  RVD (with Katie Forbes) VS Sami Callahan

The match starts on the outside.  The two brawl with Sami gaining an early advantage.  He uses the barricade as a weapon.  RVD takes a lot of punishment.  Katie does her best to distract Sami, but this isn’t working yet.  Sami tosses RVD inside.  Katie grabs his leg, giving RVD a second to catch Sami with a kick.  Back on the outside, RVD hits a sloppy Rolling Thunder.  RVD then hits a spinning side leg kick.  Back in the ring, Sami hits an elbow off a whip off the ropes.  Katie isn’t in the ring to protect RVD.  Josh wonders if father time is catching up with RVD.  Just then Katie helps out from the outside, allowing RVD to connect with a spring board kick to the face.

Back from break, RVD is still in control.  He is working over Sami on the ropes.  He connects with several of his vintage move sets.  He then locks on a camel clutch.  You can hear RVD mentioning Sabu in the ring.  Sami breaks free, but RVD locks on a leg scissors.  Sami can’t break free for until he slides out the side and knees the inside of RVD’s legs.  The two then trade punches in the center of the ring strong style.  Sami hits three thrust kicks, into a DDT for a two count.  If RVD wins, Katie gets Sami in the ring for 5 mins.   I’m not sure how that is a good thing for Katie, but she wants this to happen badly.  She sprays hairspray in Sami’s eyes and RVD rolls him up for the 1,2,3..

Winner RVD

Katie and RVD then start right away laying the boots on Sami.  Katie instructs RVD to leave the ring.  Katie starts laying on the boots and using a hip attack.  Sami stands up with a look of enjoyment.  RVD notices this and jumps in the ring to put Sami back on his back.  RVD grabs a chair on the outside.  He sets up the chair on Sami and ascends to the top rope.  Sami stands up and throws the chair at RVD, who falls from the top rope to the floor.  Sami then locks up Katie and piledrives her.  He counts his own three count and stands tall as Katie rolls from the ring.

Backstage Ace and Fulton are interviewed.  Ace says he always has a plan.  Last week he and Fulton pinned the champs.  They are next in line for a shot at the tag belts.  The North confront Ace and Fulton and say they were in the match too.  They are next in line because they had been champs for over a year.  The two teams look ready to fight, but agree to have a match next week.

Josh and Madison discuss Moose and EC3.  What will happen next?  Swinger will also face Fallah next week for rights to being the best man for Bravo.  All this and more, next week.

Match 5. Tenille Dashwood  (w/ Kaleb with a K) VS Jordynne Grace

Kaleb takes several minutes introducing Tenille.  She finally comes out.  Then we go to break.

Grace enters as we return.  Dashwood starts quickly, with stiff kicks to the face, backing Grace into the corner.  Grace has been wanting to get her hands Tenille for weeks and you can see her rage.  Grace fights back and hits a stiff, back elbow.  She then hits a clothesline to the corner.  Tenille bails to the outside.   Grace tries to  slide kick Dashwood.  That fails and Grace gets slung into the barricade for good measure.  Back in the ring, Dashwood goes to a ground based game, using elbows and face slams to the mat.  Dashwood’s height advantage has been an advantage so far.  She goes for a suplex, but fails.  She hits a forearm, but that week blow allows Grace to whip Dashwood into the ropes.  Dashwood then slips behind Grace and hits a reverse DDT for a two count.  Dashwood ties up Grace’s arms from behind and puts her knee to Grace’s back.  Grace breaks the painful hold, but Dashwood hits a stiff punch that knocks Grace wobbly.  Grace grabs Tenille’s arms and whips her to the ropes.  Then hits front and back clothes lines repeatedly.  Grace hits a vicious Grace Driver, that looked terribly painful.  I am not sure she didn’t get hurt.  Grace sets her up on the top rope, Tenille knocks her off and has Grace in the Tree of Woe.  She then double stomps her.  She then hits the Taste of Tenille for a two count.  Dashwood is frustrated, but sets up Grace again with a double underhook.  Grace slips free, misses with a short arm clothesline and Dashwood kicks her in the midsection.  Tenille bounces the ropes and misses with a kick.  Grace connects with a Spinebuster, but Dashwood kicks out at two.  Grace sets up Dashwood on her shoulders, but Dashwood again elbows her way free.   Grace goes behind Dashwood to bounce her off the ropes for a roll up, but Dashwood grabs the ropes and Grace tumbles backwards.  Dashwood misses with a clothesline, and Grace hits a backhand to the head.  She then misses with the attempt of another Grace Driver.  Kaleb jumps on the ring ropes to distract the ref and Grace.  Dashwood goes off the ropes and hits the her signature kick, The Spotlight for the win.

Winner Tenille Dashwood

Kaleb with a K takes several photos of Dashwood as she celebrates.

Post show, we see Eddie Edwards get jumped as he exits the arena…  The show ends.







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