Undertaker admits McMahon didn’t like ending to his series so they had to slightly change it

Sep 20, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

The Undertaker revealed that Vince McMahon didn’t like the original ending of The Undertaker docuseries and had to make a slight modification to keep the door open for a return if needed.

Speaking on Barstool Sports’ My Mom’s Basement podcast, Taker said that the series ended in a way that the door was shut on a return and that he would be retired for good. But he had to send the last 15 minutes of the show to McMahon for approval…and the Chairman objected. “He didn’t like the ending at all. That’s where we put the line back in there, ‘never say never.’ I’m coming to grips with it,” Taker said.

The legendary Superstar thinks that while he still loves the business and would love to compete, he doesn’t move the way he used to move and he’s just a watered down version of himself. “It’s almost like I needed somebody to put the bullet in there and stop,” he continued.

But the “never say never” line will keep the door slightly ajar in case he needs to put his hat and jacket back on. “Obviously, as we get close to [WrestleMania], I’ll have that internal feeling like I should be getting ready for something,” he stated.

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