Tyler Breeze on the biggest hurdle for Breezango

Sep 20, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

“Well, a couple of the challenges have been injuries. Dango came on, I think it was two big injuries that took him out, and one of them, longer than expected. I think one of them was 13 or 14 months, which threw a big wrench into our plan of being a tag team, because it’s hard to be a tag team on your own. So I think that was probably our biggest hurdle. The fact that we have fun, I don’t know if it gets us overlooked, but it might change people’s perspective on us, where they laugh with us and they do everything else and they go, ‘Yeah, they’re funny. But I don’t really know. They’ve never really been tag champions.’ We hadn’t really had a lot of matches when we were doing our thing, so I think it’s one of those things that it might not be overlooked, but it definitely is the perception of us changes from, ‘Oh, the funny guys, but they’re not going to have a good match or become champions.’ And like I said, now we’ve refocused to where we find the balance. And it’s not that we’ve never been able to get the job done. It is very much just, you might not have seen it yet. And now you’re getting the chance to see that in a bunch of different ways. So I think it’s just taking all the skills that we’ve learned, everything that we’ve been through, everything that we’ve gone through and now putting it into play where it’ll take you off. I guess you won’t see it coming, where you go, ‘Wow. Oh my God. Okay. No, I’m on board. They can get it done in the ring too.’ So, I think it’s one of those things now that people are seeing that.”

source: comicbook.com

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