ROH Pure Title Tournament Night 2 Results

Sep 20, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

This week’s episode of Ring of Honor Television began with Quinn McKay giving a recap of the winners from the first two matches of the Pure Championship Tournament (Tag Team Champions Jay Lethal & Johnathan Gresham) both stating they will defeat one another in the finals.

In 2004, Matt Sydal & Delirious both made their Ring of Honor debut against one another in 2004 so tonight will of course continue a career rivalry because Sydal still feels that Delirious is the most puzzling opponent he has faced to date because he was the first that took him seriously and seen in himself what everyone should see due to the explosion they will feel in the upcoming match.

David Finlay (son of Fit Finlay) discusses how his family is 100% a wrestling family for even his aunt has referee’d for wrestling; after all he is a 4th generation wrestler. He mentions how he was a member of Lifeblood but was written off of Ring of Honor since dislocating his shoulder in February of 2019, he also mentioned that when he started in NJPW he was doing the laundry of his opponent Rocky Romero.

Rocky Romero discusses of how he has been a part of Ring of Honor on and off since 2004. He talks about how much David has grown since his debut in NJPW because he was so Green but now he feels as though he has to worry a little unless it comes to his straight armbar because it wouldn’t matter because it’s over.

The commentators are of course Ian Riccaboni & Caprice Coleman for the matches.

A Student verses teacher match is mentioned but also the new reference is could it be a Student teaches the teacher is mentioned.

The winner of this match will move on to the next round against former ROH Champion & current ROH Tag Team Champion Jay Lethal.

The rules to the Pure Rules Tournament is only 3 rope breaks per person. Any interference means that the person interfering is fired from ROH (if caught by the officials).

Both wrestlers are in the faction Chaos in NJPW.

Romero & Finlay competed in a great technical match the ending and outcome seen

Finlay wins the contest by hitting the Last Shot or Last Chance (Ushigoroshi).

Next up we will see promos from bother Delirious & Matt Sydal.

Delirious speaks a promo in Japanese discussing how him and Sydal started in Gateway Championship Wrestling together and he is ready to play chess and defeat him.

The winner of Delirious & Sydal will face Johnathan Gresham in the B Block of the tournament.

The match was very surprising since it was a technical bout which seen Sydal using Delirious’ own move the ground Cobra Clutch. They would both shake hands to end the night with Honor.

(thanks to Allen Rockum)

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