Matt Sydal on WWE buying EVOLVE: “I’m just glad for EVOLVE to get that deal”

Sep 19, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

“I’m just glad for EVOLVE to get that deal. We were talking earlier about how indie guys want to get a contract now, like that’s sort of the goal. When I started, there was no hope of getting a contract. There was no hope of doing anything. The only hope you had of becoming a star was taking your own organization and growing it to be the next ECW or something like that, which for example, PWG got started around the same time, and they grew their own things so big that it basically expanded to its own TV deal with TNT through AEW. So I always respected the guys who were trying to do it on their own without taking a handout from a big organization. They were trying to create their own thing, the DIY style, which is sort of always been my style, kind of a makeshift survival mode and really just kind of forging your own path. I mean, right now, that’s exactly what I do. I kind of do my own thing. It may not be the most popular thing online, but I believe in what I’m doing. I believe in what I’m creating at my dojo. I believe in what I’m creating and sewing in our sewing room right over there, where I’m working on a new pair of tights for myself for my upcoming ROH stuff and making my own ring jacket and just really having my hands in every stitch of everything that I do.”

source: Wrestling Inc.

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