Thunder Rosa & Ivelisse Have Real Life Problems Before and During AEW Dynamite Match

Sep 18, 2020 - by James Walsh

Apparently there was a touch of reality thrown in during the NWA Women’s Championship match between Thunder Rosa and Ivelisse on AEW Dynamite. In a report provided by Fightful Select, the two wrestlers began to go after each other physically when Thunder Rosa took exception to Ivelisse no-selling a few of her spots. Thunder Rosa is said to be very proud of the NWA heritage and refused to make the company look bad on worldwide television, which is how the match took a downward spiral.

Word began to spread backstage after the match and some in the company said that Rosa and Ivelisse didn’t appear to be getting along even before the match started. Thunder Rosa is known to be a very stiff worker inside the ring and has trained personally with “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes in the past.

There has been some support for Rosa from the AEW roster, although the report notes that many there were uncomfortable as the match continued. Everyone backstage felt that the match was going to be edited although there’s no word on whether it was or left as is for the fans watching from home on TNT.

One wrestler said that they were surprised that next week’s match with Rosa and Hikaru Shida vs. Ivelisse and Diamante wasn’t edited off of the broadcast and changed.

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