Miro on Backstage Interactions in AEW

Sep 17, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

During his recent Twitch stream, Miro opened up about his backstage interactions with several AEW stars.

Miro said that he has already met a lot of cool people in AEW and began by naming Eddie Kingston, who he had never met before joining AEW. According to Miro, Kingston is a really cool guy and so is veteran Billy Gunn, who did help in training the former WWE Superstar back in Orlando a long time ago.

He also praised the energy and ideas of Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford.

“I met a lot of really cool people there. Like Eddie Kingston – I’ve never been around him or met him before so to just be around him – he’s such a cool dude. Billy [Gunn], too. He’s such a cool dude to be around. He’s always so positive. He actually trained me a little bit back in Orlando, and I learned so much from him. Kip and Penelope are great people and full of great ideas. They have great energy, and I love how they are trying to challenge themselves.”
Miro apologized to The Blade
Miro said that he apologized to The Blade backstage for stealing his look. The former WWE US Champion admitted that he is a big fan of The Butcher and The Blade. He also praised the athleticism of The Lucha Bros and said that he couldn’t replicate the tag team’s innovative moves even in a video game.

Miro revealed that he liked the vibes backstage in AEW as it’s just about people showing up to work with the desire of creating great content.

“Yeah, I talked to Blade. I was like, ‘Bro, I’m sorry about using your look. I was going to ask for forgiveness instead of permission. I’m a big fan of his and The Butcher. Huge fan of all these guys. I couldn’t wait to congratulate these guys on all their hard work and just how good they are. The Lucha Bros., though, these guys make some maneuvers that I can’t even make in a video game. Watching them live and seeing them do all these tricks and stuff – I just can’t believe how good they are. They’re such nice dudes, too. It’s such a good vibe there backstage. There’s no crying or whining – it’s just guys showing up to work and looking forward to creating some great stuff.”

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