RVD on contractual status with Impact: “We are kinda doing it by a handful of shows”

Sep 16, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck


I wanted to share quotes from our new interview with Rob Van Dam where he addresses his IMPACT Wrestling contract status. RVD initially signed with IMPACT in April 2019 (for an undisclosed length of time) and said it was a good business decision for him. When asked why it seemed like he was just having more fun now compared to last year, RVD said getting to work with Katie on-air has been great and the taping schedule has also been helpful in not allowing him to get burnt out.

“Once a month I might have a two day trip of tapings, sometimes it’s longer. I don’t really have time to be burnt out anymore,” RVD said. “I can’t really complain about being on the road so I’m there for the moment. I don’t know how long the moment will last but you’re right, being in the moment is more fun than it has been.”

When asked if he could elaborate on his contract status at the ‘moment’, Rob Van Dam said he’s taking it on a show-by-show basis right now. RVD said he stays in communication with Scott D’Amore and they map things out as they go, adding that he’s glad IMPACT still thinks he’s worth investing their time in.

“We are kinda doing it by a handful of shows, you know? Scott [D’Amore] said ‘hey, we’ve got these tapings coming up in August, can you make it?’ boom, boom, boom, ‘and what about these dates?’ So, it’s still like that,” RVD noted, “we might be two shows ahead and at the end, he might say ‘hey, what about the next ones?’ so right now I’m taking it one step at a time.”

source: Wrestlezone

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