9/15/20 UWN Primetime Recap

Sep 15, 2020 - by Jason Graening

Follow along with the Starman as he recaps the debut episode of United Wrestling Network Primetime LIVE, which takes place at Thunder Studios in Long Beach, CA.

David Marquez welcomes us to tonights show as Chris Dickinson comes in. Dickinson says opportunities aren’t given to him and he is her tonight to make a statement. Dickinson says everyone will find out how dangerous he is.

We head to the empty arena with the commentating team of Joe Galli, Todd Keneley, and Alyssa Marino and go into the first match of the night, which is for the West Coast Pro Championship.

Match 1: EJ Sparks vs. Alexander Hammerstone – West Coast Pro Championship
Sparks uses his speed and quickness to get in some early offense but Hammerstone is able to slam him down to the mat with the Spinal Countdown. Hammerstone then picks up a couple near falls after a hard Irish whip into the corner. Hammerstone continues working over Sparks and sends him flying with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Sparks tries climbing back into the match with a DDT and a near fall, but Hammerstone quickly comes back. Hammerstone then hits the Nightmare Pendulum to pick up the pin fall victory to retain the West Coast Pro Championship.

The commentary team thanks the fans for joining them live tonight and run down the rest of the card set for tonight. Nick Aldis is backstage who says he has nothing to say as everything has been said. He said he knows how much winning the championship means to Mike Bennett and says it means that much to him as well. The announce team continues to hype the main event as we head into the next contest.

Match 2: Jordan Clearwater vs. Will Allday
Prior to the match, Allday gets in the face of the ring announcer for not announcing his name correctly. The bell rings and the two go at it with a flurry of offense until Clearwater levels Allday with a clothesline for a near fall. Allday then sends Clearwater face first into the middle turnbuckle and follows with a frog splash for a near fall of his own. Allday continues on the attack and picks up a few near falls until Clearwater counters with a spinebuster for a near fall of his own. The action spills out to the floor for a moment before returning to the ring when Allday runs into the Midas Touch from Clearwater as he picks up the pin fall.

The announce team hypes next week’s show where Friendship Farm will be in action.

Match 3: Heather Monroe (w/ Halston Boddy) vs. Kamille
Kamille powers Monroe around in the opening minutes of the match. Halston Boddy pulls her out of the ring and Kamille turns her attention to him. Monroe then sends Kamille into the ring post and begins to work over Kamille’s arm. The match returns to the ring as Monroe continues to work over the arm and locks in a Fujiwara armbar, but Kamille breaks the hold by getting to the ropes. Kamille counters with a torture rack but is unable to keep Monroe in it. Boddy then tries to distract Kamille, but Kamille counter’s Monroe’s sneak attack with a spear to pick up the pin fall.

David Marquez is backstage with Eli Drake who says the world has been crazy and he has been on the sidelines for eight months. He says he is damn happy to be here tonight and Eric Watts is going to get in the way of the Gravy Train next week. The announce team then hypes more matches next week.

Dan Joseph is backstage with David Marquez and says his title will remain around his waist as he will keep the United Television Championship forever and ever.

Match 4: The Tribe vs. Wolf Zaddies
Both teams go back and forth in the open moments as all four men spend time in the ring. The Tribe begins to isolate Che Cabrera and work him over with double team moves. Bad Dude Tito then makes a blind tag and takes down the Hawaiian Lion and picks up a near fall. The Tribe quickly come back and takes Bad Dude Tito down with the Face of Fear for another near fall. The match breaks down with all four in the ring. The Wolf Zaddies then takes the Hawaiian Lion out on the ramp as they go to double team the Navajo Warrior. The match continues to break down between both teams until the bell rings as time has expired as they continue to fight their way up the ramp.

David Marquez is backstage with Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis and says he has the utmost respect for Nick Aldis and says he could change the life for his family in just three seconds tonight. He then promises to leave tonight as the NWA Worlds Champion. The announce team then hype that Ray Rosas will defend the Hollywood Heritage Championship next week on Primetime Live.

Match 5: Chris Dickinson vs. Jordan Cruz
Dickinson attacks Cruz as he tries to enter the ring and levels him with a clothesline on the ramp. Dickinson the grabs a microphone and introduces himself asks David Marquez or Billy Corgan if they have any better wrestlers. Dickinson says he can’t believe he came all the way from NYC for this level of competition. Cruz then crawls into the ring as the bell rings and Dickinson toys around with Cruz and powers him around the ring. Dickinson picks up a couple of near falls but Cruz is resilient and is able to kick out. Cruz connects with a dropkick and a leg lariat, but Dickinson comes back with a running Death Valley Driver to pick up the pin fall.

The announce team tell us that New Japan’s Karl Fredericks will be in action next week on Primetime Live. Up next is the United Television Championship with Dan Joseph defending the title against Levi Shapiro.

Match 6: Dan Joseph vs. Levi Shapiro (w/ Howdy Price) – United Television Championship
Dan Joseph goes on the early attack and wears down Shapiro in the opening minutes. Howdy Price distracts Joseph which allows Shapiro to get in a little bit of offense, but Joseph connects with a seated dropkick and picks up an awkward delayed pin fall. Shapiro then nails the referee from behind and attacks Joseph up the ramp as Howdy Price steals the United Television Championship.

The announce team hypes the main event, which is coming up next.

Match 7: Mike Bennett (w/ Maria Kanellis) vs. Nick Aldis – NWA Worlds Championship
Aldis has been holding the NWA Worlds Championship since October 2018. The match starts and Bennett goes on a quick attack and hits Aldis with a series of chops. Bennett inadvertently knocks out the referee with a spear as Aldis sidesteps the move. The two then go at it outside the ring and Aldis takes Bennett out with a tombstone on the entrance ramp. Alids then grabs the belt and begins to walk off but is cut off by Maria. Kamille comes out and chases Maria away as Bennett gets up and takes Aldis down with a cross body block from the ramp. A new referee enters the ring and begins making a 10 count, but they both make it back into the ring at a count of nine.

The two begin trading blows in the center of the ring with Aldis picking up a near fall. Bennett comes back with a superkick and a clothesline for a two count of his own. Aldis comes back with another tombstone and a flying elbow but Bennett kicks out once again. Bennett comes back with a superplex and a spear, but Aldis kicks out once again. Bennett then hits a piledriver but Aldis is able to get his foot on the rope to break the count. Maria brings the 10 pounds of gold to Bennett and looks to use it, but he puts the belt down and tries for a high risk move, but Aldis counters with the King’s Lynn Cloverleaf. Bennett tries to make it to the ropes but Aldis brings him back to the center of the ring. Bennett tries to hold on as long as he can but passes out from the pain and Aldis retains the NWA Worlds Championship by submission.

After the match, Aldis celebrates his victory as Bennett slowly gets to his feet. Aldis shakes Bennett’s hand and leaves the ring as the first episode of UWN Primetime Live comes to a close.

– Alexander Hammerstone defeated EJ Sparks by pin fall to retain the West Coast Pro Championship.
– Jordan Clearwater defeated Will Allday by pin fall.
– Kamille defeated Heather Monroe by pin fall.
– The Tribe and Wolf Zaddies fought to a time limit draw.
– Chris Dickinson defeated Jordan Cruz by pin fall.
– Dan Joseph defeated Levi Shapiro by pin fall to retain the United Television Championship.
– Nick Aldis defeated Mike Bennett by submission to retain the NWA Worlds Championship.

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