Mickie James: “R-Truth is killing it right now”

Sep 15, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Looks like Mickie James isn’t done with pro wrestling or being a “Hardcore Country” girl. The current WWE star and former Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion discussed her latest endeavors in music in a new interview with highlights below.

While you were away, were you able to cultivate and create any new music?

I have been. I have been working on a new album. I am still working on it, because this one, I want to do all original songs and all songs that I have co-written on. So obviously the last couple singles I have written on, some of them have come from publishing companies or whatever else, like the Ying Yang Twins song, I got that from somewhere else and they co-collaborated which was awesome so it has been really cool for this project, since we have so much time for ourselves and our families and friends and in those spaces to really try to write some cool stuff that is unique to my life story and my friends. Most times I have written it is something that I have experienced or someone close to me has experienced. I am excited about that and hopefully that comes out with studio space, that has been crazy, you can only record one musician at a time and it has really changed and things are different so I am really hoping next year, maybe a single by the end of the year but the whole album next year. I was hoping it was going to be ready this year but we had the slow down.

Is it still country focused vibe?

You know, it is funny. I don’t think I want to pigeonhole myself. I feel like all artists co-collaborate. I mean even with the ‘Left Right Left’ song with the Ying Yang Twins was more poppy and a hip-hop twang too it. So I wouldn’t say I was stylistically one thing. I would probably say I am more southern rockish, that style. Because when I write, I do write in a country vain but when I sing, aside from my ballads with a southern rock edge and I love rock n roll. Like, I love it. My band is always rocking out. So hopefully, this music I am writing and cultivating is my own style, that is the art. To find my own voice, my own style and music is so broad now and I don’t think it is one genre anyways.

Is there a Superstar with a secretly great singing voice? Would you want to work with Jeff Hardy or R-Truth in the future or anyone in the wrestling world?

I have not worked with anyone in the company on music and stylistically I have played around with Elias when he is playing with guitar like anyone would do on stage at live events. But Naomi has a beautiful voice, JoJo has a beautiful voice and Lacey Evans has a really pretty voice but R Truth is killing it right now. His music is killing it right now so if Truth wants to do a collaboration and wants to do a country and hip hop. Maybe we can do something.

Maybe in the ring as well?

We could team up… Or I could take his championship too… (LAUGHTER)

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